B&B Monday Update 6/8/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/8/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Ridge are at the house, where Rick and Steffy have broken the news they are back together. Ridge is livid. He yells at Brooke to tell her son to stay away from his daughter. He implores Brooke to let him hear her say the words. Brooke looks at the kids and then Ridge. Brooke is in anguish as she tells Ridge she can no longer stand in the way of Rick and Steffy’s relationship. Ridge stares at her in disbelief.

Taylor and Thomas are at the cemetery to put flowers on Phoebe’s grave. There are already roses on the grave, which Taylor states must have come from Ridge. Thomas wishes his father would come back to them. He just can’t see how his dad stays with Brooke. How does he deal with Rick, knowing he caused Phoebe’s death? It has to cause a lot of pain.

Ridge is astonished at Brooke’s attitude. Brooke says the kids will do what they want, even without their blessings. She’s sorry if Ridge can’t see where she’s coming from. Steffy walks over and tries to talk to her dad. She asks him to please try to accept them, since Brooke is willing to. Ridge tells Steffy he can’t. After everything that’s happen, Brooke should be supporting him. Brooke says the kids tried to stay apart and honor his wishes. Their feelings are just too strong. She thinks they can make each other happy. Ridge looks at her like she’s lost her mind. Brooke stares at him with tears in her eyes.

Steffy goes over to stand next to Rick, who puts his hands on her shoulders. Ridge looks disgusted and tells them to leave. Go somewhere, so he doesn’t have to look at this. The two go out on the veranda. Rick anxiously looks over his shoulder towards his mother as he goes.

After the two are gone, Brooke tries to speak to Ridge. Ridge cuts her off. He knew Rick wouldn’t stay away from Steffy. He can’t believe she is condoning this and betraying him. Brooke doesn’t see Rick as a threat to Steffy. Ridge tells her Rick is the only thing that could keep them apart. He canít take it anymore. He loves her, but he will not tolerate this. He canít understand how Brooke canít see her son for who he is. Brooke appeals to him. Theyíve come through tougher times than these. Ridge is adamant. Brooke is choosing to stand with Rick and he feels alone. Rick is a threat to his sanity, yet Brooke doesnít care. Ridge declares heís done. He throws his hands up and heads out the door. Brooke follows with tears streaming. She calls his name, but his car screeches out of the driveway.

Eric and Stephanie are in his office alone. Eric invites Stephanie back to the company. Stephanie teases he misses her like a toothache. She knows it because of the sells and all the bad press. Eric wants to rectify the situation he created by firing her. Stephanie asks why he’d think she’d want to come back and work with all the Logans. Eric wears a slight smile as he listens.

Ridge shows up at the cemetery. Taylor is sitting quietly looking at Phoebe’s grave. Taylor immediately notices something is wrong. Ridge is distraught. He didn’t know where to go. Ridge tells her what happened with Rick and Steffy. Ridge had to leave before he said something to Brooke. She’s supporting her son and Steffy. Brooke doesnít see how much he needs her to stand with him. He emphatically states heís done. Heís leaving Brooke. Taylor listens with a sympathetic face.

Ridge sits on a bench, where Taylor joins him. She tells him it’ll be okay. Taylor lets Ridge know she agrees with him. They have to keep Rick away from their daughter. Ridge is happy someone finally understands. Brooke doesn’t see he lost one daughter to her son and now Rick is after Steffy. Ridge jumps up and goes to Phoebe’s grave. He bends down and talks to the headstone. He wishes there was some way he could get her back. Taylor hurries over and stoops to comfort him. He’s so upset Brooke isn’t doing anything to stop this madness. Taylor sees how upset Ridge is. He is leaning on Phoebe’s tombstone, where he traces the letters. She digs in her purse and gives him an anti-anxiety pill. He slowly takes it. She offers to take Ridge back to the house. He doesn’t want to see anyone. She thinks he needs to get away. She assures him she’s there for him. She rests her chin on his shoulder.

In Eric’s office, he credits Stephanie with 50% of their company’s success. Stephanie wears an ironic look. She thanks, but reminds him he fired her. He chose his trophy wife, so now he has to live with it. Eric quickly says Donna brings a lot to his life. However, he does miss his family. Stephanie laughs and says Eric always wanted his cake and to eat it too. Stephanie wonders why Eric is being so nostalgic. She knows they went through a lot with Bill Spencer. It’s over now. They’re even as far as she’s concerned. Eric doesn’t think so. He says there’s a place for Stephanie at Forrester. Stephanie doesn’t want to work side by side with Donna. She tells Eric to think about how this would affect everyone in the office with the tension. They had something extraordinary, but it’s gone. She deserves better and she has it with her new life and company. She doesn’t want to be there. They are interrupted by Donna. Eric asks her to give them a few minutes. Stephanie tells her no, to come on in. She tells Eric they’re finished. Donna looks perplexed as Stephanie exits. Eric wears a mysterious smile.

Taylor is in the car with Ridge. Ridge wonders where they’re going. Taylor tells him Big Bear. Ridge says no. Taylor says no one will know where he’s gone. She’s going to take care of him. Ridge looks disheartened and out of it.

Ridge relaxes on the couch at Big Bear. He runs his fingers through his hair in frustration. Taylor joins him and asks if she can get anything for him. She asks if the pill started to work. Ridge says his mind is still racing. He can’t get Steffy off his mind. He wonders if he’s overreacting, but he’s scared. Taylor tells him of course not. How many times have they made it clear they don’t want this relationship. She feels Brooke should have put her foot down. Ridge says he has told her numerous times how he feels. Taylor is compassionate. She can’t see why Brooke doesn’t see what pain Ridge is in and condones this relationship. She doesn’t even think Ridge has gotten through the first stage in his grieving. Brooke hasn’t been that person in his life to support the greatest loss of his life. Ridge knows Taylor understands. She says she understands probably more than anyone. She rubs Ridge’s face and tells him to let her help him heal.

Brooke is frantically trying to reach Ridge by phone. She can’t imagine where he might have gone.

Taylor hears Ridge’s phone vibrate. She sees it’s Brooke. She thinks to herself, no Brooke has done enough damage. She moves the phone. Ridge is stoking the fire and doesn’t notice the phone. He comes back and sits down. Taylor rubs his shoulders and again tells him, she’s there for him always. Ridge looks tired and worn down. He gives her a slight smile.

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