B&B Friday Update 6/5/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/5/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick is at the house with his mother. He lets her know he has something he really wants to discuss with her. Brooke waits expectantly. Rick tells her he’s still very much in love with Steffy. Brooke looks a bit agitated. Rick goes on to explain. He’s not the same person he was. He’s learned from this experience. He wants to try to get Steffy back. Brooke asks what if Steffy doesn’t want to take him back. Rick is sure that’s not the case. He thinks he can show Ridge he’s really trying to be a better person. Brooke looks uncertain. Rick tells his mother he sincerely doesn’t want to come between her and Ridge again, but he needs her support. Brooke tells him she will always be there for him. Rick is happy to hear this, since he only has her and his father. Eric is so busy at the office, so he really needs her. Brooke assures him, she’s there for him. Rick is pleased and hugs his mother. He knew he could count on her.

Eric is in his office with Donna and Stephanie. They are talking about title changes, in case he goes to jail. Felicia and Thorne come in. Eric gets them up to speed. Felicia tells her father he’s not going to jail. Before he can comment, he gets a buzz to let him know Bill is there.

Bill walks in and makes a snide remark about the family being gathered together. Felicia defensively asks him what the hell he’s doing. Bill smiles and says she must be Felicia. She shoots back, he must be the rat. Bill laughs and says he takes offense to this. He’s just an upstanding American citizen trying to protect our borders. He asks Eric what it’s going to be. Felicia glares at him. Eric tells him he’s not selling. Bill says then apparently he wants to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Eric lets him know his lawyers will fight him. Bill confidently says they will lose. He pulls out a copy of the print showing Eric behind bars. He threatens Eric either he sells or the picture will run. He adds, Eric can spend the rest of his life on a golf course versus in a jail yard. Eric stands his ground and tells Bill he wouldn’t sell the company for a billion dollars.

Steffy is at the outdoor café. She chews her fingernail wondering why she agreed to meet Rick. She gets up and decides she has to get out of there. Before she can leave, she spots Rick. The two of them stare at each other wordlessly.

Brooke and Ridge are at home kissing. It gets pretty hot and heavy. Brooke suggests they take this elsewhere. Ridge decides to tell her about the glitch with their marriage license. Brooke doesn’t understand. He explains Pam botched the paperwork. Brooke can’t believe their marriage isn’t legal.

Ridge explains what happened. He doesn’t understand why his dad even keeps Pam on. Brooke is flabbergasted. She knows Stephanie will have a field day, if she knows about this. Ridge tells her his mother already knows. She asks Ridge if he just found out. Ridge reveals he’s known for a while. Brooke can’t believe he didn’t tell her. Ridge is nonchalant and tells her he saw no reason to upset her. It can easily be remedied. Brooke is upset. Ridge tells her they’re in it for the long haul. It’s just an excuse to do it all over again. Ridge puts his arms around her. Brooke likes the sound of this and tells Ridge to tell her more. They kiss deeply. Ridge is happy and says this feels so good. He likes coming home to her and not having to worry anymore about Rick and Steffy.

At the café, Rick tells Steffy how much he’s missed her. Steffy is a bit nervous. She tells Rick she missed him too. She almost didn’t come, after she got his message. Rick says he’s tried to stay away from her. He can’t do that anymore. He wants a second chance. It has nothing to do with her father. He wants a chance to prove to Steffy he can be the man she needs. He asks Steffy if she’s willing to give him another chance. Steffy slowly looks at him and tells him she’s sure he knows the answer to this. Rick cracks a smile of relief.

Back in Eric’s office, Bill thinks Eric is in denial. If he doesn’t sell the company to him, he will still lose the company. Eric walks away from the group. Bill perches on the edge of Eric’s desk. Felicia defends her father saying he hasn’t done anything wrong. Bill says Eric has broken all kind of federal laws with the identity thefts. He could spend major time in jail. Stephanie asks Bill if he really expects Eric to sell the company at a fraction of what it’s worth. Does he really feel Eric will go to jail? This is extortion and blackmail. Bill assures Stephanie he will use the full weight of Spencer Publishing to put Eric in jail, and then he will still buy the company. Donna listens with a petrified look on her face. Felicia is scared too. She goes to her father and tells him to do it. Sell the business to Bill. Thorne agrees with her. It’s not worth his father going to jail. Eric says he will not cave in to extortion. Bill thrusts the contract at Eric and tells him to sign it. Eric looks at it and then tears it in half. Bill tells him fine. Have it his way. He pulls out his cell and says he’s calling his printers to tell them to go to press. Stephanie leans over and presses the intercom. She tells Pam to send “them” in.

The door to Eric’s office opens and their lawyers walk in. Bill has no idea who they are. Stephanie explains they are the Forrester’s attorneys. She thought they might want to hear what he had to say. She pulls out a small tape recorder. The lawyers smile at Bill. Thorne and Felicia both have relieved looks. Donna moves next to Eric with a smile. Bill looks a bit taken aback. Stephanie taunts him about whether he really thought he was smarter than her.

At the restaurant, Steffy tells Rick she has to be honest with her father. Rick lets her know his mother is on board. Brooke always follows her heart and he gets this now. He tells Steffy he knows they have to go to her father and be completely honest. Ridge has to see they are different people. They look lovingly at each other.

In Eric’s office, his lawyer plays the recording back as everyone listens to Bill’s threat. The lawyer says they have exactly what they need. If Bill tries to carry out his plan, they will deal with him appropriately. Stephanie threatens Bill if he plays his hand, she will expose him all over the media and internet. Bill says this won’t keep Eric from going to prison. Stephanie tells him if this happens, he will be in a cell right next to Eric. The lawyer speaks up and says this is correct. If the feds get wind of this, he could go to jail. Stephanie gives Bill a speech about how he blew into town and thought he could just bamboozle a family that is loved. He should just pack up his tent and leave. Bill crosses his arms and reminds Stephanie how Eric embarrassed her and tossed her aside. He can’t believe Stephanie is defending Eric. Stephanie tells him they are family and this was just a squabble. They’ve gotten through worst. Bill grabs his bag and prepares to leave. He tells Stephanie he views business like a cage fight. It doesn’t end until one person quits or is dead. He says they’re just getting started. Stephanie cocks her eyebrow at him, while the others look at him not believing his audacity. Bill saunters out the door.

After Bill leaves, Eric applauds Stephanie. The others join in. Donna is excited. She hugs Eric and kisses him with a smile. Stephanie shakes the lawyers’ hands, before they go. Thorne and Felicia go over to hug their dad. Stephanie joins them for a family hug. Eric kisses Stephanie’s cheek. Donna watches from the door. She heads out to catch Bill.

Bill waits for the elevator. Donna approaches him and says the good guy won. Bill confidently tells her it’s not over. He’s not giving up on the business or her. He steps in the elevator and tells Donna she knows where to find him. He seductively says he’ll see her later and calls her pussy cat. The doors close and Donna stands there with a interested smile on her face.

At home, Ridge and Brooke are still enjoying each other. Ridge says they shouldn’t even be talking about Rick and Steffy, since it’s water under the bridge. Brooke says she knows what Rick said on the tape was unconscionable. Ridge tells Brooke he loves her and they start to kiss. It’s interrupted by Rick and Steffy walking in the door. Ridge and Brooke both wear shocked expressions.

After everyone leaves, Eric tells Stephanie words can’t express how impressed he is with what she just did. Stephanie says they may have their differences, but she wasn’t going to leave him swinging in the wind. Eric tells her she’s the most fascinating woman he’s ever known. He grabs her face and kisses her. Stephanie looks stunned.

Bill walks away from Forrester and is met by Jared. He wants to know how it went. Bill tells him he may have lost the battle, but not the war. He still plans to own the company. Jared looks amazed at the determination Bill is exhibiting.

At Brooke’s, Rick tells his mother and Ridge they didn’t mean to disturb them. Ridge wants to know what’s going on. Rick says they want to talk to them. Ridge says there’s nothing to talk about. Steffy tells him yes there is. Ridge angrily asks Rick what he’s up to now. Rick tells Ridge he’s there to state his position on him and Steffy getting back together. Brooke looks a bit sick. Ridge yells no. It’s not going to happen. Steffy tries to reason with him. Ridge says under no circumstances is this going to happen again. Rick tries to appeal to Ridge. He tells him he’s changed. He’s not the same man that Ridge recorded. Ridge is livid. He tells Rick no way is he going through this all again. Rick turns to his mother and tries to get her to intervene. Ridge tells Brooke she needs to tell her son to stay away from her daughter. They will get a restraining order if necessary. Steffy can’t believe her dad would even suggest this. Ridge forcefully tells Brooke to let Rick know he’s forbidden to be with Steffy. Brooke looks undecided about what to say. She looks at Rick and Ridge. Ridge waits for her answer. He tells her he needs to hear her say it. Her son can’t be with his daughter. Brooke is speechless, helplessly caught in the middle.

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