B&B Monday Update 6/1/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/1/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bill is in his office talking to his secretary. As she leaves, Stephanie walks in. She asks Stephanie about her next installment of the Logan Chronicles. Stephanie tells her she doesn’t have anything. This is surprising news.

After the secretary leaves, Bill acts a bit surprised to see Stephanie. She knows he’s not serious, especially since she figured out his plan. Bill says of course she’s there to save her precious Eric. Bill in a satisfied tone says too bad, since he holds all the cards. Stephanie raises her eyebrows.

At Forrester, Eric tells Donna things are looking up with Bill Spencer trying to take the company. Donna tells him not to underestimate Bill. He’s a very determined man. Eric thinks the hold isn’t quite so strong, since Stephanie isn’t helping anymore. Donna is very skeptical.

Nick and Jackie are in his office at the company. Jackie tells Nick she’s free to babysit, since he and Bridget have a lot to catch up on. Nick tells her she won’t be seeing Jack, if Owen is involved. Jackie is surprised. Nick tells her he doesn’t want Nick around his son or the company. Jackie tells him to stop talking about Owen like he’s a criminal. Owen is good for her and the company.

In Eric’s office, Donna warns Eric even without Stephanie, Bill is a force to be reckoned with. Eric thinks their clients will come back without Stephanie’s negative influence. Donna hopes he’s right and Stephanie doesn’t cause them more trouble.

In Bill’s office, Stephanie tells him he acts like this is a game. Bill laughs drily and tells her he’s having a ball. She warns him it’s dangerous territory. Bill says for Eric maybe.

Stephanie isn’t clear what he means. Bill tells her it will be a problem for Eric, if he hired undocumented workers. Stephanie looks a bit uncertain.

Still in his office, Bill tells Stephanie it’s an illegal act to have undocumented workers. Stephanie glosses over his comments and tells him she was an unhappy woman, who made a mistake. Bill says he had high hopes to have her as a co-conspirator. He’ll have to change his strategy somewhat. Stephanie warns him to be careful in throwing accusations around. Bill laughs and tells her Eric is staring prison in the face and she is threatening him. Stephanie says Eric is not at risk. He just took some comments she said out of context. Bill isn’t convinced. He thinks her just being there proves there’s more to it. He just needs to dig deeper. Stephanie laughs and tells him if he has time to waste go right ahead. Bill says maybe that’s what the problem is; he has too much time on his hands. That’s why he wants FC so bad, he can taste it. He will have the company, so it’s just a matter of whether Eric goes to jail to get it. Stephanie tells him that will happen over her dead body. Bill tells her not to make promises she won’t keep. Stephanie tells him it’s not a promise it’s a threat. She tells him not to get ahead of himself. Bill laughs at the challenge.

Back in Eric’s office, Donna tells Eric she’s not sure they can trust Stephanie. Eric says Stephanie promised their kids and won’t go back on her word. Donna doesn’t think it will matter, since Bill plays to keep.

After Stephanie leaves, Bill sits at his desk watching a clip of Forrester. It shows Donna as she seductively touches Eric on stage, wearing a provocative outfit. Bill watches with undisguised interest. Jared comes in per Bill’s request. Bill turns off the clip.

Jared asks about the project Bill has for him. Bill prefaces it by saying Jared has covered all the Forresters press events for years with Spencer Publishing. The Forresters consider him to be one their most trusted press contacts. Jared says that’s fair to say. Bill says he’s doing a bit of research on their history. He asks about Eric. Jared says he’s a kind man, above reproach. Bill says of course. He reads the excerpt Stephanie wrote and questions Jared about what it could mean. Jared has no idea of any transgressions. Bill casually asks what Jared knows about the employees. Jared says very little. Bill makes the observation they’re mostly foreigners. Jared says this is true of most fashion houses. Bill makes a statement that Eric may not have always been above the law where this is concerned. Jared asks if he has proof of this. Bill tells him this is where he comes in. Jared’s mouth is open with shock.

Stephanie goes to Eric’s office. He’s alone. She tells him she’s decided not to proceed with the Logan Chronicles, after speaking with their children. Eric lets her know he’s aware, since the kids came by to tell him. He knows they’re grateful. Stephanie tells Eric they still have a problem with Bill Spencer. Eric sarcastically says he thought Bill was her new best friend. Stephanie pauses and tells him Bill is taking something she said to heart. Eric looks interested. She tells him Bill thinks FC might have hired undocumented workers. Eric looks shocked.

Back at Jackie M, Jackie realizes Nick is giving her the silent treatment. Nick tells her they don’t see eye to eye. He thinks she is a beautiful woman with money and Owen is taking advantage of her. Jackie wonders why he doesn’t think Owen could just like her for herself. They are interrupted by Owen, who thought it was time for their meeting.

In his office, Eric is angry. He wants to know what Stephanie said. She tells him it was just an innocuous comment. She asks Eric are they in danger. He tells her no. They have been investigated before. He assures Stephanie they are protected. Bill won’t find anything. Eric yells at Stephanie he can’t believe she got involved with Bill Spencer. He’s a pariah. Was she really that angry with him. Stephanie is angry and tells him it was about their children. She felt Eric pushed them aside for his family with Brooke. Eric still doesn’t understand how she could get together with Bill. Stephanie lets it out that Bill was going to buy the company and sell it to her. Eric is flabbergasted. He can’t believe Stephanie was part of the plan to steal Forrester. Stephanie tells him to get over it. They have to make sure Bill doesn’t have anything.

Jared returns to Bill’s office with what he asked for. He lets Bill know he doesn’t feel comfortable about this. Bill tells him if Eric hasn’t done anything wrong, it won’t be a problem. If Eric has done something, he needs to be held accountable. Jared used his contacts to pull some records of the employees. He tells Bill it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Bill confidently eats an apple. He tells Jared if they find it, it will be well worth the effort.

In Nick’s office, Owen gives a business plan. Nick looks unimpressed. Jackie thinks it sound excellent. She gets a call and has to leave. She tells the men to play nice. She leaves.

Owen is with Nick in the office. He asks if they’re through. Nick says no. Owen lets him know if he’s going to offer more money to get rid of Jackie, he’s not interested. He cares about Jackie. Nick doesn’t believe it. He thinks Owen is only out for what Jackie can do for him. Owen tells Nick to let his mommy decide. Nick angrily grabs Owen by the collar and tells him to watch his tone. Nick calls Owen “Jackie’s boy toy” right now. Nick threatens him it will end soon and he’ll be out of the company. Owen isn’t scared and tells Nick he can’t get rid of him that easily.

Jackie walks up and catches the exchange between Nick and Owen. She tells Nick to stop bullying Owen. Owen turns to look at her.

Jackie tells Nick he was the one who wanted her to go out and find someone. Nick says a man not a boy. Jackie says Owen makes her happy. Nick tells Owen just make sure he does his job. Owen says he knows where he stands. Jackie is in charge. Nick looks unhappy. He tells his mother he has a meeting with the accountants. He leaves.

After Nick is gone, Owen walks over and locks the door. He tells Jackie she is the boss. He just takes orders. He sits on the edge of the desk and slowly unbuttons his shirt. He asks Jackie if she wants him to leave. Jackie watches with pleasure. She tells Owen absolutely not. Owen moves her to Nick’s desk. She can’t believe he plans to “do it” right here in Nick’s office on his desk. Owen kisses her and lays her back to show her.

In his office, Eric is steaming. Bill Spencer is a bastard. He assures Stephanie all their workers are covered. Stephanie tells him she hopes he’s right, because otherwise he could go to jail. Eric says this won’t happen.

In his office, Bill works with Jared to find something on Eric. It all looks legitimate. He finally asks Jared to give him a name. He’ll just Google it. Jared throws out a name. Bill finds it and reads the bio. He realizes the person is dead from a car accident on the Santa Monica Freeway years ago. Jared verifies it’s the same person. Bill thinks Eric had a sneaky undercover plan.

Eric and Stephanie still argue in his office. He tells her this isn’t the first time her temper got them in trouble. Stephanie admits she was hurt. She thought when Eric came out of his coma, they would be together. Eric tells her this isn’t an excuse.

Bill sits back with a pleased look. Eric is using the identity of dead US citizens for his illegal employees. Jared looks shocked. Bill announces either Eric sells him the company on his terms or he goes to jail for identity theft.

At Forrester, Eric yells at Stephanie she has no justification for what she’s done. Stephanie rolls her eyes. Eric accuses her of trashing his wife and family on her webcasts. Stephanie has had enough. She tells Eric she just didn’t think about how this would play out. Stephanie’s cell rings. It’s Bill. He tells Stephanie Eric better be prepared to sell the company on his terms. He’s got everything he needs. Stephanie looks perplexed. Bill rubs it in by telling her she’s no match for him. She holds the phone with a questioning look.

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