B&B Monday Update 5/25/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/25/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Donna is at Forrester at the reception desk. She is on the phone with Katie, who called to thank her for the whole incident with Bill Spencer. Donna tells Katie she has to go to a meeting, but asks her to call her later. She wants to know how things go with Nick. After she hangs up, Donna recalls the kiss Bill gave her in his suite. She has a pleased smile on her face. She gets a call, interrupting her thoughts. It’s Bill. He asks if she’s been thinking about him, since he was definitely thinking about her. Donna pretends she doesn’t know who’s calling. Bill laughs and says he was calling to check on Katie, since she should have quite the hangover. Donna lets him know Katie is fine and mostly due to his help.

Pam comes around the corner and spots Donna on the phone. She hears Donna thanking Bill and stops to eavesdrop on the conversation. Bill tells Donna he could see she was grateful by the kiss. Donna blushes a bit and tells him not to read more into it, since it was just an expression of gratitude.

Before Bill can answer Donna, Stephanie walks in unannounced. He tells Donna he’ll have to get back to her. Stephanie point blank asks Bill, if he’s trying to use her. Bill sits comfortably in his chair with a slight smile. He asks if this is what her ex said.

In his office, Eric tries to get his attorney to work on unraveling the situation with Bill trying to buy Forrester. Donna walks in and hears Eric, who angrily hangs up the phone.

Nick is in his office, where he tries to reach Katie on the phone. He leaves a message for her to get in touch if she’d like to talk to him. As he hangs up, Katie appears in the doorway. He looks a little surprised to see her. Katie hesitates at the door. She comes in and tells Nick even though they’re not engaged, she thought they should at least be friends. Nick notices her eyes are a bit red. She has a dry laugh and tells him she was out last night celebrating or drowning her sorrows. She tells him no regrets. She truly believes he should have a life with Bridget. She knows deep down inside he loves her. He should fight for her.

As Katie talks, Bridget appears at the door and overhears the conversation. Katie doesn’t see her and continues. Nick sees Bridget. Katie tells him Bridget is worth fighting for to have a life with her and Jack. She notices Nick’s eyes have wandered to the door. She turns and sees Bridget, who wears a tentative smile. Katie looks a bit uncomfortable.

Eric’s lawyer is in his office. She tells Eric she needs more proof Bill is out to get his business. Eric says Bill laid it all out in his living room. Bill wants to drive Eric into bankruptcy and buy the remains at a cut rate price. Donna looks shocked. Eric thinks Bill is using Stephanie to get to him.

In Bill’s office, Stephanie demands to know if Bill is setting her up. Bill says she got what she wanted with the webcast. Stephanie thinks he has a hidden agenda. He can run the company down and buy it at a reduced price. Bill reminds her she called the place a whorehouse. Has she changed her opinion or does she still feel the same way about the Logans. Stephanie doesn’t answer right away.

Bill says Stephanie begged him to open up an out for her air her views on the Logans. He did realize with every article published and her webcast he could devalue Forrester. Stephanie asks if his plan was to buy the business at a low value and sell it. Bill casually tells her if she’s part owner at Jackie M, maybe one day she’ll have the money to buy Forrester from him. Stephanie wears a frown. Bill relaxes in his chair and tells Stephanie, Eric isn’t unhappy enough yet. He will be soon.

Eric comes back to his office, where Donna is perched on his desk. He rages about Bill Spencer and how ruthless he is. Donna says maybe he isn’t as bad as they think. Eric can’t believe it. She tells him about Katie’s escapade at Café Russe and how Bill helped her. She saw a different side of him. Eric doesn’t look too convinced.

Katie tells Nick maybe she’s way too hung over for this conversation today. Bridget comes in and Nick explains. Katie tells Bridget she should be happy to know their relationship is over. She’s been trying to convince herself for months things could work, but she realizes she’s not Bridget. It’s too exhausting. She tells Bridget she may not believe it but she really is sorry. Bridget says she should have been honest too. She realized last night she should have laid everything out a long time ago. Katie realizes what happened and says it didn’t take them long to get back together. She has tears in her eyes and tells them she hopes everything works out. Bridget puts her hands on Katie’s shoulders and tells her she really does want everything to be okay. Katie hopes Bridget can forgive her. Bridget says she has and hugs Katie. Over her shoulder, Katie looks at Nick. He wears a pleased smile.

After Katie leaves, Bridget tells Nick she’s really touched by his generosity. He told Katie she can still be a part of Jack’s life. Nick hopes this is okay with her. Bridget says of course. She asks where Katie was headed. Nick is a bit confused, when he says Katie only mentioned touching base with her “good Samaritan”.

In his office, Bill mixes up a hangover remedy for Katie. She passes on trying it. She just wants to thank him for last night, but she doesn’t really remember all the details. Bill teases her about being puked on. Katie looks appalled and then realizes he’s joking. She tells him that’s not nice. Bill smiles and tells her she must not have heard. He’s not a nice guy. Katie has a curious smile.

Pam lingers outside Eric’s door. She hears him tells Donna, just because Bill didn’t take advantage of Katie doesn’t make him a gentleman. He tells Donna not to be fooled. They are interrupted by Stephanie.

Stephanie lets Eric know about Bill’s plan to reduce the price of the company and buy it. Eric tells her to shut down the Logan Chronicles. Stephanie tells him Bill owns the rights. Donna says it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been spewing venom about her sisters and family. It didn’t just hurt them, but hurt the company. Stephanie reminds her she helped build this company and was booted out. She tells Eric she may be able to stop Bill. Donna wants to know what Stephanie has up her sleeve. Stephanie has some demands that have to be met, if she helps Eric. First, Ridge is to remain CEO. Thorne is to be President. Eric reminds her they have a President, Rick. Stephanie’s third demand is Rick is out. He can no longer work at Forrester. Eric reminds her Rick is his son. Stephanie says yes, with Brooke. She tells him the last condition is he has to rewrite his will. He can divide all the profits among his children as he sees fit. However, 100% control of Forrester is to be equally split between Ridge, Thorne and Felicia. Donna looks stunned. Eric looks shakes his head. Stephanie tells him to take it or leave it.

In his office, Bridget and Nick kiss passionately. He tells Bridget he knows what he’d like to do. She reminds him it’s an office. He says with a door. He hurdles over the couch to lock the door. He comes back and kisses Bridget hungrily on the neck. She reminds him they were going to take things slowly. Nick wants to make up for the lost time. Bridget interrupts him by saying Owen thought she should be put on a pedestal. Nick stops and can’t believe she’s bringing up Owen. Bridget says Owen felt like she should be courted. Nick tells her she can have whatever she wants. They kiss deeply. Nick sweeps her up and lays her on the couch. Bridget giggles with glee. They continue to kiss.

Back in Bill’s office, he tries to get Katie to try his drink. Katie tells him she feels better and has to take off. Bill asks about her PR job at Forrester. Katie tells him she plans to put a lot into trying to combat the assault with the Logan Chronicles. He asks about her drinking herself into a stupor over the man that broke her heart. Katie tells him this was a one time deal. He says good, since there are other ways to get over a broken heart. He asks if she’s interested. Katie takes the drink he made and pours in the trash. She makes no comment and seductively walks out. Bill watches with a slight smile.

Eric can’t believe Stephanie’s nerve. Just because she would help him with Bill, she expects to run his life after he’s dead. He’s not going to do it. He angrily stalks out.

After he leaves, Donna blasts Stephanie. How can she do this to Eric. She knows how much the company means to Eric. Stephanie thought she did, but looking around she’s not so sure. She tells Donna the company is in big trouble. Stephanie says her family always delivered the goods. The Logans only deliver trouble. Donna angrily tells Stephanie she got the company back from Nick Marone. Brooke made the Belief formula. Forrester owes them some credit. Stephanie says Belief was a long time ago. The only thing Brooke does now is deliver trouble by backing Rick. Donna tells Stephanie she’s not just hurting the Logans. She’s destroying her children’s company too. Donna is furious. She says they are the future and Stephanie is not part of it. She tears up Stephanie’s demand list and tells her to forget it. Stephanie tells her a day of reckoning will come. She tells Donna not to underestimate her. Donna is undaunted by the threat and sarcastically tells Stephanie she’s quaking in her shoes.

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