B&B Friday Update 5/22/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/22/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At Owen’s apartment, Nick and Bridget are shocked to learn Jackie and Owen have a “thing” going on. Bridget realizes Jackie is the woman Owen was hung up on, after she admitted she wasn’t over Nick. Nick wants to know why he’s the last to know. Jackie reminds him how he encouraged her to find something to occupy her time, besides him. Nick teases back that he meant knitting, sewing, or something grandmother’s do. Jackie shoots him a look.

Katie is passed out on Bill’s bed, after her night of drinking. He smoothes the hair out of her face as he contemplates his next move. He carefully takes her jacket off to make her comfortable.

Nick addresses the fact Owen was seeing his mother and Bridget at the same time. Owen reminds him, he wasn’t engaged to anyone. He figured all the sneaking around and close calls, Jackie would get sick of him. Jackie laughs and said she thought it would be the other way around. Nick zips Bridget’s dress as he hassles Owen about getting such a good deal, with a company car and all. Jackie tells him it didn’t take anything away from him. As a matter of fact, Nick is the one that lets things slip through his fingers. She tells him to take Bridget home and say what he needs to. Bridget cuddles next to Nick with a smile on her face.

Donna and Eric are at home, where he has a drink. Donna encourages him to go to bed and not let Bill get to him. Eric says he’s still angry and won’t be able to sleep. He admits Bill really got to him. Donna strokes Eric’s head and asks about the phone call he got when Bill was there. Eric admits it was bad news. Two of their larger boutiques will not be carrying their fall line. Donna looks concerned.

Bill moves Katie to a more comfortable position on his bed and carefully covers her up. He smoothes her hair off her face and watches her sleep for a moment. There’s a knock at his door.

Bill opens his door to find a woman. He jokes things are looking up. The woman is from the Café Russe. The woman he left with forgot her purse. Bill says it’s lucky, since she’s still there.

After she’s gone, Bill pauses a moment before looking in the purse for identification. He sees her name is Katie Logan. He smiles to himself, realizing she is Donna’s younger sister.

Nick and Bridget get to his house, where they tentatively look around. Both wear anxious looks on their faces. They wonder where Katie might be. Nick says he’ll check upstairs, but she might be at Brooke’s with Jack. Bridget suggests maybe she should go. Nick tells her no and grabs her arm. Nick heads upstairs calling Katie’s name.

After he’s gone, Bridget spots an envelope with Nick’s name on it. Katie’s ring rests on top of it. Bridget looks shocked and calls Nick’s name.

Donna dims the lights and heads for the stairs to her bedroom. Her cell phone rings. She picks it up and is surprised to hear Bill on the other end. She demands to know how he got her number. Bill glosses over this and tells her he’s in his penthouse suite and wants to know how soon she can be there. Donna tells him this is harassment. Bill tells her Katie would have called herself, if she had been able. Donna looks stunned at the mention of Katie’s name. Bill tells her to check the caller ID. She looks at her phone and sees a picture of Katie. She can’t believe it. Bill lightly tells her they will be expecting her. Donna hangs up and quickly grabs her purse and heads for the door.

Nick comes downstairs and tells Bridget, Katie isn’t in the house. Bridget points out the letter. Nick slowly picks it up and reads it. Katie tells him it’s the hardest letter she ever had to write. She has thought about this over the last month. She thanks Nick for being there through the hardest and some of the most wonderful times of her life. After all he and Bridget did for her, she wanted to do something for them. She wants to give their lives back. She thanks him for letting her live her dream for a time. He tells Bridget Katie won’t be back. She realized he never gave up on living his life with Bridget. Bridget looks surprised.

Eric opens the door for Stephanie, who he invited over. Stephanie hopes it’s not an ambush, since Donna has been in her face so much lately. Eric wants to know can she blame Donna, after what’s been going on. Stephanie sarcastically says she didn’t know a little bit of success on her own merit would have such an impact. Eric is a bit angry and tells her she had to know this would drive nails into Forrester’s coffin.

Donna rushes in Bill’s suite demanding to know where her sister is. She heads to the bed, where Katie hasn’t stirred. Donna calls her name and Katie doesn’t move. She looks at Bill with an accusing glare and wants to know if he drugged her. Bill tells her Katie tied one on and she can ask the bartender upstairs. Donna again tries to rouse Katie. Katie is groggy and is confused at Donna’s presence. She sees Bill and is puzzled at seeing him too. All of a sudden she breaks down crying and hugs Donna tightly.

Donna looks at Bill and angrily calls him a bastard. She accuses him of getting Katie drunk and then who knows what. Katie looks up from Donna’s shoulder and tells Donna nothing happened. Then she looks at Bill for confirmation. He tells her all he did was cover her with the blanket and used her phone. Katie says Bill was such a gentleman. Donna doesn’t understand what happen, since this is so unlike Katie. Katie breaks down again and tells Donna she left Nick. Donna is taken aback and wants to know what happened. Katie tells her she couldn’t stand to see him unhappy any longer and she knows she broke up his relationship with Bridget. Bill stands back with his arms across his chest and watches with an amused look. All of a sudden, Katie jumps up and holds her mouth. She runs to the rest room. Bill jokes with Donna that he has a way with women. Donna has an uneasy laugh.

At Nick’s, Bridget isn’t sure she can do this again. The love is easy, but the trust factor will be hard. Nick tells her he understands. They had it all. He had a woman he loved, they lost a child, and they replaced Nicole with a beautiful child they both love. He knows it’s hard for Bridget to forgive him. She assures him she has already done this. Nick says she hasn’t, because otherwise they wouldn’t be having this conversation. She is giving him the impression they can’t find their way back to each other. Bridget looks surprised by the intensity in Nick’s voice.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie tells Eric he must be spending too much time with Donna. She thinks Eric is being over dramatic. Eric tells her she thinks she’s in the driver’s seat with Bill Spencer, but she’s not. He tells her Bill is using her. Her hatred for him is causing her to let herself be used. Stephanie tells him she doesn’t hate him. Eric angrily tells her what she’s doing has caused a big loss for the company. He says her readers are blockading some of their stores. He expects it to get worse. Stephanie says it’s karma. Eric tells her it’s not karma that offered $100 million to buy Forrester. It’s not karma that threatened the next offer would be substantially lower. He says these gossip filled blogs are embarrassing for her. Bill is doing a disservice to her family. Is this really how she wants success on her own to be noted? Stephanie listens with a smirk on her face and rolls her eyes, as Eric throws down the magazine with his face on the cover.

Donna comes out of the bathroom and timidly asks Bill if Katie can take a shower. Bill asks if it’s that bad. Donna nervously laughs and says yes. She holds Katie wet shirt in her hands, which she washed in the sink. She asks for a bag, which Bill pulls out of a cabinet. She grabs it and thanks Bill. He asks what Katie is wearing home. Donna says she can wear her top and she’ll just wear Katie’s jacket. She asks Bill if he can turn around while she changes. Bill tells her after she rushes in there and basically accuses him of rape, her sister pukes in his bath room; no way is he missing this. He walks over to a chair, sits and crosses his legs. He tells Donna any time she’s ready. Donna looks indignant at his nerve.

Donna says she’ll just change in the bathroom. She walks over, but the door is locked. Bill gives her a tee shirt and says Katie can wear it. She thanks him. He catches Donna off guard, asking why she married Eric. Donna quickly says because she loves him. Bill says he loves the Mona Lisa. It’s old, like Eric. Donna wants to know why he’s deliberately being ugly about Eric. After he’s been so nice to Katie, she doesn’t understand his attitude. She tells Bill how Katie means the world to her. She thanks him for taking care of her and calling. Bill says okay. Donna is confused by what he means. He tells her to thank him. Donna doesn’t move. Bill moves in and lightly kisses her. Donna stands still, but doesn’t immediately pull away. Bill wears a slight smile as he watches Donna, who appears a bit shaken.

At Nick’s, Bridget is so confused. She paces with her hands to her face. She’s just not sure they can do this again. Nick is sorry for having taken all her hope away, with his past actions. Nick is so sorry he hurt her so badly. He tells her he’s going to be the man he promised her he could be. He’s going to be a faithful man, who will raise his son with some values. He grabs Bridget’s arms to enforce his message to her. Bridget is so uncertain. Nick says he knows she wants to believe this, since no one loves her like he does. No one gets her like he does. He rests his face on her forehead. Bridget is emotional and says she should run right now. She tells Nick it won’t come back all at once. Some days she’ll need proof. Nick says he will give her whatever she needs. Bridget tells him to be faithful, if she comes back home. Nick tells her she’s already home. He kisses her and sweeps her up in his arms. He carries her upstairs.

Upstairs, they kiss in front of the fireplace. Nick slowly lays her on the bed. They make love in the candlelight. Bridget holds his face and whispers to Nick not to break her heart again. She kisses him and he slowly lays her down on her back as they continue to kiss passionately.

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