B&B Monday Update 5/18/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/18/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Taylor and Ridge are in Eric’s office at Forrester. Ridge can’t believe the news Taylor gave him about his marriage to Brooke being invalid. He looks at her perplexed waiting for an explanation.

Donna is pinned up against the wall in Bill Spencer Jr.’s office by the man himself. Donna tells him she can’t believe he’s willing to let Stephanie drag Forrester Creations down with his help. Bill tells her Eric is screwed, but with a little “carpentry” on her part she could fix things right up. Donna can’t believe his blatant attempts to proposition her. She tells him there’s no way she would hook up with him to keep Stephanie from ruining them. She asks him why he’s doing this. He nonchalantly tells her because he can. He saunters over and sits at his desk with his feet up. Donna looks a bit shaken. She asks Bill why he doesn’t go back to New York. He says he likes the weather. It’s good for his tan. Bill tells her he’s looking at property in Beverly Hills. It appears to be next door to her. Donna tells him not to dare. She can’t believe he’s being so casual about letting Forrester go downhill. Bill tells her he would hate to see Forrester fade in to the dust also. Donna asks why he won’t help, if that’s the case. He tells her maybe if she got down on her knees and said pretty please. Donna looks surprised at his audacity.

Brooke and Stephanie burst in Rick’s office. He’s surprised to see them. He sees Steffy is upset. Brooke tells him Ridge had a huge reaction to his tribute to Phoebe. Steffy says her dad feels this is the biggest manipulation Rick has had. Rick can’t believe it. He wants to talk to Ridge. Both women dissuade him from going there. Steffy tells him Ridge is against them more than ever. They just have to face the truth about things being over for good.

Ridge paces around the office. He can’t believe what Taylor is saying. He thought things were very official. Taylor tells him there was a clerical error with the license. She explains how Pam messed up the social security numbers. Ridge doesn’t understand why he’s just hearing about this. Taylor tells him Pam was scared and went to Stephanie. Stephanie thought Ridge had so much on his plate; she didn’t want to further upset him. Taylor originally agreed with her, but thought Ridge needed to know. Ridge looks taken aback by the whole thing. Taylor uses this opportunity to get her point across. She tells Ridge she can’t understand why Brooke won’t support him about the whole Rick and Steffy ordeal. They are the only two who seem to get it. Ridge listens without comment. Taylor goes on to say she never treated Ridge like this, when they were married. She just doesn’t understand Brooke’s attitude. Taylor tells Ridge sometimes she dreams about their times together. She asks if he ever has those thoughts. Ridge looks a bit caught off guard by the question.

In his office, Rick tries to convince Steffy she shouldn’t give up on them so easily. Brooke tells him they have to, since the situation is so volatile. Even though Steffy has forgiven Rick, Ridge can’t accept things. Rick is upset his mother is taking Ridge’s side. Brooke lets him know Ridge warned her about siding with Rick. Her marriage is in danger, especially since Stephanie is saying all these nasty things. Rick isn’t happy with his mother’s choice.

Ridge has trouble digesting what Taylor has to say. The timing is terrible with all that’s going on. He’s frustrated with Brooke and how fast she jumps to defend Rick. Ridge says it definitely brings up some issues. Taylor thinks Rick’s video was sick. Ridge says he has let his feelings be known to Brooke about Rick and Steffy. It’s mind boggling to him how Brooke continues to side with Rick. He just didn’t expect this from her. They’ve managed to get through so much. Taylor gives him a sympathetic look.

Donna looks at the window design in Bill Spencer’s office. She tells Bill Jr. it reminds her of his father. She compares the two men. Bill aggress the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Donna quips especially the rotten ones. She reminds Bill his father had nude pictures taken of her for a magazine. Bill says she had quite an impact on his father. That’s why he named her in his will. Donna has an ironic smile, since the bequeath was basically a joke. Bill says his father appreciated Donna and so does he. She’s his kind of woman. She goes after what she wants. He says she seduced Eric with the best sex of his life. Bam! She’s the next Mrs. Forrester. Donna takes offense and tells Bill her marriage is about more than sex. Bill is amused. He tells Donna her skills in the bedroom must be great and he’s eager to find out for himself. Donna’s mouth is open at this man’s gall. She firmly tells him nothing is ever going to happen with them. Bill gets in her face and tells her playing hard to get is one of his favorite characteristics in a woman. He’ll chase her a bit as long as he doesn’t have to work too hard. He always gets what he wants. Donna shakes her head at his arrogance. Donna tells him this is the most unprofessional meeting she’s ever had. Bill says it’ll be one of the most unforgettable also. Donna point blank asks him what he wants with her and Eric.

Rick can’t believe Ridge didn’t take his tribute to Phoebe as sincere. He just wanted to do something good. Brooke says Ridge doesn’t think he was being genuine. Rick says it was a peace offering for the whole family. It wasn’t a ploy to get back with Steffy. Steffy walks over and puts her hand on Rick’s arm. She warmly tells him how much she appreciated the tribute. She felt closer to Phoebe than she had in a long time. Rick says when he saw her face as she watched the video, he allowed himself to believe they could get back together. Steffy reminds him she wasn’t sure how her father would react. She warned him not to get his hopes up. Rick says he knows she wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her. Steffy tells him her dad can’t accept them being together. He still holds Rick responsible for Phoebe’s death. Rick looks annoyed.

Back in Eric’s office, Taylor continues talking about Brooke’s lack of support for Ridge. She says Brooke has never lost a child, so how could she know what they feel. Ridge is still bitter about Rick’s involvement. Taylor feels Steffy is still grieving and deserves to be someone other than Rick. Ridge didn’t think Rick could get any worst. Taylor thinks Rick is narcissistic. He thinks the world revolves around him, so you never know what to expect. Ridge angrily says what Rick pulled today was sick. Brooke bought into it. He thought they could overcome anything. However, if Brooke continues to blindly allow Rick to continue, he’s not sure they can survive it. Taylor’s face remains expressionless.

In Bill Jr.’s office, Donna asks Bill if he has something against Eric. He dodges and answers by saying he admires Eric’s wife, like his father admired Stephanie. He thinks Eric has carved a little niche for himself. Donna doesn’t understand, if Bill thinks Eric is admirable, why hook up with Stephanie. She just doesn’t get what he has planned in the end. Bill continues making sexually loaded comments to Donna. She tells him she has a hard time believing he came to LA, just to hit on her. Before he can answer, his phone rings. He tells Donna he has to get that. He looks forwarded to seeing more of her, his little barracuda. He picks up the call basically dismissing Donna. She stands speechless.

Brooke reminds Rick he promised not to push this relationship. She tells him and Steffy she will give them time to end this once and for all. She looks at Rick and tells him to mean it this time. She glances at Steffy and leaves.

After Brooke is gone, Rick tells Steffy he really doesn’t want to do this. She says they have to. Rick wants her to explain to him why they’re living their lives for other people. Steffy tells him it’s bigger than them. Rick suggests running away with him. Steffy tells him they can’t run. She can’t turn her back on her dad. Rick is angry and wants to know what about her happiness. This kind of love only comes around once in a life time. He begs Steffy not to throw this chance away. She says they have to. She tells Rick if he loves her, he would understand this. They have to go their own separate ways. Rick isn’t totally convinced. He pulls out the ring box. Steffy doesn’t want to take it. Rick tells her to take the ring and put it somewhere special. Whenever she feels alone, she can pull it out and know he’s always with her. Steffy closes her eyes and looks sad. Rick folds her fingers around the box. She opens her eyes and they lock eyes. Rick leans in and holds her face. They kiss tenderly.

Still with Ridge, Taylor understands a mother’s right to protect her child. Ridge says he always considers Steffy first. Taylor is sympathetic and knows how Ridge feels. She doesn’t understand how Brooke can’t see it. Taylor lets Ridge know she firmly stands with him on Steffy and Rick not being together. Taylor tells him she’s watched him do this dance with Brooke for years. It always turns out the same, he’s unhappy. Personally, she always thought he was happiest with her. Ridge looks surprised at the turn in the conversation. Taylor says things happen so quickly. The kids grow up and suddenly you’re grandparents. Ridge runs his fingers through his hair and shudders. He hopes this doesn’t happen any time soon. Taylor laughs. She quietly tells Ridge she misses him. She wishes she could go back and change some things in her life. Ridge looks surprised. She tells Ridge it’s up to him what kind of future he wants. He tells Taylor he’s not going to refile the marriage license right now. He wants to keep this between the two of them. Taylor slightly smiles. She slowly walks towards Ridge and tells him if he was married to Brooke she couldn’t do this. She reaches up and lightly kisses him. She caresses his face and kisses him again. She tells him maybe they can pick up where they left off. Ridge looks at her with a quizzical expression.

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