B&B Friday Update 5/15/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/15/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy and Rick are in his office hugging. Steffy is grateful to Rick for giving her the disc in memory of Phoebe. Rick is happy she liked the video. Steffy says it’s the most thoughtful gift she’s ever gotten. She hopes Rick doesn’t expect something in return. He tells her it was a genuine gift. It was a part of Phoebe’s life she missed out on and he just wanted to share it.

Donna bursts in Bill Spencer’s office. She’s been told he wasn’t there. She looks around and spots a picture of him. She says out loud he’s cute. Bill comes in and overhears her comments. He smiles and says he is a pretty good looking guy. Donna is caught off guard. He asks Donna how he can be of assistance or does he already know. Donna blasts him for Stephanie’s podcast. She wants him to pull the plug on the former Mrs. Forrester. Stephanie is bitter and wants revenge on Eric. He wanted to move on with her and Stephanie holds her responsible. Her show will just drag him down too. Bill is amused at Donna’s enthusiasm in her request. He says maybe he can help her. He likes a passionate woman. Donna looks slightly surprised at his response.

Brooke and Ridge are in his office. Brooke feels Rick is doing his part to stay away from Steffy. Ridge really dislikes Rick working in the building. He really needs her son to stay away from his daughter. Brooke says it’s over and Rick gave her is word. Ridge asks what if Rick doesn’t do as she asked. Brooke quickly says she’s on Ridge’s side about this. They kiss, but it’s interrupted by Taylor.

Taylor is breathless as she tells Ridge what she saw between Rick and Steffy. Brooke looks annoyed as Ridge looks dismayed at the news.

Rick asks Steffy if she thinks his gift is a bribe. He knows everything he does is suspect. He was being selfish. He could have just left it on the desk, but he wanted to see her face. He likes to see her happy. Steffy tells him he doesn’t have to apologize for giving her a present. Rick says he promised everyone he’d stay away from her. He heads for the door and she stops him.

Steffy hugs Rick. She tells him she wanted to forget him. She should hate him, but she can’t. His gift shows her there is some good in him. She asks Rick if he wants a future with her. Rick says of course. Steffy tells him he has to do anything she asks. He agrees. Steffy tells him he has to make things right with her dad. He has to end this feud. Rick is taken aback at her request. Rick doesn’t think he can do it. Steffy says he has to treat her dad with respect, no matter how Ridge treats him. Ricks says he’ll do whatever he has to do, to be able to spend the rest of his life with her. Steffy knows he used her and so does her dad. If he wants another chance with her, it’s on her terms. Rick takes her hands. He wants more than a chance with her. He wants her love and respect. He wants to go to Ridge. Steffy says she will go to her dad and show him how Rick is trying to change.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke confronts Taylor about barging in on them. Taylor tells Ridge what she saw. Brooke starts making excuses for Rick automatically. Taylor says they were gazing into each other’s eyes and Rick was touching her face. It wasn’t business. Ridge wants to know if Steffy is still with Rick. Brooke tells Taylor she can’t pull out the pitchfork every time the kids run into each other. Taylor insists it was more than that. Ridge tells Brooke she can’t help herself. She’s already making excuses and they haven’t even confronted Rick yet. Ridge tells Brooke she is supposed to be on his side. Taylor says obviously Brooke isn’t on his side. Brooke cuts her eyes at Taylor. Ridge says he told Rick to never go near his daughter again. Obviously Rick can’t live with this and he has to wonder can Brooke.

In Bill’s office, he tells Donna it takes a gutsy woman to barge in his office and tell him what to do. He likes this. Donna says it’s really not like her. Donna says Stephanie does this to her. She’s just an ugly woman that he doesn’t want to get into bed with. Bill is amused and says certainly not. However, there’s nothing ugly about her. Donna looks at him stunned by his obvious flirting.

Back in Ridge’s office, Taylor tells Brooke she assured them Rick would stay away form Steffy. Brooke says up until now, he had.

Steffy bursts in on her parents and Brooke. Ridge asks if she was in Rick’s office. She was supposed to stay away from him. Steffy is a bit surprised by her father’s tone. She says defensively, she was dropping off a report. Taylor tells her what she saw. Steffy is surprised her mother saw them. She tries to downplay what happened. Brooke tries to get her to explain more. Steffy tells them about Rick’s gift. It’s beautiful. Taylor tells her he did it to win her back. Steffy thinks Rick is trying to make amends. He knows what he did was wrong. Ridge reminds her how disrespectful Rick was to her. She knows what Rick said was sick, but he never said he didn’t love her. Her parents tell her she can’t forgive him. She says she already has and they will too, after they watch the video. They have to change their opinion.

Donna tells Bill he can’t distract her with compliments. He just sounds like his father. Bill assures her he’s nothing like his father. He doesn’t waste time with words and games. He says what he means and he gets what he wants. She tells him how much this broadcast of Stephanie’s could ruin Forrester. Bill wonders if Stephanie’s opinion is that important. Bill is surprised Eric can’t stand up for himself. He guesses Eric doesn’t know Donna is there. Donna says she chose to do this on her own. Bill sarcastically says it’s nice for Donna to stand up for her man. His ex wife is making a fool out of him in front of the whole world. Eric doesn’t do anything himself to stop it. However, Stephanie is making a lot of money for him. He could be persuaded with the right motivation to pull Stephanie’s broadcast. He could use his influence to turn the public sentiment. He likes Donna’s spunk and would love to see more of it. He walks up behind her and holds the sleeves of her shirt. He says he’d like to see less of this, meaning her clothing. Donna looks shocked at the proposition.

Ridge tells Steffy he’s not watching the video. She begs him, saying it’s important. She goes to his desk and pops it in his computer. The flashes of Phoebe fill the screen along with her last song. He and Taylor are transfixed. Brooke is quiet and wipes tears as she watches too. She looks at Ridge. Taylor is in tears. Steffy looks sadly at her parents as she wipes tears. Ridge is emotional. Steffy says this is why she forgave Rick. They both never stopped caring. Ridge says this isn’t an act of kindness. It’s a reminder of what that monster took from them. First, he used her death to seduce her. Now, he’s using Phoebe’s memory to lure her back. Steffy looks stunned at her dad’s accusation and the vehemence in his voice.

Bill continues to proposition Donna. Bill tells Donna she’s drawn to powerful men. He has what she needs, but he wants something from her. Donna reminds him she’s married. She moves away from him. Bill tells Donna if Eric can’t go after his ex wife, he’s not going to come after him. He approaches Donna, who backs away from him. He gets her up against the wall. He asks her what she has to say and calls her his little barracuda. Donna looks a bit off balance.

In Eric’s office, Ridge is livid. Rick is sick. Brooke feels it’s a tribute to Phoebe. Ridge is angry and tells Brooke she was supposed to back him. He yells at Steffy she was free of Rick, but he couldn’t stand it. Steffy says she misses him. They never stopped loving each other. Ridge screams no. He angrily says he doesn’t’ want her to ever see him. Ridge heads for the door. Brooke walks towards Ridge and tells him to listen to what Steffy has to say. Ridge says it’s the last straw. He doesn’t want to hear one more word. Steffy is a bit scared at her father’s reaction. She says she takes it back. She sees her father can’t accept this. She walks out apologizing, heartbroken. Brooke can’t believe Ridge would do this to his daughter. She goes after Steffy. Taylor tries to comfort Ridge. She says she’ll go check on Steffy. Ridge is hurt. Brooke’s promises meant nothing. He knew Rick was going to be a problem for them, when they got married. Brooke refuses to see him for who he really is. Ridge reflects on how he would have done things differently, if he had known all this before. Taylor asks what would have happened. Ridge says it doesn’t matter now. They’re married. Taylor tells him they’re not. She tried to tell him before. Ridge looks at her in astonishment.

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