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In Eric’s office at Forrester, Taylor and Brooke continue to argue. Taylor announces to Brooke she’s not really married to Ridge. Brooke looks at Taylor like she’s lost it.

The two women are interrupted by Ridge. Brooke tells him about Taylor’s claim that they aren’t married. Ridge smiles and says they may have been a bit unorthodox in the ceremony at the beach. However, they did go to city hall to make everything legal. Taylor doesn’t change expression. She says they may have done all that, but they’re still not married. Brooke looks at her with irritation.

Up in the Forrester Sky Lounge, Rick continues to try to sway Steffy into believing he’s going to try and change his life. He knows he’s done wrong and he’s not worthy of her. He announces to Steffy he’s joining a monastery. Steffy looks at him like he’s crazy. He wears a serious expression and tells her if he can’t have her, he doesn’t want anyone else. Steffy can’t believe it. She tells Rick this sounds like another one of his bone headed ideas. Rick finally laughs and tells her she’s so gullible. Steffy in spite of herself smiles.

Back in Eric’s office, Brooke doesn’t understand what Taylor is trying to prove. Brooke tells Taylor she has always thought she wasn’t worthy of Ridge, but they are together. Taylor tells her this is true. Brooke likes to lord her fairy tale marriage over her head, but it’s not legitimate.

Before Taylor can say more, Stephanie walks in unannounced. She catches the tail end of the conversation and cuts Taylor off, since she doesn’t want Brooke to know the truth yet. Stephanie tells Brooke she’s sounding insecure. Brooke whirls around surprised to see Stephanie. Brooke tells Stephanie to just butt out of it. Ridge has had enough. He tells Brooke to meet him in his office. He wants to talk to her. He leaves the three women alone.

After Ridge leaves, Brooke angrily turns on Stephanie and Taylor. She doesn’t care what they think of her marriage. She and Ridge will be together forever, so they better just back off. She hurriedly leaves to meet Ridge.

Still on the roof, Rick is happy he got a smile out of Steffy. He lets her know things are going to get rough, with her parents pushing for Thomas to work there. Steffy is surprised at this news. Rick lets her know his mother is opposed to the idea and so is he. Steffy thinks it would be great for Thomas. Rick thinks Thomas is a live wire and he doesn’t want to work with him. Steffy disagrees. She’s spent time with Thomas, since he’s been home. She thinks James really worked out a lot of Thomas’ issues. Steffy says Thomas has just as much right to be there at Forrester as Rick. She pleads with him to give Thomas a chance to work alongside his father. Rick relents, since he sees this means a lot to Steffy. She thanks him and says she’s grateful. She quickly lets Rick know this doesn’t change things between them. Rick understands. He tells her his mother is adamant, so he may not be able to change her mind. Steffy is confident he can get Brooke to see the light.

Stephanie can’t believe Taylor was about to let their secret out. Taylor was just fed up with Brooke’s haughty attitude. Stephanie says they have a plan and Taylor has to stick to it. Taylor can’t stand Brooke treating Ridge like a possession. Taylor doesn’t want to wait. Stephanie hopes they don’t put together what Taylor hinted at about their marriage. Taylor is convinced their relationship is in big trouble. She can feel it.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke paces. She is livid with Taylor. Ridge tells her don’t let Taylor get to her. She knows their marriage is real, so why get all worked up about it. Brooke just doesn’t like the two women plotting against her. Ridge tells her this is their chance to show they are a united front. They can show people they can get through some things others can’t. Brooke knows he’s referring to Thomas working there. She just can’t allow it. Ridge tries to convince Brooke this means a lot to him. She should understand, since she has the opportunity to work with her son. Brooke can’t get over Thomas trying to kill Rick. She’s not convinced Thomas is stable. Ridge tells her he wouldn’t put Rick in harms way. Thomas has gone through months of therapy and he’s comfortable with him working there. Brooke says Rick isn’t comfortable with it.

Rick is outside the cracked door and hears his mother. He steps in and tells her he’s cool with Thomas working there now. Brooke is agitated and tells him she’s not in the mood to play his games. Rick says he’s serious. Brooke is confused at his change of heart. Rick tells her he’s doing it for Steffy. Brooke looks surprised, while Ridge looks at him with a stone face.

Steffy is still on the roof. She calls and leaves Thomas a message she may have good news for him. She looks at her phone, which has a picture of her and Rick. She gets ready to delete it, but pauses. She flashes back to happier times with Rick. She gets up and throws the phone in her gym bag. She looks sad. She remembers Rick’s proposal and getting the ring. She reflects on his words to her at that time. She looks at her bare finger and fights tears. She looks at the photo on her phone again and cancels the delete. She sighs deeply and puts the phone back in her bag.

Ridge questions Rick about how he’s changed his mind about Thomas working there. What does it have to do with Steffy? Rick thinks it would be good for her. Rick say he just spoke to her and she was all for it. Ridge isn’t convinced of Rick’s motives. Brooke is a bit perplexed too. She asks Rick if he’s sure about this. Ridge thinks it’s a ploy. Rick denies it and says he’s sincere. He knows he and Steffy are over for good. He shows Ridge the ring Steffy gave back. Brooke is surprised. Ridge is noncommittal. Rick goes on about how he’s trying to do something positive. He knows Eric will be happy about Thomas working there. Brooke reminds him Eric doesn’t know Thomas was the one who tried to hurt him. Rick says things will be fine. He jokes about Thomas putting a little arsenic in his coffee or something in the future. He figures Ridge won’t see it as a big loss. Rick laughs and Ridge gives him a fake smile.

Stephanie tries to stop Taylor from leaving Eric’s office. Taylor is convinced she has to come clean with Ridge. Stephanie wants the plan to play out exactly.

Pam bursts in Eric’s office. She wants to know if Taylor told Brooke the truth. She wants to see the little princess knocked off her throne. Stephanie tells Pam the timing isn’t right. Taylor doesn’t agree. She’s at her breaking point. She tells Stephanie about their idea to bring Thomas in the company. Stephanie likes the idea too. Taylor tells her how Brooke is fighting it and backing Rick. Stephanie angrily says that little SOB shouldn’t have any say so.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke is so proud of Rick. Ridge sits in his chair and rubs his eyes. He wants to know when Rick started calling the shots around there. Brooke thinks Rick is being generous. Ridge still thinks Rick is trying to manipulate. He wants to make himself look good for Steffy. Brooke doesn’t think so. Ridge is frustrated Brooke can’t see Rick in the same light. She says basically they’re both partial to their children. She tells Ridge it’s over for Rick and Steffy, so they shouldn’t let the tension affect their marriage. Brooke wonders if this will ever end. Ridge is sure if it involves Rick it won’t. Brooke feels Stephanie and Taylor are right, if they let Rick come between them. Ridge is her destiny and she doesn’t want them to win in their battle to break them up. Ridge looks surprised at the intensity her voice.

Rick goes back to the Sky Lounge to give Steffy the good news about Thomas. Steffy wants to know if this is another prank. Rick assures her this is for real. Steffy is surprised he got Brooke to agree. Rick says he convinced her because he knew Eric would be happy too. Steffy is excited, but can hardly believe it. Rick tells her how Ridge thinks it’s a ploy too. Rick just wants her to know he’s genuinely trying to make things up to her. Stephanie tells him she appreciates it and leaves. Rick watches her go with a hard to read expression.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie still tries to persuade Taylor to wait to tell anyone about the wedding being invalid. Taylor is anxious and is tired of Brooke’s antics. Stephanie says no one is going to stop Thomas from working there. Pam is on board with the idea too. She says they need all the Forresters they can get to fight the curse of the Logans.

Steffy barges in her grandfather’s office, where the three ladies continue to talk. She is excited and tells her mother they have to take Thomas out to celebrate. Taylor tells her it’s not a done deal. Steffy explains how Rick was able to convince his mother to change her mind. Taylor is speechless. She doesn’t know why Rick would change his mind. She hopes Rick isn’t trying to play her. Steffy says there’s no way. It‘s so over between them and she gave the ring back. Taylor is happy and hugs her daughter. She thinks Steffy has been so strong. She glances at Stephanie over Steffy’s shoulder with a questioning look. Stephanie’s brow is furrowed too with puzzlement.

Ridge sits in his chair and holds Brooke’s hand. He tells her he doesn’t like to argue with her. Rick just pushes all his buttons. Brooke thinks Rick reached out to him and is trying to show compassion and forgiveness. Ridge says this was for Steffy’s sake. Ridge doesn’t like this at all. He doesn’t want Rick talking to Steffy, touching her, etc. Brooke tells him to not go there. He has to accept things the way they are and move on. Ridge is frustrated and says he doesn’t know how to do this. Brooke tells him she can show him. She hikes up her dress and sits in his lap. She kisses him slowly. He hungrily kisses her back. He picks her and lays her back on the desk as they continue to kiss each other.

Steffy leaves her mom with Pam and Stephanie. Taylor doesn’t trust this whole thing with Rick. She figures he’ll try to use it to his advantage with Steffy. Stephanie agrees. Pam says she’ll keep her eye on Rick. Stephanie confidently says Ridge will come to his senses and realize he needs to be with Taylor.

Back in Ridge’s office, he and Brooke are up against the door. They lock it and passionately tear at each other’s clothing. Brooke tells Ridge she loves him so much and wants to be with him forever. Ridge kisses her deeply.

Stephanie tells Taylor, Rick is going to push them over the edge. This is when Taylor should go to Ridge and tell him the marriage isn’t legal.

As she talks, Brooke and Ridge are in his office on the couch making love.

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