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Ridge, Taylor, Thomas, Brooke and Rick are still in Eric’s office fighting over Thomas coming to work at Forrester. Brooke agrees it’s settled. Thomas can’t work there. Rick is adamant it’s not going to happen. He’s the president. He doesn’t want to work in close proximity with Thomas. Rick reminds them Thomas would be in jail, if not for his generosity. He glares at Thomas.

Up on the roof of Forrester, Steffy and Marcus hug. She tells him how great a friend he is, especially after how she treated him. Marcus humbly tells her he’s a gentleman. She feels so foolish about how she was taken in by Rick. Marcus commiserates with her, since he feels he was a victim to Rick’s trickery also. The whole scam to send him to Paris, so he could make moves on Steffy was a prime example. Steffy tells him all that is behind them. Marcus tells her it’s not over, since Rick won’t let it go.

Back in Eric’s office, Taylor stands up for Thomas. She tells Rick he’s not a threat. Thomas chimes in; he’s just there to keep an eye on Rick. Rick doesn’t find it very humorous. Thomas tells him he’s kidding and wonders what happened to his sense of humor. Brooke jumps in and sternly tells Thomas he has to take responsibility for his actions. He can’t seriously think he can work there. Ridge tells her this is his son, who deserves to be there as much as Rick. Ridge and Taylor feel it’s a good idea to help the public feel more confident. After all, Thomas has the right last name. Taylor continues to talk about how they thought it would help the family company. Brooke attacks her saying she’s not a Forrester or a part of the company. Taylor turns and looks at Ridge for support.

Taylor defends herself and tells Brooke she’s just as much a part of the family as her. She tells her to ask Eric, Stephanie, Thorne or Felicia. Rick says he’s a Forrester and he doesn’t see it that way. Taylor blast him by saying he’s not acting like a Forrester right now, he’s acting like his mother’s son. Brooke is stunned. She looks to Ridge for support and can’t believe he’s letting Taylor talk to her this way. Ridge doesn’t do it. He tells her he will now allow his son to be railroaded. Brooke is shocked. She talks about how Thomas tried to kill Rick. Thomas speaks up and says if he wanted Rick dead, he’d be dead. He just wanted to send a message. Rick is angry and says what about if he decides to send him another message. This time he could end up dead. He gets in Thomas face and says there’s no way he’s being hired. He glares at Ridge and tells him don’t even think about going behind his back. He walks out.

After he’s gone, Taylor says Rick acts like he owns the company. Brooke sarcastically says he’s just the president. Taylor reminds her Eric thinks it’s a good idea. Brooke doesn’t like Taylor’s attitude. Taylor lets her know she’s just protecting her son, which Brooke should understand. Brooke throws in how Thomas would be in jail if it wasn’t for her son. Taylor mockingly asks Brooke if she’s back to using the blackmail card. Brooke says it’s just a fact. Ridge backs Taylor up by reminding Brooke this was just another tactic on Rick’s part to use Steffy. Rick didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. Taylor appeals to Ridge to follow his mind. He has to look out for his son. The Logans have basically taken over the company. His mother is gone. Donna and Rick are basically running the company. She says under her breath to Ridge, they can’t allow this to continue. Brooke looks taken aback by Taylor’s speech.

On the roof, Marcus continues to warn Steffy about staying away from Rick. She assures him she can take care of herself, where Rick is concerned.

Rick approaches Marcus and Steffy. He asks if he can speak to Steffy for a moment. Marcus is very protective and tells him to knock himself out. Rick wants to speak to her alone. Marcus doesn’t want to leave. Steffy pats his shoulder and tells him it’s okay. Marcus gets in Rick’s face and tells him it’s over, which he knows Steffy will reiterate to him. Marcus tells him it’s in his best interest to let Steffy be. He walks away.

Once they’re alone, Rick tells Steffy it’s amazing how Marcus talks to the president of the company. She tells him he won’t do anything to Marcus or her. She wants to know what he could possibly want to talk about.

In Eric’s office, Taylor continues to present her case to Ridge. She tells him Felicia and Thorne should at least have promotions and Stephanie should be there. Thomas can design. Brooke is frustrated and cuts her off, asking Thomas to leave them alone to talk. Thomas doesn’t want to, saying it’s his life they’re deciding. His father convinces him to let him handle it. Thomas leaves.

Taylor tells Brooke she really doesn’t see Thomas as a threat. If that was true, she would have bodyguards there for Rick. The real reason she doesn’t want Thomas to work there is because he’s their son. Brooke looks surprised at the accusation. She glances at Ridge, who looks somewhat surprised at this thought.

Brooke can’t believe they really expect her to let Thomas work there, after what he tried to do to Rick. Ridge says Thomas was pushed to his limit. Brooke can’t believe Ridge is trying to justify Thomas’ actions. Taylor defends her son, saying it’s no more than what Rick has done. He’s lied and manipulated everyone, plus look at how he talks to Ridge. Ridge cuts the two women off. He tells Brooke, Rick works there and so will Thomas. Brooke says she can’t accept this. Ridge tells her he insists. His cell phone rings. He takes the call and advises the ladies he has to go to a meeting. He wants to know if he can leave the two of them alone. Taylor says she has nothing to add. Brooke pointedly says she does. Ridge looks wary. He tells Brooke to keep it civilized. He leaves.

Soon as he’s out the door, Brooke announces to Taylor their marriage is not in danger. Taylor takes it in stride and says okay. Brooke realizes Taylor is out of the closet about her feelings for Ridge. Taylor counters back to her, if she would get past her denial of Rick, they could all have better mental health. Brooke says she’s aware of Rick’s shortcomings. Taylor is astonished at how lightly Brooke views what Rick has done. She reminds her of the severity of what happened to Phoebe and almost Steffy. She says it’s been Rick’s goal to destroy Ridge and his mother sees it as “shortcomings”. Brooke looks a bit stricken at the truth in Taylor’s words.

Steffy casually pours herself some tea. Rick wants to let her know he’s come to some realizations about himself. Steffy tells him she’s really not interested and tries to brush him off. He understands her attitude. He just wants her to hear him out. Steffy tells him to make it quick. He tells her she was right to break up with him. He admits Ridge saw through all his ploys. He tries to convince her he was sincere with his whole Jackie M scam. He was crazy in love with her. Rick tells her to give him some credit. He was desperate to be with her. Steffy isn’t buying it. She can’t believe he would steal his own company’s designs to give to the competition for what purpose. Rick admits he didn’t think the whole thing through. Steffy laughs it off. She can’t believe Rick would think they could have just lived happily ever after over at Jackie’s. Rick looks at her seriously and asks what if it had happened. They would be over there now and none of this would have ever happened. Steffy looks at him without an answer.

In Eric’s office, Brooke accuses Taylor of using her kids to make inroads with Ridge. Taylor nonchalantly drinks her coffee. She tells Brooke she sounds paranoid. Brooke accuses her of working with Stephanie. She says Taylor is acting more like Stephanie every day. Taylor thanks her and takes it as a compliment. Brooke didn’t mean it that way. Taylor just wants her son to have his birthright. Brooke says with some venom Thomas wasn’t entitled considering he committed some felonies. Taylor tells her some of the things Rick did were probably felonies too. It’s a double standard. She tries to get Brooke to admit what’s the real problem. Brooke figures out Taylor is referring to her insecurities about her. Taylor feels confident she and Ridge have gotten closer over all this mess with Rick. Brooke tells her they share a daughter that was wronged by her son and that’s all. It’s almost laughable if she thinks there’s more. Taylor is very calm and tells Brooke she doesn’t see her laughing. Brooke feels Taylor is a pest. She just needs to accept she’s not going to get close to Ridge. If she doesn’t, she’ll be depressed and start hitting the bottle again. Taylor is amazed at Brooke’s low blow. Brooke goes on about how she and Ridge are fighting to keep this company ahead. They love the challenge and Taylor is nothing like that. She knows Taylor would love to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester, but it’s not going to happen. She dismissively tells Taylor to give it up and just go home. Taylor listens to Brooke’s tirade with a knowing expression.

On the roof, Rick isn’t giving up. He thinks he could make Steffy forget what he said on the recording. Steffy is strong. She tells Rick he was good for some laughs in the past, but it’s over. He had a different agenda than she did. She’s thought long and hard about it. She does think about the good times, but she’s moved on. She tries to give him the ring back. He refuses. He tells her to use the money to do something nice for herself. She counters that she did by letting go of him. Now, she’s free. Rick is surprised by the finality of her words. He tries to get her to remember the first time they kissed. He’s referring to the time she slapped him. He loves a woman that presents a challenge. A strong woman, who knows what she wants, is very attractive to a man. He knows it’s too late. He realizes he was never really worthy of her. He has learned from this experience. If he’s ever lucky to be with a woman like her in the future, she’ll know how special she is and he loves her. He’ll mean every word of what he says to her. Steffy listens and is somewhat affected by his words.

In his office, Ridge finishes up his business call. He sits back in his chair and twists his wedding ring around. He looks deep in thought. He thinks about Brooke and says they have to get through this.

Still in Eric’s office, Taylor has had enough of Brooke’s badgering. Brooke feels Taylor is just trying to drive a wedge between her and Ridge. Taylor tells her she must really feel Ridge is stupid. Brooke thinks Ridge has a soft spot for Taylor. She is the mother of his children. Brooke wishes Taylor had just stayed out of the whole thing. They could have handled the Rick and Steffy problem. Taylor laughs and says they would have been married. Brooke doesn’t see how this would have been so bad. Taylor casually strolls over and perches on Eric’s desk. She tells Brooke that’s the difference between them. She does what’s best for her children and not for herself. Brooke laughs this off. She thinks Taylor is very transparent. Having Thomas work there would get her foot in the door. She tells Taylor she should wear a sign announcing how she’s a loser without Ridge. Taylor tells her she should be wearing a sign saying clingy and afraid of losing my man. Brooke is angry and says she’s not afraid of losing her man. Taylor says if this was true, Brooke would support her husband’s son working there. The only reason Brooke doesn’t like it, is because it’s Taylor’s son too. Brooke lets loose. She tells Taylor she’s pathetic and should go home with her little fantasies. She knows she dreams of running into Ridge’s waiting arms. It’s never going to happen. When she and Ridge said their vows on the beach, it was forever. Taylor stands up and announces to Brooke whatever she says, there is no marriage. Brooke stands with her mouth open, like Taylor has lost it.

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