B&B Wednesday Update 5/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/6/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Nick and Brooke keep arguing at Jackie M. about Bridget. Nick keeps protesting, not wanting to talk about her. He tells her that Bridget is dating Owen. She is surprised to hear it. They go back to arguing. Brooke warns him to leave Bridget alone as he prepares to leave. Nick tells her that it's all in her head and that Bridget isn't interested in him any more. Brooke thinks that he and Bridget could be one of those people who always feels connected to each other (or is she talking about herself and Nick?).

Brooke goes to visit Katie at her and Nick's place. Katie walks in, thinking she's Nick, offering to make dinner. Brooke tells her that she let herself in. Katie remarks that Nick comes home late from work a lot lately. Brooke points out that his company is in trouble. Katie wonders if they should really be pushing a new designer in that case. Brooke points out that Bridget helped turn their company around. Katie wishes that Nick knew that they didn't need so much, like that house. They discuss how Jackie has been on her case. Katie gets uncomfortable talking to her about Bridget. Brooke thinks Katie needs someone to talk to. Katie rants on and on, blaming herself for what has happened. They sit down. Brooke thinks that Bridget has moved on and informs her that Bridget is out on a date right now. It doesn't help Katie feel better. They keep discussing Nick and Bridget, and Katie and Nick. Katie vows not to give up Nick. Brooke hugs her.

Owen and Bridget make out at his place. They are wearing their bathing suits still. She sits on top of his lap. He admires her beauty and starts to kiss her shoulders, undressing her. She stops him from pulling off her bikini, so he wonders why. They go outside to look at the beach. She tells him that she's not ready yet to have sex with him. She explains how she feels. He assures her that he's in no hurry. They joke around. She thanks him for the wonderful evening. He kisses her and they hug. She apologizes for cutting the evening short and goes to leave, saying she'll see him tomorrow at the office. He kisses her one more time before she leaves.

Jackie drops by and makes comments about Bridget having left already. She thinks still that Bridget is not over Nick and that's why she left Owen so early, without spending the night. Owen fills her in on what they ate on their date. Jackie thinks that he needs a seduction consultant. She takes off his shirt as she says this. He says that he wasn't trying to seduce Bridget. He doesn't think Bridget still wants Nick. He thinks she is just taking things slowly because she cares about him. Jackie pours some wine for them as she talks about how things were when she was younger (women guarding their chastity carefully). Then she talks about being alone and empty, thinking you're undeserving. He takes the wine glass out of her hand, strokes her hair, and kisses her. He undresses her and they have sex.

Nick is surprised to find Bridget back at Jackie M. (still wearing the bathing suit). He was on his way home and saw that she was there. He asks her how the date went. She says it was fine, but he wonders why she is there already. They bicker. Nick gets very close to her. She says tearfully that he knows what she does to her, yet he still keeps doing it. She asks if Katie isn't enough. He says he just cares about her, but she doesn't think he's being honest. She says he can bring it all back with just one look. She says dramatically that she would rather hire someone to shoot her than let him happen to her all over again. She wants to know why he won't just cut the cord. He replies that she's the best thing that ever happened to him, but he threw her away. She doesn't want to hear it, but he tells her how sorry he is that he hurt her. He says that seeing her recover and grow and it makes him want to be a better man. She cries as she says that he never means it when he says that he's sorry. He yells that it's not true. She tells him how he broke her heart, comparing him to a little boy that wanted it all and hit her with slingshot after she left her heart wide open to him. He admits that she's right. He wasn't man enough, and he says he's sorry again. She says it doesn't matter now. She goes to leave, but he grabs her and tells her that it does matter. He won't blame her if she never forgives him, but he maintains still that he is sorry. They kiss, and he leaves.

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