B&B Tuesday Update 5/5/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/5/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Forrester Creations, Katie tries out some wording on Donna and Brooke for a press release concerning her new job at Jackie M. They make jokes about how thrilled they are that she's gone. They make a toast with their water. Katie smiles despite herself but wants to get back to work. She wonders what they should say about Bridget being Madame X. Brooke admits she was just as surprised as everyone else. They discuss Bridget and her working at Jackie M. with Stephanie. Katie shows them a newspaper headline with Bridget's picture on it, and headline says, "Mystery Designer Revealed". Katie thinks Bridget loves "parading around as Madame X". Donna asks after some hesitation how she thinks Bridget likes working with Nick. Katie says she was surprised that Bridget was working there. Donna keeps prying as to whether Katie is jealous or not. Brooke steps in and assures Donna that Bridget is only looking to start a new life. Brooke glares at Donna behind Katie's back as if to tell her to stop causing trouble. Later, Donna apologizes to Katie. Katie wonders if Brooke thinks Nick should still be with Bridget, since she always leaves the room when his name comes up. Donna picks up her hand and tells her to look at the rock on her finger. She reassures Katie that Nick is committed to her. Katie knows that Donna is right. Donna offers to help her get ready for her wedding. Katie wonders when that will be.

At Jackie M., Bridget is trying on a sexy red bikini and looking at herself in the mirror. Nick walks in without knocking and wonders what she's doing. She says nonchalantly that she's getting ready for a date. She adds, "Lucky guy, huh". He picks out a more modest one that's hanging there and suggests she wear that one. She wrinkles her nose at it and chooses an even skimpier one to look at. Nick snoops around about who she is seeing. She tells him it's Owen. He's surprised to hear it. She praises Owen and his body and says that they like each other. Nick looks jealous. He points out that she is a doctor, and a designer, and Owen is just a surfer guy. She tells him it's none of his business. He reminds her that he is her boss, but she counters that he's her future uncle-in-law, since he's engaged to her aunt Katie. She flashes him a smile to drive the point home.

Bridget applies her make-up, now wearing the new bikini. She asks him if he and Katie have set a date yet. He hints that they haven't yet because of the company's financial problems. He keeps trying to cover Bridget up, and she keeps reminding him about his engagement. As she is about to leave, Bridget points out that Owen has made just as favorable an impression on Jackie as on her. Nick looks annoyed.

Owen and Jackie walk into his house. She has given him a ride home because his junky car died. They kiss. She admires the sound of the ocean. She suggests that he take Bridget out there when she arrives because it's so romantic. He is surprised that she is not jealous. They flirt and kiss. Jackie lights a candle and flashes back to being in the tub with Owen. Owen returns and is surprised to see all the lighted candles. She is doing it for his romance. She kisses him and whispers, "Good luck on your date with Bridget tonight". He nuzzles her, still puzzled as to why she's pushing him toward another woman. She leaves after a little more kissing and flirting.

Bridget arrives with a salad. Owen admires how she looks. She reminds him that he is supposed to cook her dinner. He says that the steaks are on the grill, and he heads out to the patio to check on them. She notices the candles and remembers that she thought he had company before when she visited. He assures her that tonight, he's all hers, and then he heads outside. Owen returns later with the steaks and they sit down (she sits on the floor, I think, which is very strange). He jokes about his "kiss the cook" apron. They toast to the future with wine. She tells him that this is her first date since her divorce. He hopes he can make it special, but she tells him that he already has. He brings up Katie and what happened, which he heard from Donna. She doesn't want to talk about it and tells him with a smile that she just wants to focus on him. He suggests they go for a swim after dinner. She reminds him last time, he got a cut on his arm and she had to pour tequila all over it to avoid infection. She touches his arm as she says this. He claims he doesn't remember, so they start kissing.

Jackie walks in to where Nick has been with Bridget. He is hanging up the outfits. She wonders why they have a rack of swimsuits there when they are already working on Fall outfits. He tells her that Bridget went on a date with Owen in a bikini. Jackie pretends to be surprised but notes that he sounds jealous. He begs her not to lecture him again. She points out that she hasn't been getting involved in his personal life lately, and he's glad to hear it.

Jackie goes back to nagging him, though, about Bridget. She still thinks that Bridget has a thing for Nick and that he should keep her from running off with Owen. Nick rolls his eyes. He then has many flashbacks to tender moments with Bridget. Brooke drops by for a visit. Nick is surprised and tells her that "Madame X" is gone. Brooke confides that she is a bit worried about her daughter working alongside him. She asks him when his and Katie's wedding is, and he doesn't answer. He just looks guilty. She asks what or who is holding him back. Nick warns her to stay out of his personal life. She can't because it's about her sister and her daughter. She asks him again when he's marrying Katie. He tells her the same thing that he told Bridget - he's been busy getting the company working again. Brooke asks why Bridget is working there closely with him. He suggests that she ask her. Brooke doesn't want Nick to hurt Bridget or Katie. She knows that he still has feelings for Bridget and that it was her idea to break off their engagement. He doesn't say anything as she continues. She thinks that if Bridget took him back, he would do it.

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