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At Taylor’s, she is confused by the invalid wedding license Stephanie shows her. Stephanie has been encouraging her to go after Ridge and this is great news. Taylor waits for more of an explanation.

In Ridge’s office, he and Brooke kiss. She thanks him for standing by his commitment to her through all this turmoil. Ridge is just happy Rick and Steffy are no longer together. He tells Brooke he thinks they have come through the worst of things and are even stronger. They hug each other and Brooke is very emotional.

Steffy walks in and interrupts her dad and Brooke. Brooke greets her with a hug. She lets Steffy know she was really sorry about the break up. She heard the things Rick said and can’t blame her. Steffy is surprised by her attitude and thanks her. Brooke hopes this is a wake up call for Rick. Brooke leaves the two alone for some privacy.

Ridge hugs Steffy and asks how she’s doing. She holds her dad tightly.

Jackie is in her office with Owen. They are hungrily kissing each other and ready for things to progress. There’s a knock at the door. Jackie looks surprised and hurriedly moves away from Owen. Owen quickly tucks his shirt in his pants. Jackie straightens her clothes and opens the door. It’s Arielle letting them know the others will be there in a minute for their meeting. Jackie tells her okay to show them in.

After Arielle leaves, Jackie goes over to wipe lipstick from Owen’s mouth. She’s breathless and tells him what happens behind closed doors stays there. As she finishes, Bridget, Clark and Nick enter the office. Clark says he spoke with Stephanie, who is unable to attend. Jackie says she can fill her in. Nick lets her know the Madame X collection has several orders. Jackie commends Owen for his part in the sales. She excitedly says he’s good at what he does. Owen gives her a sly look. Bridget chimes in to sing Owen’s praises also. Jackie says Own handles things very well and that’s why she’s promoting him. Everyone looks stunned including Owen.

In Eric’s office, Rick sits with his eyes closed and holds his head. Brooke comes in and asks how he’s doing. Rick says he’s trying to work. Brooke thinks this will help keep his mind occupied. Rick is sarcastic and asks if she’s referring to his sorry ass situation. Brooke tells him she saw Steffy. He wants to know what Steffy said. Brooke lets him know Steffy is hurt. Rick knows he caused the pain. He wants to find a way to rectify things. Brooke tells him no. He needs to stay away from Steffy. Rick says he takes responsibility for what he said, but he still blames Ridge for setting him up. He doesn’t know why Brooke won’t hold Ridge accountable. Brooke looks at him, amazed he’s still trying to blame Ridge.

Back at Taylor’s, she doesn’t know what the invalid license means. Stephanie tells her it means she doesn’t have to compromise her integrity. She can try to get Ridge back without the guilt. Taylor asks if this is legitimate or one of Stephanie’s creations. Taylor doesn’t understand how they messed up their own paperwork. Stephanie fills her in on how Pam messed up, since typing was never her forte. Taylor inquires whether it was done on purpose. Stephanie says it was an accident, but are there really any accidents.

At Jackie M’s, Nick is surprised his mother didn’t talk to him about promoting Owen. He says they usually discuss these things. Jackie says she’s been very occupied, even when she was out with the “flu”. Owen backs her up and hints that he’s gone to bed exhausted trying to keep up with Jackie’s demands. Jackie tells Nick how talented Owen is. Bridget goes over to hug Owen, who’s perched on the end of the desk. Clark claps in response and teases Owen about whether he’s a designer. Jackie says they have one hot designer in Bridget. Clark wants to know what Owen’s new title is. Jackie announces he’s the new Chief of Staff. Owen once again looks surprised at Jackie’s news.

Ridge lets Steffy know he and Taylor have been worried about her. They are so proud she was strong and broke things off with Rick. Steffy feels so stupid for being taken in by Rick. Ridge tells her Rick is a train wreck. Anyone in his path is in for trouble. He tells Steffy not to feel ashamed. She needs to move on. There’s someone out there far better for her. Steffy doesn’t look too convinced.

There’s a knock at Ridge’s door. It’s Marcus. Ridge invites him in. Marcus heard about Steffy and Rick’s break up. He just wanted to come by and check on her. Steffy smiles and thanks him. He assures her she did the right thing. He tells her to stay away from Rick, since he’ll try to lure her in again. Ridge looks at Marcus with respect at his concern for his daughter.

In Eric’s office, Brooke lights into Rick for trying to blame Ridge. She tells him he disrespected Steffy. Rick continues to say Ridge baited him. Brooke angrily tells him he hurt the person he claimed to love. They were his words and there’s no justification for what he did. Even if he was mad and hates Ridge, there was no reason to hurt Steffy. Rick says he knows that now. If he could just talk to Steffy, Rick laments. Brooke cuts him off and tells him he better not. She has stood by for months and did what he asked her to do. Her relationship with Ridge is in real jeopardy because of him. She tells Rick he’s going to do what she wants for a change. This means staying away from Ridge’s daughter. She stresses to Rick his relationship with Steffy is over once and for all. Rick looks surprised at the intensity in her voice.

Taylor tells Stephanie this is a small typographical error that can easily be fixed. Stephanie points out how Ridge stayed over the other night. He and Brooke are feeling the strain of Rick’s actions. Stephanie thinks Brooke standing up for Rick has made Ridge feel abandoned at times. Ridge won’t be able to live with Brooke if this continues.

After the meeting is over, Bridget runs into Owen alone. She again congratulates him. She can’t believe he had no idea this was coming. Owen tells her Jackie is very hard to read and he had no hints. Bridget says Jackie is very demanding. Owen laughs and says insatiable. Bridget flirts and asks about a little pay back. Owen is confused. Bridget reminds him he bought dinner to celebrate her victory and this time he can fix dinner at his place. Owen is a bit taken aback by the suggestion. He hesitates and tells Bridget he better check with the boss.

Nick walks through and sees Owen and Bridget. He congratulates Owen and tells him Jackie is expecting great things from him. He leaves the two alone. Owen asks Bridget if she’s sure, since she told him she needed time before getting involved in anything. Bridget coyly leans in and kisses him. Owen responds in kind. She asks if this answers his question.

Jackie is on the way to her office and sees Owen and Bridget kissing. She quietly enters her office and uses her compact mirror to watch. She has a satisfied smile on her face as she slowly closes her door, unseen by the two. Bridget tells Owen she will see him at 7:00 pm. She smiles and leaves him. Owen has a big grin and a far away look in his eyes.

Back in Ridge’s office, Steffy thanks the guys for the advice. She says she’ll be fine. Ridge agrees with Marcus. He reminds Steffy all this stuff Rick has done is to get at him. Marcus tells her Rick is dangerous. Steffy doesn’t believe Rick is that much of a head case. Marcus looks unconvinced. Ridge says he won’t let Rick torment her anymore.

Brooke tells Rick he has to promise to stay away from Steffy. Rick says she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He won’t force himself on her. He knows he let his anger for Ridge override his feelings for Steffy. He just wants to focus on becoming the man Steffy wants and deserves. Brooke is irritated and asks Rick if he’s heard anything she’s said. She and Ridge are not bullet proof. Their relationship has been damaged. She is so in love with Ridge and she won’t let Rick ruin this for her. She tells Rick she’s not asking, she’s demanding he stay away from Steffy. Rick looks at her with some defiance in his eyes.

Taylor holds the license and asks Stephanie does she really think Ridge would just drop Brooke. They can easily get the marriage license corrected. Stephanie tells her to hold onto this for right now. She knows Rick won’t stay away from Steffy. Taylor disagrees. She thinks Rick knows they won’t stand for it. Stephanie says Rick is so filled with hate for Ridge it’s inevitable. Brooke will protect him once again and Ridge won’t be able to deal with it. They’ll be a terrible fight and this is when Taylor should show him the license. It will make it easier for him to walk away. Taylor looks skeptical.

Owen goes to Jackie’s office. She’s working behind her desk. He tells her she blew his mind today. She tells him the promotion comes with a raise. It’s a 30 percent increase. He says he won’t let her down. He hasn’t yet she quips, but he’ll earn every penny. He asks about his duties. She tells him they’ll get into that tomorrow. She casually mentions she saw him kissing Bridget. Owen doesn’t deny it and asks if it’s a problem. Jackie wants to know why it should be a problem. Owen tells her about Bridget’s dinner offer. Jackie wants to know what he said. Owen tells her he let Bridget know he had to check with the boss. Jackie tells him to go, but she thinks he’s wasting his time. Owen wants to know why she’d say that. Jackie tells him she thinks Bridget is still smitten with Nick. Owen hopes things have changed. Jackie thinks Bridget is doing this to make Nick jealous. Owen asks if she’s jealous. Jackie says she’s not the jealous type. She plays with Owen’s shirt collar. She walks over and locks the door and saunters back. She tells Owen he can reassure her if he feels the need. She caresses his face and tells him this doesn’t mean the end of them. He tells her he better get back to work. She tells him not to disappoint her. They kiss each other lightly, and then it deepens. Owen unbuttons his shirt as she unzips his pants.

Steffy is alone in her dad’s office. She replays the conversation with Ridge and Marcus. She then thinks about some of the good times with Rick. Her face reflects her conflict. She looks up to see Rick watching her from the doorway.

Stephanie hammers the point to Taylor that Rick will not leave Steffy alone. He’s a Logan. She wants Taylor to show Ridge the marriage license. She says it’s Ridge’s ticket to freedom. It’s his way back to her.

Rick and Steffy continue to stare at each other. Steffy looks hurt and confused. Rick wears a slightly determined look on his face.

Taylor tells Stephanie if Rick goes after Steffy, she will show Ridge the license. She’ll fight for Ridge. She is confident and says she’ll win.

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