B&B Friday Update 5/1/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/1/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Stephanie and Pam are in Eric’s office at Forrester. Stephanie is ecstatic to find out Ridge and Brooke aren’t legally married. Pam is beating herself up for being the cause of the problem, since she messed up their paperwork on the application. Stephanie tells her for the time being to keep this a secret.

Ridge walks in his dad’s office and is surprised to see his mother with Pam. He teases her about calling security. They hug. Stephanie tells him she came to see he sister. Ridge is there to check on the papers Pam called him about. Pam babbles on and on in her nervousness. She makes up some excuse as Stephanie looks at her to try and silence her. Ridge looks a bit confused. He finally tells her she can speak to his father about whatever it is. Ridge says he’s expecting a call and leaves.

After Ridge is gone, Pam wants to know why Stephanie didn’t let her tell Ridge. Stephanie calls her a little screw up, but it’s okay. For the time being, she wants to keep this quiet. It could be beneficial for her and Taylor. Pam doesn’t understand, but seems pleased that Stephanie is so happy. Stephanie laughs and hugs her sister.

Taylor sits alone on her couch. She nostalgically looks at old photo albums.

Pam is confused and wonders how she could be helpful to Taylor. Stephanie takes the marriage license and tells Pam to shred everything else. Stephanie tells her this could help her get rid of the Logan girls once and for all. She kisses Pam’s cheek excitedly.

In his office, Ridge takes a phone call. He cancels plans that were made for Steffy and Rick’s wedding. Thorne walks in as he hangs up. He can see Ridge is relieved. Ridge admits he is very satisfied. Thorne says it’s too bad they have to see Rick around the job. Ridge says he can handle it, as long as he stays away from Steffy. He’s just glad Steffy finally saw Rick’s true colors. Thorne asks about Brooke’s feelings. Ridge says it’s hard, since Rick is her son. Thorne is amazed he can handle this, since she’s connected to Rick forever. Ridge explains they made a commitment to each other and won’t let Rick come between them.

Brooke walks in Eric’s office and is surprised to see Stephanie. She reminds her she made a promise to never come back there. Stephanie says she did, but she had an opportunity to come by and congratulate Ridge. She’s glad Steffy finally saw Rick for the bastard he is and broke things off. Brooke cuts her off and tells her they shouldn’t get into this conversation. She and Ridge have a lot of work to do. Stephanie asks if her faith in her son has taken a toll on her marriage. Brooke lets her know she and Ridge have a strong relationship and can work through challenges. Stephanie tells Brooke she must feel very secure, since she and Ridge have an unbreakable bond. Brooke looks at her quizzically, but is impatient. She wants to know what Stephanie wants. Stephanie raises an eyebrow in response.

Taylor continues looking at photos, which include old wedding photos of her and Ridge. She sadly wishes she could go back to this time.

In his office, Ridge and Thorne continue talking. Thorne says with all this chaos with Rick, he’s glad they can work it out. Ridge feels they’re older; they seem to be able to handle things better. Before, this problem with Rick probably would have split them up. Thorne is envious and wonders if he’ll ever find someone to grow old with. Ridge brushes this off and tells him of course he will. Thorne says Ridge has it made. He has this relationship with two women. Ridge asks what he means. Thorne explains how he perceives Ridge’s relationship with Brooke and Taylor. He says it’s like he’s married to two women. One is legal and one isn’t.

Back in Eric’s office, Brooke still thinks Stephanie is up to something. Stephanie plays it off and says she’s glad Ridge asked her to marry him when he did. All this mess with Rick could have changed the course of things. Brooke is offended and tells Stephanie she acts like she trapped Ridge. She reminds Stephanie how much Ridge loves her despite her son. The same way she loves him despite his mother. Brooke stresses she and Ridge are committed to each other for life. Stephanie cautions her marriages can break up. Brooke lets her know she and Ridge are not like her and Eric. She’s sorry their marriage didn’t work out. She tells Stephanie she is not the matriarch of the company anymore. Stephanie laughs and says she’s not sure the fashion world doesn’t still see her in that role. She says just because Eric has a little trophy wife doesn’t matter. Brooke quickly lets her know she’s the new matriarch, since she and Ridge are the signature couple in the company. Stephanie is a bit amused. She asks Brooke if she feels being married to Ridge secures her place in the company for life. Brooke says she and Ridge committed themselves to their marriage and the company, when they said their vows. She knows Stephanie thought she groomed Taylor for years to fit this bill. However, she emphatically says she is Mrs. Ridge Forrester and will remain so today, tomorrow and always. Stephanie listens with a slight smile playing around her lips.

Stephanie prepares to leave and congratulates Brooke on her new self proclaimed spot and wishes her luck. Brooke sarcastically tells her she doesn’t need luck, like she does over at Jackie M. Stephanie tells her not to underestimate what she can accomplish at Jackie’s. She sees a rack of lingerie and fingers them laughing. She tells Brooke she’s been gone three weeks and they turn it into a lingerie shop. She derisively asks Brooke how much longer she can play around in this clothing. Brooke says until the day she dies or as long as she still feels sexy in them. She lets Stephanie know Brooke’s Bedroom has always been successful, so they’re going to showcase more designs. Stephanie tells her it’s about more than the product, but Brooke has never understood this. Brooke angrily tells her she no longer belongs there at the company, so she should just go back over to Jackie M’s. Stephanie says she’s right and Eric is no longer her husband. She tells Brooke sometimes things happen in life and people are not always who they seem. She tells Brooke this could even happen to her, so be careful. Brooke has no idea what Stephanie is talking about and looks puzzled as she leaves.

At her desk, Pam shreds the wedding applications. Thorne comes out and says he heard his mother was there. Pam says he just missed her and she doesn’t think he can catch her. Stephanie is a woman on a mission. Thorne doesn’t understand. Pam says Stephanie is trying to get as far away from the Logans as she can. Thorne can understand the feeling.

Pam says the Logans seems to be around every corner.

Brooke comes rushing out of Eric’s office. Pam tries to stop her to discuss her crochet purses. Brooke is in a hurry and tells Pam to talk to her tomorrow and leave her ideas on her desk. She hurries into Ridge’s office. Pam and Thorne watch with questioning looks. Pam complains to Thorne how Brooke doesn’t care about anything but lingerie. It’s making her a bit crazy. Thorne warns her to be careful. Pam assures him she will not do anything crazy. She won’t have to. Now, it’s Thorne’s turn to look puzzled.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke picks up the photo of the beach on their wedding day. She smiles as she remembers. Ridge walks in and she rushes into his arms. She kisses him with urgency. Ridge is taken aback. He asks if everything is okay. Brooke tells him she had a bit of a run in with Stephanie. Ridge understands now. Brooke thinks Stephanie was acting strange. She used the excuse she wanted to see Ridge, but Brooke thinks she just wanted to bait her. Ridge tells her to not to let Stephanie get to her. Brooke puts her arms around Ridge’s neck. She reminds Ridge how nice it was on the beach, with just the two of them. She knows it’s been tense lately, but it’s important they get through these difficult times. Brooke says it should remind them how much they really love each other. Ridge wonders what brought this all on. Brooke tells him it was some of the bizarre things Stephanie said. Ridge thought her new job would keep her occupied. He reminds her Stephanie didn’t want to see them together, so this is nothing new. Brooke says there’s nothing that can ever come between them ever.

Stephanie goes home to Taylor’s. Taylor is still on the couch with picture albums. Stephanie asks what she’s doing. Taylor tells her she loves looking at the old photos. Stephanie joins her on the couch. The two women reminisce. They talk about Steffy’s courage to cut Rick lose. Stephanie says she’s strong like her mother and will find someone who really loves her. Taylor demurely hopes she’s not too much like her, since her love life has been pretty bad. Stephanie says that’s about to change. Taylor reminds her Ridge is married to Brooke. She doesn’t know why Stephanie keeps pushing her to do something she wouldn’t want done to her. Brooke and Ridge are married and she has to respect that. Stephanie mysteriously says no she doesn’t. Taylor looks baffled.

At her desk at Forrester, Pam looks at jewelry from the accessory girl. Thorne comes out and Pam hurriedly sends her on, after taking a piece she admires. Thorne pulls the cart of clothing from his dad’s office. Pam is upset no one is paying attention to her designs. She pulls off a red teddy and holds it up. She sarcastically says maybe if she were crocheting teddies she could get the Logans’ attention. Thorne tells her unfortunately two of the Logans are married into the family, so they have a lot of say so. He tells Pam not to burn any bridges. Pam mysteriously says the balance of power could change. Thorne notices some typographical errors and tells Pam about them. She laughs about her clerical skills and says sometimes they’re a plus. Thorne looks at her with a puzzled expression. Pam takes the red teddy and slyly shreds it. She laughs and says there aren’t as many Logans in the family as he thinks. She feels things are about to change around there.

In Ridge’s office, he tells Brooke they won’t let anyone come between them. He sits on the edge of his desk and pulls Brooke to him. He tells her this is exactly what he was talking to Thorne about earlier. Their marriage is stronger than ever. Brooke agrees she shouldn’t let his mother make her feel insecure. She links her hands around Ridge’s neck. She’s in a place where she knows she’s his wife forever. They kiss passionately.

At Taylor’s, Stephanie tells Taylor she’s one of the most principled women she knows. She’s not the kind of woman to go after a married man. Taylor is anxious and tells Stephanie she wishes she wouldn’t go there, since she knows she’s so vulnerable to Ridge. She wishes all the time she could have her life back with Ridge. She’s being realistic. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to leave this world until she knows someone with a high moral compass is in charge of her family. Brooke isn’t this person. Taylor is flattered. She tells Stephanie she loves her and they will always be best of friends. However, she can’t be her daughter in law anymore. Stephanie asks what if Ridge and Brooke weren’t married. Taylor reminds her they said vows. Stephanie says on a beach all alone. Taylor reminds her they then went to city hall. Stephanie happily waves the license with a big VOID stamped on it. She tells Taylor it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t have to feel guilty if she wants to go after Ridge. The marriage is invalid, so they’re not married. Taylor looks shocked.

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