B&B Monday Update 4/27/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/27/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Taylor’s, Brooke derides Taylor for daring to suggest she and Ridge should end their relationship. She tells Taylor she just sounds desperate. Ridge is silent.

Steffy goes to the beach house with her grandmother to get her things. Stephanie tells her she wishes she had let her take care of it. Stephanie is glad Rick isn’t there. Steffy lets her know it doesn’t matter, since they’re through. She sadly picks up the bouquet made of bows from her presents. She pitches it in the trash. She heads to the bedroom to get her stuff. Stephanie waits in the living room.

Rick bursts through the beach house door yelling Steffy’s name. Stephanie tells him no way is he seeing Steffy. Rick is surprised and unhappy to see Stephanie. Stephanie reminds him she told him this would happen. She begged him to leave Steffy alone. All he wanted to do was get back at Ridge. She tells him one day Steffy will wake up and not even think about him anymore. Rick angrily glares at her.

Back at Taylor’s, she tells Brooke her marriage with Ridge isn’t normal. She upholds Rick with blind loyalty. Brooke says she’s just supporting her son. Brooke recognizes what Rick said on the tape was wrong, but downplays his intent. Taylor tells Brooke she just hears what she wants to hear. Brooke still feels Ridge goaded Rick into saying these nasty things. She thought they were going to work on improving his relationship with Rick. She pointedly asks Ridge if he was out to get her son all along. Ridge looks irritated.

At the beach house, Rick tells Stephanie he’s sorry his words on the recording hurt Steffy. He blames Ridge for provoking him. He lets her know his mom believes in him, which is causing problems with Ridge. He sarcastically tells Stephanie he knows this breaks her heart. Stephanie smirks and says she’s sure it bothers him too.

Steffy comes from the bedroom pulling a suitcase. She tells her grandmother she has a few more things to grab. She’s surprised to see Rick. She slowly walks out and stands behind her grandmother. Rick apologizes to Steffy. She tells him it doesn’t matter what he has to say. Stephanie tells him he should leave while he still has some dignity. Rick reluctantly leaves without saying more.

When Rick leaves, Steffy tells her grandmother she really loved him. She sees he’s not the man she thought he was. Stephanie hugs her. She tells Steffy he’s exactly what she thought he was and rolls her eyes.

At Taylor’s, Ridge tells Brooke he had to expose Rick. Obviously they’re not on the same page he tells her. He had to end this relationship. She bitterly says he and Taylor did this together. Ridge tells Brooke he wishes she could open her eyes and see Rick for who he is. She feels Taylor and Ridge are just out to get her son. Brooke thinks it’s despicable Ridge recorded Rick. Rick deeply regrets the things he said. Taylor breaks in and says Brooke is taking Rick’s side over Ridge again. They had to protect their daughter. Ridge says Rick had to be stopped. He was using his daughter to try and ruin his life. Taylor tells Brooke she can’t believe she can’t see through Rick’s actions. Brooke tells Ridge they could have worked this out together. She turns her anger on Taylor and says they could have done so, if not for her. She tells Taylor she needs to be honest and admit this isn’t just about Steffy. It’s all about Ridge. She tells Taylor it’s pathetic to watch her. She and Ridge are married and it’s embarrassing to watch her beg for Ridge’s attention. She tells Ridge she’s had enough and is ready to go. She gets up and heads for the door. Ridge mouths to Taylor he’ll call her. He gets up and follows Brooke to the door.

After Brooke and Ridge leave, Thomas shows up. His mother hugs him and is glad to see him. He asks if that was his dad and Brooke leaving. Taylor says Ridge would have stayed, if he knew Thomas was coming. Thomas tells his mother he hopes he won’t have to be away much longer. Taylor is happy and says great, especially since Steffy is moving back in. Thomas looks confused. Taylor is happy to report Steffy ended things with Rick. She tells Thomas that’s where Steffy is now. Stephanie is with her collecting her things at the beach house.

Taylor and Thomas hear a key in the door. It’s Steffy and Stephanie. Thomas lets Steffy know he’s surprised to hear she broke things off with Rick. Steffy grabs his arm and tells him to come with her and she’ll give him all the gory details. They head out to unload her things.

Stephanie thinks Thomas looks great. Taylor advises her James thinks he’s really making progress. Stephanie quips it probably makes him feel even better that everyone sees Rick as being a bastard. Taylor asks if Rick showed up at the beach house. Stephanie lets her know he did, but Steffy was strong. Stephanie is happy to report Rick let on this drama is causing strain to his mother’s marriage. The women sit in the living room. Taylor tells Stephanie she can believe it, given the way Brooke reacted today. Taylor replays how Brooke tried to defend her son. Taylor feels the lovebirds are as far apart on the issue of her son as can be. She can see how this whole thing is really starting to wear on Ridge. Stephanie isn’t surprised by Brooke’s actions. She glances around in a concerned manner and asks if Ridge left with Brooke. Taylor lets Stephanie know she told Ridge he needed to leave Brooke and her sick family to come back home. Stephanie happily tells her good for her.

Ridge and Brooke make it home. Brooke tells him she’s going to check o the kids. He tells her to wait. He doesn’t want things to be like this. Brooke tells him she thought they were in sync. Ridge agrees. He knows they promised to work things out together. He says in any marriage there are issues. He asks if they can agree to not talk about Rick. Before Brooke can answer, Rick comes from the kitchen. He has made himself a grilled ham and cheese. Ridge just stares at him and asks what the hell he’s doing there. Rick mockingly asks if he wants a sandwich too. Ridge glares at him. Rick thought he’d appreciate him giving Steffy some space. Ridge tells him he wishes he was anywhere, but there. Rick wants to know where he was supposed to go. Ridge sarcastically asks if he’s heard of a hotel. Rick plops on the couch with his feet up in a nonchalant manner. Brooke looks agitated. Ridge can’t believe the nerve. He tells Brooke they just agreed to not talk about Rick and there he is in their living room. Rick butts in and says it’s his mother’s living room. Ridge is angry and tells Brooke to ask Rick to leave. Brooke says she can’t do that, after all he’s been through. Ridge looks at her in disbelief. Brooke pathetically asks where Rick is supposed to go. He just lost Steffy. She can’t believe Ridge expects her to throw him out. Ridge tells her she’s doing it again; rescuing Rick after all he’s done. Brooke sees nothing wrong in letting him stay the night. She feels he’s not the only one at fault. Ridge just looks at her and walks towards the door. Brooke yells after him asking where he’s going. Ridge tells her he’s not spending the night under the same roof as Little Ricky. Brooke looks ready to cry. Rick grabs her arm and says to let Ridge go.

After Ridge is gone, Rick tells his mother he guesses he screwed up again. Here he thought he was doing the right thing by giving Steffy space. However, Ridge throws a hissy fit about him spending the night. He doesn’t see it to be a big deal. Brooke is a bit peeved and tells him it was a big deal to Ridge. The whole night has been a big deal. Rick tries to cast blame on Ridge again for breaking up him and Steffy. Brooke tells him he did this on his own by the things he said on the recording. Rick tries to defend himself again by saying Ridge set him up. Brooke tells him he could have gone to Eric’s. Rick can’t believe it. He says she’s been in his corner, so why wouldn’t he come there. Brooke lets him know this only puts her in the middle again between him and Ridge. Rick says he’s tried to work things out with Ridge. He thought getting married at Pointe Dune would help matters. Brooke thought so too, but now she has to wonder. She thought he had accepted her relationship with Ridge, but apparently he wants her to spend her life alone. Rick quickly tells her that’s not true. He says he’s her son and she’ll always have him.

Ridge is back at Taylor’s, where they sit in the living room with the kids and Stephanie. Taylor talks about how Rick would have continued to taunt Ridge. Stephanie asks if there’s more to the story. Taylor explains how Rick letting Thomas off the hook came with a price. Steffy can’t believe it. Rick was using his power to blackmail her dad. Ridge says they would have done anything to keep Thomas out of jail. Steffy beats herself up for being so blind. Taylor tells her sometimes love is blind. She realizes how much her family sacrificed for her. She and Ridge hug as she thanks all of them. Taylor smiles contentedly.

Ridge jokes with the kids to stop before he starts blubbering. Stephanie jokes he’s been around Brooke too long. Steffy tells her dad she wishes he would stay at the house tonight. She says Thomas is home and grandmother is there. The only one missing is Phoebe. Taylor sadly says she’s there in spirit. Phoebe loved this family time. Steffy thanks her dad again for being her hero. She begs him to stay. Thomas says they can get a movie and just hang out. Steffy adds without all the drama of late. Taylor says this would be just a normal family gathering. The kids tease Ridge he can even pick the movie. He jokes back with them as Stephanie smiles her pleasure. Taylor says she’ll drive to the store. Steffy hugs her dad. Stephanie and Ridge smile at each other as the others leave.

At Brooke’s, Rick again tells his mother she has him. Brooke is tearful and says her husband walked out again, because of him. Rick asks if this is his fault. Brooke tells him of course not, but Ridge can’t separate his feelings for her from her son. Her marriage is affected in so many ways. She thought they could work through this. Rick tells her he’s going to stand by her like she has him. He hugs his mother with an unreadable expression on his face.

Ridge tells Stephanie he’s going to start the popcorn. Stephanie stops him. She has a heart to heart with him. She tells him the majority of the happiness he’s had as an adult has been with Taylor. Brooke continues to uphold Rick after all he’s done to all of them. She says there’s been so much upheaval with Brooke. She reminds him how things were with Taylor. She and Brooke are direct opposites. She asks isn’t he tired of all the angst with Brooke. She knows they have a family. She really thinks Brooke loves him, but her world revolves around Rick. Stephanie thinks Rick just lives to torment him and isn’t going anywhere. Ridge looks torn up, but is silent. His mother tells him she’s not trying to say anything bad about Brooke. She knows he has real and deep feelings for her. She just wants Ridge to be happy and have some peace in his life. She tells him this is where he belongs. He won’t have this peace, until he makes the hard decision to leave Brooke once and for all. Ridge looks disconcerted at his mother’s words.

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