B&B Friday Update 4/24/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/24/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Taylorís house, Steffy and Rick are in the living room.  Steffy has confronted Rick about the nasty things he said about her and Ridge on the recording.  Rick begs her to forgive him and give him one more chance.  Steffy canít see him making the necessary changes.  She tells him at the least he should end this vendetta against her father.   She scathingly tells him she knows he canít even do this.

At Forrester, Brooke and Katie discuss the situation with Ridge.  She assures Katie the problems with their kids wonít come between them.  Katie asks what about Ridgeís issue in the bedroom.  Brooke says itís stress and confidently says she knows how to handle this.  Katie wants to know if sheís sure Taylor isnít a factor in their marriage.  Brooke looks scornful. 

In Taylorís bedroom, she and Ridge wait for Steffy to finish the conversation with Rick.  Taylor tells Ridge not to interfere.  They both hope theyíre not trying to patch things up.  Ridge is chomping at the bit to go downstairs.  Taylor tells him Steffy needs to do this alone.  They can trust her.  Ridge says they canít trust Rick.  Rick will definitely try to worm his way out of this situation.  Taylor quizzes Ridge about what happens if Steffy allows Rick to get by with what he pulled.  Ridge forcefully says he wants this relationship over tonight once and for all. 

Steffy continues to berate Rick.  She tells him he would say just about anything right now to get her back.  Rick raises his voice and tells her sheís being unreasonable. 

Upstairs, Ridge hears Rickís raised voice.  He says to hell with this and heads downstairs.  Taylor is on his heels.

Steffy angrily tells Rick he treated her like a piece of property.  Rick admits he was wrong.  Steffy tells him to accept her decision to end things.  Rick begs her to reconsider.  He says heíll do whatever she wants.  This even includes playing nice with Ridge.  Steffy says thatís not what she wants, him to pretend some more. 

Taylor and Ridge interrupt Steffy and Rick.  Ridge tells Rick itís time for him to go.  Steffy says sheís handling this okay.  Ridge wants to know why Rick is yelling.  Steffy tells him because heís desperate.  Steffy tells Rick again itís over.  She asks him to leave.  Rick says heís not going anywhere.  Ridge reinforces it and tells him to leave.  Rick turns on him and says this is all his fault, for making him say all those things.  Ridge has a smirk on his face.  He tells Rick he didnít make him say anything, he just recorded it.  Ridge tells him heís been saying this stuff for months.  He just allowed Steffy to finally hear all the insults.  Rick sneers at him he just has his daughter back under his thumb.  This ticks Steffy off and she screams for her dad to get Rick out of there.  Ridge tells Rick what he has is a daughter, who finally sees him for who he really is.  Ridge tells him to get out or heíll throw him out.  Rick turns to look at Steffy.  She turns her back on him.  Rick slowly walks out the door.  Ridge and Taylor move to their daughter.  She puts her arms around her dadís neck.  He hugs her as Taylor watches.

Taylor and Ridge sit on each side of Steffy on the couch.  She laments to them she canít believe she was so wrong.  Ridge tells her she wasnít wrong, she was honest.  Rick was wrong for putting on a false front.  Steffy knows Rick was using her to try to get to Ridge.  She wonders if itís over with.  Steffy worries Rick will try to break up Ridge and Brooke.  Ridge assures her theyíll be fine.  He and Brooke promised each other they wouldnít let Rick come between them.  Steffy doesnít look too convinced.  Taylor just listens quietly. 

At Forrester, Katie tells Brooke it would be great if this wedding could bring Rick and Ridge closer.  Brooke smiles and says she thinks it can.  At this point, Rick comes bursting through the door.  Brooke tells him she was just talking about some finishing touches for the wedding.  Rick sits on the edge of the desk and tells her itís over.  There will be no wedding.  Both Katie and Brooke look shocked.  Katie quickly makes an excuse to leave.  Brooke stands in stunned silence. 

After Katie leaves, Brooke asks Rick what happened.  She assumes there was an argument.  Rick says he wishes that was all there was too it.  He tells her Steffy doesnít trust him.  Rick says he had a little talk with her husband.  Brooke is even more surprised.   Rick tells her Ridge did something very underhanded to break up him and Steffy. He tells her Ridge set him up.  Brooke looks dismayed.

Brooke wants to know more about what happened.  Rick tells her Ridge incited him and he said things he shouldnít.  Brooke wants him to explain.  Rick is reluctant and tries to play it down.  He says he may have said some things that Steffy found to be insulting.  Steffy felt disrespected.  Brooke is stunned.  She wants to know did he disrespect Steffy.  Rick denies it.  Rick wishes he could take back what he said.  He feels Ridge gave him enough rope to hang himself.  Brooke guesses he went to Steffy and told her all about it.  Rick says that would be too honest.  He explains Ridge recorded their conversation.  Brooke is incredulous.  She canít believe Ridge would deliberately record an argument with Rick.  Rick tells her Ridge planned this and provoked him.  He said some things to incite him and then secretly recorded the conversation for Steffy.  Brooke says this is terrible.  Rick is babbling and then realizes his mom agrees with him.  His face registers his surprise.  Brooke tells Rick heís not totally innocent, but Ridge was wrong.   She figures Rick must have really said some nasty things.  Rick says of course, they were arguing.  Brooke tells him itíll blow over.  He should just stay away from Steffy for a while.  Rick tells her itís over.  He explains how him and Steffy were on the jet headed to their romantic getaway.  Ridge drove his car onto the tarmac.  Brooke is astonished.  Rick says they were taking off.  Brooke canít believe it.  She asks if this is when Ridge played the recording.  Rick tells her it was Taylor, who played it for Steffy.  Brooke repeats Taylorís name.   He rubs it in that Ridge and Taylor were working together.   Brooke looks peeved. 

Steffy sits with her parents.  She is tearful and asks how many times they warned her she couldnít trust Rick.  She canít believe the things Rick said to her father about her.  She canít even imagine how Ridge felt.  She gets up and paces saying she feels so numb.  Taylor gets up to comfort her.  She reminds Steffy she was still grieving.  Rick just played on her feelings.  Rick knew she was alone and vulnerable.  Ridge joins them and says it doesnít matter now.  Steffy says it does.  Sheís so sorry.  She knows they were grieving too.  She sees how Rick took advantage of her.  She sees how she ignored them and they were in pain.  Steffy says she doesnít think Rick even knows what love is.  She keeps apologizing to her parents.  Ridge tells her thereís no need and hugs her.  He says heís just glad to have her back.   He felt like he had lost another daughter.  Steffy hugs him and tells him heís not going to lose her.  Taylor smiles and joins them for a group hug.

Back at Forrester, Brooke fumes that Taylor was involved.  Rick says they had to be in on it together.  They wanted to break up the relationship.  Brooke says maybe it isnít over.  Rick tells her Steffy hates him.  He knows he was wrong to say the things he did.  He really plays it up saying heís no match for Ridge and Taylor. Brooke tries to reassure him things could work out.  Rick says Brooke is such an optimist.  He says now that Ridge and Taylor have teamed up against him itís over.  Brooke angrily tells him they are not a team.  Sheís not sure what happened, since Ridge promised her he wouldnít interfere with him and Steffy.  Rick feeds the fire by saying this plan seemed premeditated like they had really been working together.  Ridge knew all the right buttons to get him to blow his top.  He tells his mom Steffy had helped him to be a better person and now it was all ruined.  Ridge and Taylor were out to get him.  They could have had a great life.   He says he knows his mom loves her husband, but what he and Taylor did was so evil.  Brooke looks like sheís going to cry.  She pats Rickís shoulder and tells him to stay right there.  Sheíll be back.  She hurries out.  Rick watches her leave with a quizzical expression.

At Taylorís, she comes downstairs alone.  Ridge asks how Steffy is coping.  Taylor says her heart breaks for her.  Ridge feels itís for the best.  Taylor wonders if itís really over.  Ridge emphatically says itís over.  Their family is safe again.  They have their family back.  Taylor says whatís left of it.  Ridge hugs her and cradles her head in his hand. 

Still in Ericís office, Rick picks up a picture of Steffy and holds it.  He has flashbacks of happier times.

Steffy remembers their times together too.  Tears fall from her eyes.  She looks at her engagement ring.  Taylor comes in to check on her.  She cries as she takes the ring off.  She puts it on the table.  Taylor comes in and sits with her.  She tells Steffy sheís a brave young woman.  Steffy says it hurts so bad.  She cries as Taylor strokes her head in comfort.

Downstairs at Taylorís, Ridge paces.  Brooke waltzes in without knocking.  She starts in on Ridge immediately telling him Rick filled her in on how he was provoked.  Ridge says it had to be done.  Brooke canít believe Ridge doesnít deny it.  He didnít provoke Rick, since heís been saying these things the last few months.  Ridge says Rick tried to always say things, when no one was around.  He knew Rick had Steffy wrapped around his little finger.   He had to tape the conversation, so it wouldnít be his word against Rickís.  Ridge feels his daughter had the right to know what Rick was saying about her and him.  Brooke feels Ridge just resorted to dirty tricks.  Ridge doesnít back down, but again repeats it had to be done. Brooke is angry and says she thought they had an agreement. Now, heís destroyed a wonderful relationship.   Ridge canít believe his ears. He tells her Steffy was just a pawn in Rickís ugly little game.  Brooke tells him the only ugly thing is how heís tricked her son. 

Taylor walks in and overhears Brookeís comments.  She is fuming and blast Brooke.  She tells Brooke they should have done this a long time ago.  Brooke turns her irritation on Taylor, saying she put Ridge up to this.  Ridge quickly tells her it was his idea.  Brooke still makes Taylor out to be the instigator.  Ridge says they did it together for their daughterís sake.  Taylor adds they had to protect her from Brookeís twisted, sick son.  Brooke spits at her that it wasnít her call to make.  Theyíre adults.  Taylor says Rick is a child emotionally.  He only does what he wants.  Brooke sneers at Taylor how Rick was good enough to take to bed. Taylor lets her know this was a low blow.  She says thatís Rick's problem.  He goes after people that are emotionally vulnerable.  She says Rick needs help or heís going to self destruct.  Brooke sarcastically asks Taylor if this is her professional, unbiased opinion.  Taylor tries to get her to see how Rick enjoys hurting people.  Brooke says Rick wasnít hurting Steffy.  He loved her.  Ridge finally speaks up and says Rick didnít love Steffy.  He treated her like property. He even said he owned her.  Brooke tries to defend Rick.  She says people say things they donít mean, when they argue.  Ridge cocks his head cynically.  Taylor says she obviously hasnít heard the things Rick said. Taylor reminds Brooke all the nasty things Rick has done to his father, Stephanie, and the company. This doesnít even touch all the things heís done to Ridge.  She pointedly asks Brooke if she cares about her husband.  Rick talks to Ridge horribly and treats him like garbage.  Brooke is annoyed and grits her teeth, telling Taylor how dare she question her love for Ridge.  Taylor says when you love someone, you support them.  She tells Brooke she goes along with whatever Rick says.  She allows him to taunt and mock Ridge.  Brooke is flabbergasted.   Taylor says Rick and Steffyís relationship isnít the only one that maybe needs to end. Taylor walks over to Ridge and tells him sheís never said anything to him in this manner.  She asks Ridge how he expects to have a normal relationship with a woman, whose son was responsible for their daughterís death.   She says Brooke isnít loyal to him.  She sides with her grown son over him.  Brooke doesnít respect his opinions.  She says itís a dysfunctional marriage.  She sees what itís doing to him and it wonít change.   Steffy was brave and let Rick go.  She tells Ridge to walk away from Brookeís crazy family.  She earnestly tells him to come home where heís loved, honored and respected.  Brooke listens with a tight face, tears in her eyes.  Ridge listens to Taylor with his face registering astonishment at her words. 

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