B&B Thursday Update 4/23/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/23/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At Taylor's house (I think), Rick tries to convince Steffy that Ridge provoked him into saying the horrible words on the tape. He begs her not to listen to her parents. He goes on about how they tricked him and acted like spies (recording his conversation). When he claims that he doesn't even remember what he said, she offers to play it for him. He quickly says he doesn't want to hear it. He tries to explain that he is not good at telling her how he feels. Steffy plays the recording where he says that he owns her and that he will take her away from Ridge. They keep arguing about what he said as she plays bits of the recording and he keeps trying to beg her to believe that he didn't mean what he said. Steffy is angry that he didn't try to mend fences with Ridge and that he disrespected both of them. Rick admits that he has issues with Ridge but asks Steffy to help him deal with it. Steffy reminds him that she's been trying to do that, but it hasn't worked. She blasts him for not really wanting to marry her out of love but out of revenge against Ridge. She tells him that he's sick and needs help. She definitely doesn't want to marry him. Rick suggests they go to Hawaii after all, so she knows that he is not even listening to her. She tells him that until he works out his problems, they can't be together. She needs to come first with the man she marries, not just be an object to be used for revenge. She orders him to leave, but he refuses. They discuss how he has tried to change but didn't succeed. She thinks that he has just been manipulating her and never tried to change, including knowing that he wouldn't be accepted into the army. He admits that he has problems and used his charm to win her instead of being honest. He begs her to give him another chance to be a decent person and let him win back her trust. She tells him again that he needs help and she can't be with him. He claims that he is embarrassed about the way he acted and begs her again to forgive him.

Brooke says hi to Katie and Donna at Forrester. She wonders if they've seen Ridge anywhere. Katie says at first that they haven't, but Brooke can tell that she and Donna know something, so they tell her that Ridge and Taylor came by the shower, but Rick and Steffy had gone. Brooke looks worried. Katie wonders if everything is okay between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke confides that Ridge is under a lot of stress. Because Brooke tells them that Rick is coming between them and that it even kept Ridge from being in the mood for sex, Donna thinks that maybe Ridge is having problems in that area, so she suggests that he take Viagra like Eric. Katie rolls her eyes and groans. Brooke and Katie both laugh.

Ridge and Taylor wait for Rick and Steffy to finish arguing. Ridge is worried and wants to intervene- help Steffy out. However, Taylor insists that Steffy can handle it on her own. They hope that Steffy won't fall for Rick's lies again. Taylor admits that it was hard for her to play that recording for Steffy. She is grateful to Ridge for the sacrifices he's made. He says he'd do anything to keep Steffy away from "that jerk". Taylor keeps telling Ridge how grateful she is for all he's done. They hug. They keep hoping that Steffy will not back down from breaking up with Rick.

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