B&B Monday Update 4/20/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/20/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick is in Ridge’s office at Forrester, where he is taunting Ridge about how he is using Steffy for revenge. Ridge is silent, because unbeknownst to Rick he is recording the conversation. Rick is very graphic about what he plans to do with Steffy and how he owns her.

At the beach house, the Logan sisters are throwing Steffy a bridal shower. Brooke tells Steffy it’s not too late to call her mother and grandmother. Steffy looks rather down and says no. She wishes they could be as happy and accepting of her relationship with Rick as Brooke. She keeps telling herself they’ll come around. Brooke looks sympathetic. Steffy says she and Rick plan on having children, so maybe this will help bring the family together. Children have a way of doing that.

Katie, Donna, and a friend of Steffy’s talk amongst themselves. The friend walks away to speak to Steffy. Donna tells Katie she could have warned her about Nick hiring Stephanie. Katie says Donna has to admit it’s a gusty move. Donna quips or it’s a desperate one. She feels Stephanie is doing this to get back at Eric. Katie tells her Nick is doing whatever it takes to save his company. Donna confidently says her honey bear isn’t threatened by Stephanie. Katie has a smirk on her face as she listens.

Over at Jackie M’s, the new partners along with Clark, laugh about how Eric must have felt seeing Stephanie on the fashion channel. Stephanie finds this very amusing and wishes she could have seen it.

At the shower, Steffy’s friend is surprised to learn she plans to wed at the spot her mother and Ridge married. Steffy tries to explain Rick’s idealism about choosing this location. Brooke smiles in agreement. Brooke says it’s a place of renewal and second chances. Katie and Donna join them. Steffy says she hopes this will help heal their families. She and Rick have had years of battles among their families. She thinks Rick is doing all he can to eradicate these problems.

In Ridge’s office, he glances at the computer screen. It’s still recording all the filthy stuff Rick has to say about his revenge on Ridge. He tells Ridge to look at how ironic it is, Steffy has fallen in love with him. The person he hates most in the world. He tells Ridge if he keeps fighting their relationship, he will move Steffy away. Ridge invites him to keep talking. Rick does so. He emphasizes his relationship with Steffy is all about the years of abuse he suffered at Ridge’s hand. He despises how Ridge treated his mother. He is very malicious and tells Ridge he won’t even be looking at Steffy when he says his vows. He’ll be watching Ridge, knowing he’s taking another daughter away. Ridge puts his fingers to his lips, but uses restraint in making no comment. He again looks at his computer.

Owen approaches Bridget and tells her she should be with the others celebrating their victory. She’s a big part of it. Bridget sips her champagne and says she’s fine just standing there talking to him. She and Owen share a look. It’s interrupted by Jared, who asks Bridget if she’s avoiding the press already. Bridget smiles as Owen walks away. Jared wants to know how it is working with her handsome ex. Bridget says of course he’d want to know this.

Owen pulls out his cell. He looks across the room and spots Jackie. He sends her a text, a smile playing around his lips. Jackie walks away from the gang and pulls out her phone. She reads the message, which asks her to celebrate with him at her place. Jackie looks happy. She glances around and makes eye contact with Owen. She gives him an enticing smile. He lifts his glass to her.

Back in Ridge’s office, Rick isn’t finished. He berates Ridge some more about how arrogant he can be. Ridge finally speaks. He sardonically says he’s arrogant, making the inference Rick is the one that’s arrogant. Rick tells Ridge he wants to be treated like the president of the company. His hatefully tells Ridge he’s going to make Steffy something Ridge never could, a real Forrester. He spits out the fact Ridge is a Marone. Ridge gets up and walks around his desk and perches on the edge. He has a slight smirk as he encourages Rick not to stop. Rick is all into it. He tells Ridge he’s never going to stop. He’ll continue this for the rest of their lives. He flippantly tells Ridge maybe the four of them can double date. They could head up the cost and get a couple of cabins. He suggestively makes some sexual references about Ridge not knocking, since he and Steffy will be making little Ridges. He gets in Ridge’s face and tells him he can see the steam coming out of his ears. He taunts Ridge to punch him. Ridge just stares back at him with little expression. Rick tells him he’s chicken and starts clucking and flapping his arms like a chicken. Rick can’t believe Ridge isn’t responding. He tells Ridge he hopes he’s not coming down with something, since he’ll need all his strength to walk Steffy down the aisle. He says their wedding night will be the greatest night of Steffy’s life. Ridge continues to listen with a small smile tugging at his lips.

At the shower, Steffy looks at her gifts. The ladies comment on how pretty things are. Steffy jumps up to go outside. Donna watches with a concerned expression.

Outside the beach house, Marcus waits for Steffy. He tells her he knew Rick wouldn’t be there and he wanted the opportunity to speak to her. Steffy cuts him off, by asking if this has to do with her and Rick. Marcus tells her no, it’s about the two of them. Steffy looks confused. Marcus has difficulty explaining. He talks about when he first came to LA his life changed. He reconnected with his mom, found a job and met her. His life was perfect, but then Rick sent him off to Paris and made a play for her. She tries to cut him off again, but Marcus continues. He just wants her to know out of all the women he’s met, he respects her the most. He really hopes Rick appreciates her and he just thought she should know. He looks and sounds so sincere. Steffy listens with a whimsical look on her face.

Rick has finally left Ridge’s office and is at the elevator. He muses to himself how he can’t believe Ridge was so calm. He looks bewildered. Ridge just stood there and took his abuse. Why? Why would he do that?

Taylor doubles back to Ridge’s office, after seeing Rick leave. She anxiously wants to know if their plan worked. Ridge tells her Rick fell right into their trap. He plays the recording for her. Taylor’s face looks tight as she listens to Rick talk about revenge and using Steffy.

Rick goes back to Ridge’s office, where the door is open. He overhears the tape. His face registers shock

Taylor can’t believe how Rick talked about Steffy. Ridge says it’ll break her heart, but they have to do this. Rick continues to eavesdrop. His face looks panicked as he rushes off.

At the showroom, Stephanie reads emails of congratulations. Nick approaches and asks her if she’s still receiving accolades. She shows him the latest one from Bill Spencer. Nick is impressed, since Bill is a big name in communications. Nick tells her to invite him to their next showing. Stephanie laughs and says of course they will. Nick tells her maybe she can introduce him to his mother, since she’s in need of some male attention. He glances around and wonders where his mother has gone.

In her new condo, Jackie languishes in a tub filled with bubbles. She sips champagne. She laughs and says she can’t believe she’s doing this. Owen is behind her and helping her bathe. He jokes with her about having her bathtub in front of her bay window. She says she loves the view of the city. Owen tells her she’s such a fee spirit. He wants to know if she would mind him joining her. Jackie looks at him seductively and tells him they still have a lot of work to do. Owen asks about a reward later and says Jackie must believe in delayed gratification. Jackie looks him in the eyes and says don’t we all.

Ridge and Taylor finish readying the recording for Steffy. They know they have to hurry and get to her. They head out of the office.

Still at the shower, Steffy is handed her bouquet made from the bows. The ladies comment about how well Steffy made out with her gifts. They tease her about the lingerie, especially Bridget’s gift. Brooke holds up a short white teddy and says how cute. Steffy says she wishes Bridget could have been there, but she understands her being at Jackie’s. They are all surprised, when Rick comes bursting through the door.

The ladies are surprised to see him and Donna tries to get him to leave. Rick is almost frantic and says he’s there to get Steffy. Steffy face registers her shock as she wonders what Rick is talking about. He says he wants to whisk her away on a romantic getaway.

Ridge and Taylor are in his car. Ridge drives with a determined look on his face.

Brooke gets a phone call from Thorne and says she has to go pick up RJ. Steffy hates she has to leave. Rick stands by impatiently. Brooke glances at him and jokes Rick is practically throwing them out anyway. Brooke kisses Steffy goodbye. The sisters all say goodbye to each other. Steffy asks Rick where they’re going and what she’ll need. Rick’s face looks agitated, so she heads to the bedroom to get packed.

Nick is still sipping champagne, when Bridget approaches him. She asks if she just saw Stephanie leave. Rick tells her yes, but she expects everyone to be at work bright and early. Bridget looks a bit disappointed and says that means she can’t sleep in. Nick tells her this is an amazing beginning. Bridget says she’s more in a mood to play than work. Nick looks a bit surprised and wants to know who she wants to play with. Bridget sidesteps the question and tells him she’ll let him know when she’s ready to discuss it.

At Jackie’s, Owen continues to work on her back. He wants to know how he’s doing, but Jackie tells him they’ll be no critiquing until he’s finished. Owen laughs and says he needs to step up his game. He leans down to kiss Jackie’s shoulder. She closes her eyes and languishes the moment. She teases there is a thin line between pleasure and depravity. Owen moves to the other side and kisses her neck. He seductively says maybe they should find out where the line is. He suggests maybe he should work his way to the front. Jackie cautions him to be patient. Seduction is an art. Owen asks if that’s what he’s doing to her. They look at other, before kissing passionately.

In the car, Ridge tells Taylor they’re almost there. Taylor has her eyes closed. Ridge glances over and asks if she’s okay. She says she won’t be okay, until Steffy is okay. They hope the sound bytes are enough to get Steffy to see what Rick is really up to. This has to work.

Rick stands in the door of the house, looking around nervously. Katie wants to know when Rick will be back. She reminds him they have a big meeting tomorrow morning to discuss what happened with Jackie M. Rick looks confused and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Katie tries to explain about Bridget, Stephanie and the Marones teaming up. Rick cuts her off and says he can’t concentrate on this right now. Steffy comes out with an overnight bag. She couldn’t find her night gown. Donna teases she can use one of her new ones and pulls one out of a box. Steffy giggles and stuffs it in her bag. Rick sees lights approaching. He rushes over and grabs Steffy by the shoulders and pushes her towards the back entrance. He tells his aunts to lock up for him. They all watch him a bit bewildered at his haste. Donna wonders what that was all about. Katie looks confused too. She said it was almost as if Rick was desperate.

Taylor and Ridge rush in the front door of the beach house. They ask where Steffy is. Katie says she just left. Donna tells them Rick came by and got her. They look surprised to learn Rick was there. Donna tells them Rick wanted to take Steffy on a romantic get away. Steffy’s friend comments about how Rick seemed to be in such a hurry. Ridge and Taylor glance at each other.

Rick is driving like a maniac. His face shows his concentration on staying ahead of Ridge and Taylor. Steffy wants to know what the surprise is about. Rick says he just wanted to spend some time with her. He suggests they might even elope.

Outside the beach house, Ridge and Taylor wonder what Rick is up to. Taylor wonders if Rick has figured out what they did. Ridge looks worried. Taylor says if that’s the case, Rick will go crazy. He’ll say anything to turn Steffy against them. She sounds at her wit’s end. She tells Ridge they have to find Steffy. This has to end tonight.

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