B&B Friday Update 4/17/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/17/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

The camera shows a quick shot of behind the scenes at Jackie M’s, as they prepare for the big show.

Brooke is in her bedroom brushing her hair. Rick comes by to see her. She’s surprised to see him. He has copies of his wedding announcements. Brooke says they look so happy. Rick asks if she and Ridge are fighting over him and Steffy’s plans. Brooke assures him they’ll be okay. Ridge knows he has to accept their relationship in order for things to smooth out.

In his office, Ridge tells Taylor he will never accept Rick marrying his daughter. Taylor agrees. Ridge says they have to protect their daughter with or without Brooke’s help.

Donna is in Eric’s office awaiting the broadcast of Jackie’s showing. Eric says he left Bridget a message letting her know how proud he is. Donna says the press will eat this up. Hopefully it won’t be like Jackie’s last big showing, when all of Eric’s designs were on stage. Eric is confident this will be nothing of the sort.

Over at Jackie M’s, Stephanie helps get everyone prepared backstage. Nick tells her he thinks they should wait until the end of the show to announce Madame X’s identity. Stephanie agrees. They want everyone to fall in love with the designs before they know Bridget designed them. Jackie and Owen walk through. Nick stops his mother to see how she’s feeling. She makes a light comment about having a tingling in her toes. Nick makes a speech to the crew about how they’re going to send excitement to the fashion world with their new partnership with Stephanie.

Brooke and Rick discuss her being in the middle of the drama with Ridge over their relationship. Brooke feels Ridge is just being protective of his daughter. She reminds Rick how he and Steffy came to be together. Rick assures her their feelings are real. Ridge needs to take Steffy’s feelings into consideration. Rick says all the people trying to break them up will never succeed.

In Ridge’s office, he and Taylor discuss how they can break this relationship up. Ridge wants to devise a plan, where Steffy can hear Rick taunting him. Ridge feels once Rick is exposed, Steffy won’t want anything to do with him. Ridge has his computer set with the internal microphone. Taylor says all they have to do is get Rick to spout his mouth off.

Steffy goes to her grandfather’s office to watch the telecast. She says everyone is talking about this big announcement. Donna is there and says maybe hey should have invited Thorne and Felicia. Eric says he did, but they declined. Steffy says they’re probably still mad at him for firing Stephanie. Donna sits close to Eric and says Stephanie brought it on herself. Eric defends Stephanie by saying she was great. It wasn’t an easy decision for him. Donna continues by saying Stephanie didn’t make the company the success it is; Eric is the one responsible. Steffy doesn’t comment. She sees the show is about to air.

Jackie comes out on the runway and thanks everyone for coming. She invites them to feast their eyes on Madame X’s newest designs. Jared is front and center and loves what he sees. The first dress is an elegant off white, short bugle beaded dress with a deep draped back.

Jackie heads backstage and excitedly tells Nick this is money in the bank. The models prepare for the next outfits. Clark and Owen help backstage, along with Stephanie. Everyone is pumped.

Everyone is snapping pictures of the two other outfits shown. One is black pantsuit, featuring a bra like top. The other is a green beaded dress with an asymmetrical side cutout and long skirt.

Eric is all smiles in his office. He exclaims how beautiful everything is. Steffy watches intently and comments Madame X really seems to know her stuff. Donna is pleased for Eric. Steffy can’t understand why he grandfather is so happy for the success of the line. Eric says he’s proud.

Stephanie congratulates all the models as they exit the stage. Clark approaches her and asks if she thinks Eric is watching. She clutches her hands together and smiles. She hopes so.

Jackie goes back out and thanks everyone again. She tells them to save some applause for the genius behind he designs. She’s proud to bring Madame X out of the shadows. She introduces Bridget. Bridget comes out on stage to mass applause. She and Jackie kiss. The audience is shocked at the revelation. Jared smiles his delight. Nick looks very pleased.

In Eric’s office, Steffy is stunned the designer is Bridget. Eric is on top of the world. He says that’s his girl. Donna holds Eric’s arm and smiles brightly.

Jackie tells the crowd they are so happy to have Eric Forrester’s daughter at Jackie M. She says they have another big surprise for them. Jared wants to know what in the world could top a Forrester at Jackie M. Jackie holds Bridget’s hand and gleefully announces two Forresters.

Eric sits up in his chair and can’t imagine what Jackie is talking about. His face shows his confusion.

Brooke sits on her bed and looks at Rick and Steffy’s announcement and picture. She tells herself Ridge won’t let this come between them and his family.

In his office, Ridge stares at a picture of him and Brooke with the kids. Rick comes in and throws the announcement on Ridge’s desk. He tells him to save the date. Ridge tears it up. Rick laughs and tells him he has hundreds more. The wedding will go on. He advises Ridge not to get all worked up, since all he was doing was creating strain on his relationships with Brooke and Steffy. Rick taunts Ridge about how he can’t wait until the honeymoon. He says the wedding dress Ridge designed is beautiful, but will look better on the floor. Taylor walks up and hears the comments. She angrily tells Rick to shut his mouth. She doesn’t ever want him to talk about her daughter that way. Rick laughs it off and tells Taylor she had her chance, but threw it in his face. Her lost is her daughter’s gain. Taylor shakes her head. Rick knows they despise him. They’ll have to just get over it, because he’s not going anywhere. Ridge and Taylor give each other looks.

Steffy can’t believe Bridget is Madame X. They all wonder what Jackie is talking about. Eric thinks it’s a gimmick.

Backstage, Nick, Owen and Clarke wait for the announcement. Clarke says the crowd is going to go nuts. Owen says he hopes Eric is sitting down.

Jared asks Jackie how there are two Forresters. Jackie says Jackie M is the destination for brand new talent. The person she is about to introduce knows more than anyone about fashion. She gives Stephanie quite a build up. Everyone is whispering.

Jackie says this person can turn Jackie M into a premiere fashion house.

Eric is in his office saying no one can fit that bill.

Stephanie gets on stage. The crowd applauds. They give her a standing ovation.

Eric and Donna look shocked and horrified.

Stephanie thanks Jackie for her gracious introduction. She also thanks Bridget for previewing her line. Jackie and Bridget smile and nod. They exit the stage. Stephanie is in her element. She tells everyone she knows they are surprised. She is too. She reminds everyone she was recently let go from Forrester. She says some people there thought she was no longer capable of doing a job.

Donna and Eric lean towards the television, not wanting to miss a word. Steffy’s mouth is open in shock.

Stephanie lets the crowd know she was happy Nick and Jackie offered her a chance to show she wasn’t past her prime. She offers a challenge to everyone that wants to showcase new talent. The reporters and cameras capture it all. They love Stephanie. Jared can’t stop smiling. She says the new Jackie M is open for business. She looks in the camera and says, “Eat your heart out, honey bear.”

Eric sits in stunned silence. Both Steffy and Donna try to make sure he’s okay. Eric is mad. He can’t believe Stephanie is with Jackie. He asks what the hell she’s doing.

Stephanie stands on stage basking in the glory.

Backstage, Bridget thanks people for coming. Owen congratulates her. Bridget is pumped up and says it hasn’t all sunk in yet. They hug and then look at other intently. Bridget caresses his face. Owen is silent.

In Eric’s office, Steffy says she better go let Katie know what’s happening. This will be a PR nightmare. Donna agrees. Donna tries to talk to Eric. She thinks this is just a gimmick. She tells him Stephanie knows the business, but she’s no miracle worker. She can’t make that “band of misfits” a real threat to Forrester. Eric looks doubtful and a bit troubled.

At Jackie M’s, Jackie kicks back with her feet up. She says look out Forrester. Owen is with her alone. He holds her feet and caresses her leg. He says they have already arrived. Jackie rattles on about how gorgeous Bridget’s designs were. Owen says not as beautiful as she is right now. He leans down and kisses her. Jackie gazes at him with pleasure.

Bridget finds Stephanie in the show room. She’s a bit upset at how negatively Stephanie painted Eric. Bridget says it’s not a vendetta. Stephanie tells her it’s all about her tonight, so don’t worry about anything else.

Nick and Clarke approach the ladies. They are ecstatic about the crowd’s reaction. Clark says some of this must be Stephanie’s influence. They’ve never had some of these people’s support. Stephanie admits to making a few calls. Nick tells her it’s nice. He and Stephanie hold each other arms warmly.

Jackie and Owen join Nick, Bridget, Stephanie and Clark. Nick wonders where his mother disappeared. Jackie says she was tied down and couldn’t get away. She has a bottle of champagne. They get glasses and make a toast. Nick makes a toast to “their” Forresters. Stephanie adds to the future and their vision. They all toast.

In Ridge’s office, he prepares his computer to catch Rick. He wants Rick out of Steffy’s life right now. Taylor hopes he caught what Rick said on tape. Ridge didn’t, but assures her Rick talks like that all the time. Taylor says it was horrible. Ridge knows it’s going to devastate Steffy. Taylor hopes she’ll get rid of him, once she hears what he says about her. Taylor knows Ridge can subtly get Rick going.

Rick bursts in Ridge’s office unannounced. Rick tells Ridge he’s not done with him. Taylor tells him not to hold back on her account. Ridge asks her to leave them alone. Taylor leaves. Ridge taunts Rick a bit about having a man to man talk. He set the computer as Rick turned to watch Taylor exit. Ridge wants to know why Rick is back. Rick lets him know he’s back to torment him, which has become his favorite past time. Ridge tells him to talk. He’s all ears. Rick lets loose. He tells Ridge he has his little girl wrapped around his finger and there’s nothing he can do. Rick talks about how Ridge hurt his mother over and over again and he was helpless. He says now it’s Ridge’s turn. He asks if he thinks Steffy would like a little naughty torture in the bedroom. He keeps going and Ridge is silent. He looks at his computer, which shows the microphone is recording. Ridge says Rick is still an angry little boy. Rick tells him he hates him. He wants to put Ridge in a psychological trap like he was as a boy. Ridge tells him Steffy will see right through this. Rick says she won’t. He emphasizes he owns Steffy and there’s nothing he can do about it. Ridge encourages him to keep talking. Rick tells him, he’s no where close to being finished. He glares at Ridge.

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