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Written By Stephanie
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Rick and Steffy return to his office at Forrester. Rick is upset because Ridge doesn’t like the idea of them being married at Pt. Dune. Steffy questions Rick as to the real reason he picked that particular spot. Was it really to get at Ridge? Rick looks surprised by the question.

Ridge and Brooke head to Ridge’s office at Forrester. Ridge thinks the whole thing was a total disaster and Rick is only doing this to push his buttons. Brooke doesn’t see it. Ridge feels their spot is sacred and Rick wanting to get married there is a desecration. Brooke looks surprised by the vehemence in his voice.

Rick can’t believe Steffy is questioning his motives. He was trying to get through to Ridge and Brooke that Pt. Dune is special. It’s a place of second chances. He wants that for their family. However, if they can’t accept them; he just wants her. Steffy looks uncertain.

Brooke tells Ridge she knows this whole relationship with their children has been hard for him. Brooke thinks Rick is just trying to emulate them. She doesn’t think Rick is doing this as revenge. Ridge wonders why Rick would try to emulate a relationship he’s tried to destroy. Brooke feels it’s his way to show acceptance of their relationship. Ridge looks skeptical. Taylor rushes in and tells Ridge she got there as soon as she could. She wants to know what’s happened. Brooke knew Taylor would be worried. Ridge lets Taylor know about Rick’s plans to marry Steffy on the beach at Pt. Dune. Taylor is incredulous. She automatically thinks this is another way for Rick to get to Ridge. Ridge looks at Brooke with an “I told you so” look. Brooke looks surprised at Taylor’s accusation.

At Jackie M’s, Nick, Stephanie and his mother discuss her hiring terms. They think Stephanie is crazy to ask for 50 percent of the company. Stephanie heads for the door. Nick stops her.

In Rick’s office, Steffy assures him she believes his intent is to make her happy. Steffy feels they don’t have to make things worse for Ridge in the process. Rick wants to know if that’s what she really believes. Steffy questions if they can really trust their feelings given the way they came together. Rick thinks she’s listened to her father for too long. Steffy is silent, her face shows her conflict. She tells Rick it’s time to be honest. She just wants to make sure his feelings for her are real and not tangled up with the hatred he has for her father. Rick’s face shows several emotions as she talks. Steffy says it’s really confusing, but she needs to know if it’s always going to be this way. Rick listens with a stoic expression.

Ridge tells Brooke her son is never going to let up. Brooke feels Rick isn’t out to get Ridge. Taylor tries to get Brooke to see she’s not being objective. Brooke says neither is Taylor. Ridge moves to Taylor’s side across the room from Brooke. The two women briefly argue the point. Taylor says Rick’s actions speak for themselves. She gets in

Brooke’s face and asks why she thinks Rick would pick this location to get married. Brooke repeats the fact she thinks Rick is showing acceptance for her and Ridge’s marriage. Ridge looks dumbfounded at her naiveté. She really believes what Rick has to say. Brooke insists Rick honestly wants to marry Steffy. Taylor looks at Ridge; her expression matching his. They both feel Brooke has a blind side where Rick is concerned. Ridge stresses his feelings this marriage can’t take place. Ridge feels Rick just keeps attacking him and his family. This wedding is just another attempt to get to him. He tells Brooke he’s sorry, but Rick is everything he doesn’t want in a son-in-law. Brooke looks astounded at how harsh Ridge is being. Ridge goes on to tell her it concerns him more that she can’t see where he’s coming from. Ridge feels Brooke doesn’t think his fears are justified. He’s tried to accept Rick, but he just can’t.

Stephanie pauses in the door of Jackie’s office. She wants to know if they want her to stay. Nick tells her he doesn’t want her to go, but he’s not willing to give up 50 percent of his company. Jackie pushes to let her leave. Stephanie feels she’s worth it. She knows the company is floundering and 50 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing. Jackie tries to convince Nick they can get another loan. They can survive without Stephanie just like Forrester. Stephanie stands and listens with a smirk on her face. She asks if they want to bet the business on it. Nick offers her a $500,000 the first year. Nick says if things work out they can look at a partnership. Jackie holds her head in frustration. Stephanie tells Nick to have his people call her people, since she knows he really doesn’t have the cash. Jackie grabs Nick’s arm to try to persuade him. Before she can say more, Bridget walks in. She’s as surprised to see Stephanie as Stephanie is to see her. She makes up some bumbling excuse about Jack wanting to see his father. Nick introduces Bridget as Madame X. Stephanie looks shocked. Nick tells her now she’ll have to come up with a proposal, since she’s learned their big secret. Bridget’s mouth is open in surprise at the revelation to Stephanie.

Stephanie is stunned Bridget is working for Jackie M. She jokes the business is worst off than she thought. Bridget is offended. Jackie plays up how good Bridget’s designs are. Stephanie questions Bridget about her medical career. Bridget explains it’s her childhood dream for fashion. The medicine will always be there. Stephanie wants to know why she didn’t go to Forrester. Bridget explains she didn’t want to just express her father’s visions. She wanted to leave her comfort zone and do something outrageous for a change. Nick breaks in and tells Bridget how Stephanie knows exactly what she means. Stephanie looks like she’s on the hot seat. He asks Bridget isn’t she at all curious as to why Stephanie is there. He leans next to Stephanie and says even though some businesses are firing, they are in the hiring business. Bridget’s mouth drops in shock. She can’t believe Nick offered Stephanie a job. Nick reminds her how Eric fired Stephanie, plus Donna’s input on the whole matter. Bridget is irritated and tells him to stop. She asks Stephanie directly, if she’s going to take the offer. Jackie jumps in and says they all need to take some more time to decide. Nick heads to his desk saying he’s going to call the lawyers and get this deal moving to save the company. He tells Jackie and Bridget to show Stephanie around. Jackie looks a bit sick, while Bridget and Stephanie smile at each other.

Back in Rick’s office, Rick tells Steffy he and Ridge will always have issues. Rick tells her what Eric said to him about never being a Ridge Forrester. He admits this has been eating away at him. Steffy looks taken aback at the admission. Rick feels like he’s had to deal with this all his life. It’s made him do things he regrets. He swears to her their relationship is not one of those things. Steffy believes him. She puts her arms around his neck and hugs him. Rick wants to know if she believes him enough to pick out china patterns. They joke about shopping, but Steffy tells him they can shop on line. They continue to kiss as they talk about all the things they can get. The kisses get more passionate and Steffy unbuttons Rick’s shirt.

In his office, Brooke approaches Ridge. She tells him Rick is not trying to manipulate him. Rick genuinely cares for Steffy. Taylor asks if his feelings for Steffy outweigh his need to torment Ridge. Brooke spins around in an irritated fashion and tells Taylor that’s not what this is about. Ridge backs Taylor up and agrees. Rick is taunting him. Taylor says Rick is so disturbed he probably doesn’t even realize what he’s doing. He needs treatment. Brooke quickly tells her Thomas needs treatment. She knows Thomas is getting it, but Rick needs support. Taylor says Rick is unstable. Steffy needs to be protected. Brooke turns to Ridge for back up. She says this union could be a healing factor for both families. She thinks Steffy’s feelings for Rick are beautiful. Ridge rubs his head in frustration. Taylor gets between them and says that’s the problem. Steffy’s feelings for Rick are real. They have to get her away before she’s hurt, but it’ll be very difficult. Brooke and Ridge look at each other warily.

Stephanie comes back to Jackie’s office after the tour. She’s still not sure about Bridget’s work, even though she shows a lot of promise. Jackie is very enthusiastic about Bridget’s potential. Jackie mentions Owen and his take on things. Stephanie is puzzled and wants to know what Owen knows about her and the business. Jackie lets her know she’s made Owen the point man for the Fabrize account. Stephanie is dumbfounded. She sarcastically wants to know who made this smart decision. Bridget holds back a smile as Nick looks taken aback at the question. He asks if Stephanie has a suggestion. Stephanie says they have to have a corporate strategy. Who are they? They’re not Forrester. Nick gets what Stephanie is saying. He says they’re young and there’s so much untapped fresh talent in Los Angeles like Bridget. People want an opportunity to show case new fashion. Nick gets excited and says that’s what they can make happen at Jackie M. Stephanie smiles in agreement.

Rick and Steffy continue to kiss in his office. His shirt is completely off. He tells Steffy they can take it back to their place. She smiles at the mention of “their place”. Rick says there’s a big bed at home. Steffy starts talking about bedding. Rick can’t believe she’s talking about household items, instead of what he obviously has on his mind. He teases her about how she’d rather be shopping. She drags him over to the computer and tells him how much fun this will be planning their future. She wants to get plenty of place settings, because she hopes one day to have all their family together. Rick hugs her, since he sees how much this means to her.

Taylor tells Brooke this marriage can’t happen. Brooke insists Rick loves Steffy. He proposed and she accepted. Taylor is annoyed and tells Brooke, Rick is using Steffy. Taylor thinks what Rick is doing is twisted and sick. Brooke throws in what Thomas did was sick. He tried to burn Rick’s home and blew up his car. Taylor tells Brooke she’s in denial. Brooke is frustrated and turns to Ridge to back her up. Ridge stands by with his arms crossed. He crosses the room and sits on his desk next to Taylor. He agrees with Taylor. He tells Brooke she needs to listen, since Taylor knows what she’s talking about. Brooke looks at him in disbelief. She says Taylor isn’t speaking as a psychiatrist. She’s speaking out of loss and grief and trying to make someone pay for Phoebe’s death. She thinks Taylor is being manipulative and playing on his fears. Ridge feels his daughter is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. He and Taylor have done all they can to stop this madness. Rick’s hold is too great. He earnestly tells Brooke she has to be the one to put a stop to this marriage. Brooke looks distressed by this request. She has tears in her eyes. Taylor is silent at Ridge’s side.

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