B&B Friday Update 4/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/10/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester, Rick and Steffy want to take Ridge and Brooke some place special. Ridge isn’t interested, but Brooke and Steffy encourage him to see what Rick has planned. Ridge finally relents. Steffy hangs all over Rick and kisses his shoulder. Rick wants to drive, but Ridge puts a stop to this very quickly. Ridge says he’ll drive. The four of them leave the office.

Stephanie and Taylor are still lunching at Il Gardino. Taylor is very pleased at how well Stephanie handled the situation with Eric and Donna. She tells Stephanie “she rocks”. Stephanie feels good about putting them in their place, but wonders if she went too far. Taylor doesn’t understand. Stephanie explains she led Eric to believe she had a new job. Taylor reminds her of Nick’s offer. Stephanie wonders if the offer is still good. Taylor says there’s only one way to find out.

At Jackie M, Nick is in his mother’s office when she rushes in late. He has been waiting on her impatiently. He tells her they still have a financial problem. Jackie doesn’t seem too concerned. She tells him about letting Owen handle the new Fabrize account. Nick thinks he may be a bit new to handle such a large account. Jackie really plays Owen up. Nick seems surprised by the fact she has such confidence in Owen. He questions her rationale.

Ridge pulls up at the beach and asks Rick why they’re here. Rick tells him this is the spot he wanted to show him. Steffy jumps out and is excited saying she loves the ocean. Brooke looks a bit confused and tells Rick he knows she and Ridge are very familiar with this part of the beach. Ridge wants to know what the hell Rick is up to. Rick kisses Steffy and tells her this is their spot. This is where they’re getting married. Ridge flashes back to his and Brooke’s wedding. His face shows his disdain for the idea. Rick and Steffy are arm and arm. Rick kisses her lightly.

Ridge asks Rick is he’s serious about getting married here. Brooke says no way. Rick wants to know what Steffy thinks. She’s hesitant, but thinks it’s breath taking. She asks isn’t this where Ridge and Brooke got married. Ridge spits out, yes, twice. Steffy asks Rick can’t they find their own special spot. Rick tries to convince her; this is perfect. She asks why he would pick the exact same spot their parents got married. Ridge reiterates the question to try and put Rick on the spot. Rick looks defiantly at Ridge.

In Jackie’s office, she tries to sell Owen to Nick. Nick thinks Jackie seems pretty close to Owen. Jackie down plays it saying she works more with Owen than him. She thinks business is looking up, especially after Stephanie made the phone call to Fabrize for them. Nick isn’t sure why Stephanie did so, since she turned down his job offer. Jackie is happy Stephanie declined. She doesn’t think she could work with Stephanie on a daily basis. She’s still rattling on, when Nick opens the door after hearing a knock. It’s Stephanie and Taylor. Nick’s face registers surprise. Stephanie tells him she’s surprised to be there, but she reconsidered his job offer. Nick tells her it’s off the table, since she laughed and told him to go to hell. Stephanie jokes she didn’t think he was that sensitive. Taylor steps in to say Nick needs Stephanie. Jackie stands by speechless. Stephanie prods Nick by asking if he’s secure enough to admit he needs her.

On the beach, Ridge waits to hear Rick’s explanation for picking this spot to get married. Rick scathingly tells him just because him and Brooke have been married a half dozen times here doesn’t mean no one else can use the location. He then tries to clean it up by saying Ridge and Brooke’s second marriage there was significant. It was like a second chance. That’s what he’s looking for. This could help their family. Brooke is buying the story. Ridge looks at him skeptically. Rick turns to Steffy and tells her to marry him right there. Steffy laughs, her face showing her happiness. Ridge looks ready to blow. Rick holds Steffy’s face and kisses her. Brooke thinks it’s a beautiful idea. Ridge thinks it’s bull. They all look at him in surprise.

Steffy and Rick have walked away to look at the waves. She jumps in his arms and kisses him. Several feet away, Ridge and Brooke discuss this plan. Ridge can’t believe Brooke is for it. He thinks it’s a slap in the face on Rick’s part. Brooke thinks he’s extending an olive branch. Ridge feels he’s manipulating like he did with Thomas. Brooke says what Thomas did was wrong and he could have killed Rick. Ridge reminds her Thomas never meant to hurt Rick. Brooke is still unsure of his intent. Brooke wants Ridge to give her son the same benefit of the doubt. Rick gave Thomas a huge gift by keeping him out of jail. Ridge derisively says it was at a huge price. Brooke gets closer to him and says this will help their families heal. They need to be able to move on. The kids come up laughing. Steffy hangs on Rick’s arm. Rick says this place has been so special to them and now he and Steffy can have the same memories. Steffy lays her head lovingly on Rick’s shoulder. Ridge is quiet. Brooke tells Steffy to come with her, so she can show her something special. Steffy is concerned the two men will be okay. Rick assures her they’ll be in one piece. The women leave. Ridge looks at Rick in disgust. Rick says the two women are fabulous. Ridge agrees. Rick compares him and Ridge, saying the two of them have so much in common. Ridge tells Rick he knows what he’s trying to do. Rick plays dumb. Ridge lets him know Brooke doesn’t believe it, but it’s just another attack on him. Whatever he holds dear, Rick wants to destroy it. Rick feigns ignorance.

Jackie thinks Stephanie is joking about the job. Stephanie knows they must be pretty desperate. Jackie acts like it’s not a big problem now. Taylor says only because Stephanie intervened and had Fabrize call them. Jackie and Nick feel like he would have called eventually. Stephanie jokes maybe after they declared bankruptcy. Nick is curious as to why she did make the referral. Taylor jumps in and says they should just cut to the chase. Jackie stands up and pointedly asks Taylor if she’s Stephanie agent. Taylor says no, but she’s trying to facilitate a beneficial arrangement for everyone. Nick wonders how this would benefit Stephanie, since she doesn’t need the money. He correctly suggests it’s because it would get back at Eric for giving her the boot. Stephanie doesn’t answer, but has a slight smile on her face.

Still at the beach, Rick compares Ridge to a Greek god who thought the world revolved around him. Ridge says he just knows how Rick’s mind works. Rick mockingly says the beach is okay for him to marry his mom, but not good enough for his daughter. Rick plays up all the finer points of the spot. Rick says he’s a traditionalist. Ridge isn’t buying it and thinks it’s just another way to strike out at him. Rick says maybe one day he’ll have a child married there too, since he and Steffy plan to have kids. Ridge’s face shows his irritation, but he holds back. Rick goads him about being a grandpa. Ridge says he won’t let Rick do this. Rick says he’ll let him do what he wants. He brings up Thomas’ name and asks Ridge if Thomas is getting the help he needs. Ridge looks even more annoyed.

Stephanie tells Nick she can’t deny she’d like to best Forrester. However, she’s not driven by revenge. She just wants to see an injustice righted. Jackie thinks this is an understatement. Nick throws in the fact Donna made the comment to the press about “out with the old and in with the young”. He says Stephanie may feel this should be rectified too. Jackie agrees with Stephanie on this point. Taylor says it’s not all about retaliation. She says if they believe this, they don’t know Stephanie at all. Stephanie is the goose that laid the golden egg. Jackie tells Taylor she hopes Stephanie is paying her well, since she’s really selling her. Taylor feels it’s to their advantage to take Stephanie up on her offer. Stephanie speaks for herself and tells them if they want to continue just barely making ends meet they don’t need her. She remembers how great Sally Spectra was when the office belonged to her. Stephanie says she could take this company on the verge of bankruptcy and turn it around. This stokes a fire in her. Jackie listens intently. Taylor leaves the three to discuss business. Jackie tells Stephanie she’s not Sally Spectra. She wants to compete with Forrester on a level playing field with or without Stephanie. Stephanie picks up a book on the desk featuring a story on her. She asks Jackie if this is true, why the book. Jackie lets her know she’s not the one reading it. Nick speaks up telling his mother they shouldn’t kid themselves. They could use Stephanie. Jackie laughs and says she was just negotiating. She wants to know what Stephanie wants in return. Stephanie pulls a piece of paper from her pocket, where she’s jotted down some notes. Nick teases about her already making demands. Jackie reads the list with her face tight. She tells Stephanie she can’t be serious. Nick looks a bit confused. He puts on his glasses to read the list. Stephanie lets them know she’s dead serious.

Rick continues his questioning about Thomas. Ridge tells him they’re not discussing Thomas. Ridge wants to know if Rick takes a shred of responsibility for what happened with Thomas. Rick doesn’t feel he pushed Thomas to a breaking point. Ridge repeats Thomas didn’t mean to hurt him. Rick says a Judge probably wouldn’t believe the story. He reminds Ridge he hasn’t replaced his vintage car. Ridge assures him it’ll be taken care of. Rick says the wedding will be here, since it’s pure and pristine like Steffy. Ridge saw Steffy wasn’t really sold on this spot. Rick is sure he can change her mind. She does that for him. Rick snidely tells Ridge he didn’t tell him where he could marry his mother. He really wasn’t even invited. He walks cockily towards Ridge to make his point. He really liked Ridge’s bed on the beach. He’ll follow his lead on this one. Ridge is angry and tells Rick he’s such a bastard. Rick says they can’t come to blows, since the ladies are on their way back. Ridge turns to look. Steffy runs to Rick and kisses him. She thinks he’s right. This is a perfect place to get married. She can see why her dad and Brooke picked this spot. Brooke is all smiles. Steffy thinks the Forresters and Logans can come together. Rick tells Steffy they can go pick a spot to say their vows. He hugs her and tells her he wants her father to have the best seat in the house for this event. He and Steffy move down the beach.

Brooke turns to Ridge. She thinks it’s all going to be great. Ridge tells Brooke this is all about taunting him. Rick is using Steffy as a tool against him, since he all but admitted it. Brooke thinks Ridge misunderstood what Rick said. Ridge can’t believe Brooke lets Rick con her. Brooke looks frustrated. Ridge says this wedding can not happen. It would be a big mistake for Steffy. Ridge hugs Brooke as he watches Steffy hug Rick. Brooke’s back is to the kids. Rick stares back at Ridge with a satisfied smirk on his face. He rubs Steffy’s back. She’s oblivious to the looks passed also.

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