B&B Monday Update 4/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/6/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne


Stephanie walks on the beach and reflects. She sits alone on a rock, with the ocean the only sound.

Nick visits Taylor. She thanks him for the flowers and messages she received. She thinks he has really been a good friend throughout her ordeal with Phoebe’s death. Nick tells her he thinks her friend Stephanie may need a friend right now. Taylor says Stephanie is humiliated, but has a lot of inner strength to tap into. Nick isn’t so sure, since he found her wandering along the beach. Nick is worried she’s severely depressed. Taylor looks surprised.

At Jackie M’s, Owen and Jackie interview potential models. Jackie thinks Owen is doing a great job. Owen lets her know the realtor called about new spots. Owen is pushing for Jackie to consider a loft.

At Taylor’s, she can’t believe Nick thinks Stephanie is a danger to herself. Nick says she’s the professional. He tells her how Stephanie confided in him. She actually told him about how she and Eric made their plans years ago at the waterfront. Taylor is shocked Stephanie would share this information with Nick. Nick says for years he wanted to see Stephanie destitute. However, after seeing her separated from what’s important in her life he’s not so sure. He says he would hate to see how life would be if everyone got what was coming to them.

Taylor asks if Nick is trying to do an intervention for Stephanie. She’s confused as to why Nick has taken an interest. She thinks he sounds like Eric. Eric made a point of telling her about Stephanie. Eric seemed concerned about Stephanie’s well being also. Taylor says six months ago she might have felt like a friend to help Stephanie, but not now. Nick tells her even though she’s grieving she has so much to give both professional and personally. Taylor says it’s so hard to be strong for someone else, when you’re completely broken. Nick holds her shoulders and tells her she’s not broken. If she’s so great, why is everyone gone? Taylor tells him about Steffy moving in with Rick and Thomas being gone. Phoebe was the center and now the center is gone. Nick looks sympathetic as if he feels her pain.

In Jackie’s office, Owen asks Jackie why she’s so opposed to a loft. Jackie says she’s always lived somewhere that could be a home for Nick. She likes to impress. Owen teases the realtor may think they’ve broken up. Jackie teases back by saying maybe the realtor won’t think he’s her only boy toy. Owen laughs as Jackie leaves.

After Jackie is gone, Owen gets on his cell. It’s the press wanting a story about him being “stolen” from Forrester. He declines to make a statement and tells them his leaving Forrester was amicable. As he hangs up, a secretary comes by looking for Jackie. Owen tells her Jackie is gone. It’s bank statements, which Owen says he can take and track Jackie down. The girl points out Jackie’s new address. Owen asks if she’s sure this is correct. The girl says Jackie just gave it to her yesterday. She leaves. Owen has a slight smile on his face.

Nick is flabbergasted Steffy and Rick are engaged. He tells Taylor this must be weird for her. Taylor laughs and says she’s okay with weird. Nick says Steffy seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Taylor says Steffy used to listen. Nick reminds Taylor how she helped him in the past. She really made him deal with his feelings. He thinks she can really help Stephanie. Taylor still looks uncertain.

Stephanie continues to walk along the beach, where she looks almost dazed. She is really lost and alone.

Jackie sets up her new loft. The doorbell rings. She hurries over and opens the door thinking it’s someone about her bed. It’s Owen. Jackie looks pleasantly surprised. Owen shows her the bank papers that need to be signed. Owen says apparently she did like the place, since she decided to move in. Owen has a house warming bottle of champagne. Jackie thanks him. Owen comments about how fast Jackie decorated. He’s surprised she took the place so fast. Jackie tells him she didn’t want him to know how much his opinion mattered to her. She asks him to open the bottle. Owen complies. They stare at each other intently across the coffee table.

Stephanie shows up at Taylor’s. Taylor is relieved to see her. She tried to call the guest house, but couldn’t locate Stephanie. Stephanie says she couldn’t stay at the guest house. Taylor lets her know Eric told her about firing her. She hints Eric was concerned. Stephanie gets a bit angry. She tells Taylor to let Eric know she will not be her patient or anyone else’s. Taylor basically lets her know she has no intentions of fulfilling this role. She has enough problems of her own. Stephanie seems surprised Taylor isn’t pressing the issue.

Owen and Jackie toast her new place. Owen teases Jackie about being retro in her choice of décor. Jackie and Owen continue to lightly flirt. Jackie thinks he has a way with words. Owen thinks she’s a mod “Bond Girl.” Jackie says that makes her feel old. He says that’s not what he intended. She tells him there’s only one way to get out of the dog house. Owen looks intrigued. Jackie walks up behind him and helps take his jacket off. She asks him to help her with the buttons on his shirt. Owen does so. He undoes the cuffs of his shirt. Jackie thanks him. She tells him she wants him to sharpen her foosball game so she can leave Nickie in the dust. Owen looks a bit disappointed. Jackie has a slight laugh at his expense.

Nick is in his office. Arielle, the secretary, brings in a pile of magazines. They are full of old stories on Stephanie Forrester. Arielle tells Nick all of these were saved by Sally Spectra. She called Stephanie the “Queen”. Nick pulls out a magazine with Stephanie on the cover. He has a thoughtful look on his face.

Stephanie tells Taylor she’s rented a small room from a beach motel. Taylor asks why she can’t stay at her home, since she has just as much right as Eric. Stephanie says she can’t stay there. Stephanie says Eric has what he wants, so she can’t be there. Stephanie says she knows she sounds bitter. Taylor says maybe she would be better off it she would allow herself to get bitter. Taylor says the two of them are like mirror images of each other. She has her office and home, but she’s alone. They both have lost everything. Taylor regrets not listening to Stephanie when she told her to stop seeing Rick. Stephanie laughs and says she was in lust. Taylor tells Stephanie she is the only person to ever give a damn about her. She’s the only one to give her good advice. Stephanie tells Taylor please don’t ask for any now, since she has nothing to give. Taylor says they are two peas in a pod. She suggests they live together. Stephanie says that’s very kind, but she’s prepared to decline. Taylor shares with Stephanie she has her own selfish reasons for wanting her there. Stephanie says she can’t take care of anyone right now. Taylor says she’s so alone in her house right now. She would just love the sound of someone else in the house. She doesn’t want to be taken care of. Stephanie seems relieved. She hugs Taylor and says she will take her offer.

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