B&B Friday Update 4/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/3/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Stephanie walks precariously along the rocks at the harbor. It’s the spot she and Eric stood on years ago to plan their future. Nick is headed to his boat and stops at the gate. He stops in his tracks and his face registers surprise.

Brooke and Ridge are in his office. He looks at an old picture of his parents. Brooke leans over his shoulder and tells him this is the end of an era. Ridge agrees. The business won’t be the same without Stephanie. Brooke can’t believe Eric asked her to leave. Ridge doesn’t think his dad had to go that far.

At the beach house, Rick and Steffy languish on the couch in each other’s arms. Steffy admires her engagement ring. Rick teases her about taking it off. She says never in this life time. They kiss. Steffy is ecstatic. She’s engaged and living with the man she loves.

Ridge paces his office. He wants to call the beach house, but Brooke tries to discourage him. Ridge can’t help but wish things would fall apart now rather than later. Ridge hopes Steffy opens her eyes and realizes she’s not ready for marriage.

Taylor arrives at Eric’s office. She asks if he wanted to see her about Rick and Steffy. Eric tells her no, but he’s not against their relationship. Taylor lets him know she is. Eric explains to her Stephanie is gone from the company. Taylor doesn’t understand, since she knows how important the company is to Stephanie. Eric tells her he fired Stephanie. Taylor looks stunned.

Nick sees Stephanie on the rocks and calls her name as he approaches. She looks around in surprise.

Nick invites Stephanie on to his boat. He tells her she must be freezing and offers her a blanket. He asks what she’s doing down there. She evades the question and says she was just looking for some peace and quiet. Nick won’t let it go and probes to find out what’s really going on. Stephanie finally tells him it was a sentimental journey. She explains how she and Eric were there many years ago. They made the decision to start Forrester Creations and stay in California. Nick asks if this is an anniversary or something. Stephanie looks sad and tells him no, it was the day she was told she was no longer needed. Nick looks taken aback at her response.

In Eric’s office, Taylor is shocked Eric would fire Stephanie. She says the company is her life. Eric is concerned about her. Taylor wants to know what happened. Eric explains how their personal life and business just got all involved. Stephanie finally just pushed him too far. Taylor thinks he regrets firing Stephanie. Eric is just concerned about how this will affect Stephanie.

Nick offers Stephanie some coffee as he inquires about what happened at Forrester. He can’t believe Stephanie would just leave without using some of her “tactics”. She wonders what he means and then assumes Katie has been talking. Nick quickly tells her Katie doesn’t talk about work. Nick wants to know why she didn’t fight. She says she didn’t want to keep hitting her head on the wall. Nick pulls out some books and Stephanie wants to know what he’s working on. The book has an old picture of Stephanie on the back cover. Nick explains how his mother’s company still needs a boost. He thought he could get some advice from an expert. Nick mentions how well his father taught him about boats, but fashion is something totally different. Stephanie asks if he’s spoken to Massimo. Nick tells her no and asks if she has. She hasn’t either. Nick mentions Massimo being Ridge’s biological father. Stephanie cuts him off and says let’s not go there. That was a hard one for Eric to recover from. She mentions how she always blamed Brooke for a lot of problems in her marriage, but now she’s not so sure. She trails off the subject. Nick calls Eric a wimp. Stephanie is offended and defends Eric. Nick says Stephanie is a “tough old bird”. Eric couldn’t keep up with her being so strong and got him a younger woman. Stephanie admits to being hurt and angry, but says she’s not going to shed any tears.

Brooke shows up at the beach house. Steffy is okay with her visiting, but Rick wonders what she’s doing there. Brooke knows Steffy just moved in, but thought she’d see if they needed any help. She quickly notices Steffy’s ring. The couple tells her they are officially engaged. Rick wonders what Ridge will have to say. Brooke has some idea how he’ll react. Steffy says he’s not fighting them anymore. Brooke reminds them he’s still having a hard time accepting the relationship. Steffy knows her dad can be overprotective. Rick puts his arms around Steffy and kisses her forehead. She gushes about how they should be looking for a church. Brooke is surprised and asks if they’ve chosen a date. They don’t want to wait, since they know how they feel about each other. Brooke smiles, but her face shows her surprise at how fast things are moving.

Brooke sits with Steffy and asks why they’re rushing this marriage. Steffy asks if waiting three months will help get things planned. Rick tells his mother they see no reason to wait. Brooke tries to contain her concerns and agrees to help them find a chapel. Steffy can’t quit smiling. Rick wants it to be unique, so Brooke says she can look into other venues. Steffy hugs Brooke in thanks. Rick thanks her for her support too. Brooke tells them she hopes they aren’t rushing things. Rick squeezes Steffy’s shoulders and kisses her head. He assures his mother they know what they’re doing. This is exactly what he needs. They are in love; both ensure Brooke as they kiss. She smiles, but looks anxious.

In his office, Ridge calls Taylor and leaves a message. He tells her answering machine that Brooke went to the beach house to see the kids. He says they have to find a strategy, since he just can’t accept them getting married. He leaves a message and asks Taylor to call him back as soon as possible. He looks at a picture of Steffy and Phoebe on his desk.

On Nick’s boat, Stephanie flips pages in his fashion book. Nick tells her he’s going to give her some unrequested advice. She doesn’t need Eric Forrester in her life. Stephanie looks really down and in pain. She stares at her picture on the back of the book and is introspective. She tells Nick she doesn’t know who she is anymore, but she’s not Stephanie Forrester of Forrester Creations.

Brooke arrives at Ridge’s office. She hesitates before going in. Ridge wants to know how the happy homemakers are doing. Brooke tells him they really are happy. Ridge says it won’t last. Brooke tries to break it to him they plan to marry and there’s not a lot he can do to stop them. Ridge says they can live together and let this little thing play out. He draws the line at marriage. Brooke’s face looks crestfallen at his words.

Stephanie continues to sip coffee on Nick’s boat. She gets philosophical with Nick about life. Nick listens to her intently. She says this was supposed to be her and Eric’s golden years, but she lost this. She admits to being a demanding person. She thinks that’s what happened with Eric. He just finally grew tired. She knows she can’t compete with Donna, but thought family and commitment was more important to Eric than just sex. She turned a blind eye to all the women he was involved with until Brooke. She tells Nick he knows how much of a force Brooke can be. Eric actually married her and started a family. Nick remains silent. Stephanie says Eric would leave and come back, but this time she thinks he’ll stay with Donna. Nick tells her not to sound like a victim, since she’s stronger than that. Stephanie asks if she can’t wallow in pity. Nick tells her what she’s saying isn’t true. Stephanie disagrees. She’s devoted her life to Eric, their family and the company. It’s all turned into a dead end. She looks hurt and says she never saw this happening to her life. She’s almost in tears and her voice breaks. She thanks Nick for the blanket, coffee and being a port in the storm. She slowly leaves. Nick sits back and looks pensive.

Taylor tells Eric she’ll help Stephanie in any way she can. Stephanie is stronger than he thinks. Eric says he knows this, but he just hopes she’ll be alright. He’s always cared about her and doesn’t know how she’ll handle this.

Stephanie walks along the beach. She tells herself the best days of her life are yet to come.

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