B&B Thursday Update 4/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/2/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Eric is still in Stephanie's office as she prepares to leave Forrester Creations forever. He wishes that things didn't have to be this way and says he's sorry. She is bitter about their divorce, being replaced by Donna, and now being fired. As she walks out the door, she is greeted by the employees applauding her. She is very touched by this and jokes that they must be applauding the fact that she is going. They all tell her how much they love her and want her to stay. Eric walks out at some point and is startled to see them all there. Donna joins him and they watch, cautiously, waiting to see what happens. Felicia holds on to her mom's arm. She declares that she will leave, too, as does Thorne. Eric grows alarmed and worries that everyone will leave. Stephanie graciously tells them all that they need to stay and keep the company going. She doesn't want the company torn apart. She kisses and hugs each of her children. Stephanie thanks everyone and reminisces about how she's seen so many of them and their children grow older and prosper, go to college, etc. She states that she's proud of them all and thanks them for sharing their lives with her. One of the women there, sobbing, hugs Stephanie and says she'll miss her. Eric wonders if she should say something to acknowledge Stephanie's contribution. He steps forward, but Ridge suggests that this is her moment and to let her have it. Stephanie urges them all to remember the company's grace and dignity and not to let those ideals fade away. She gets on the elevator, blows them a kiss, and then leaves. Once on the elevator, she leans against the wall, looking tired and sad. She shakes her head.

Felicia, Thorne, Ridge and Brooke talk to Eric and Donna. Eric's children yell at him for firing Stephanie. Eric tries to let them know that it was necessary, but they are too annoyed. They are also worried about Stephanie, since last time she left the company, she got very depressed. When Donna interjects, there is a lot of arguing between her and Felicia, and her and Thorne. Eric's children remind him that when he had his heart attack, Stephanie rallied and took care of him. He agrees that she handled that with uncommon grace and dignity. Felicia uses that situation to blame him again for marrying Donna and choosing her over his family. Eric thinks Stephanie is resilient and will be all right.

At Jackie M., Jackie introduces Owen to Nick. They shake hands. Nick wonders briefly if he knows about Bridget being Madame X. Owen tells him that he will keep the secret. Nick asks Owen about his time at Forrester. He specifically wants to know about the power in the company and how Stephanie fits into it. Owen admits there were a lot of arguments, but Stephanie is the one there with the most power. He tells them that she is the one that everyone loves and respects. He tells them that all of the employees come to her with their problems, and she listens and helps them. Owen declares that while Ridge and Brooke are the face of Forrester, Stephanie is the heart of the company. Jackie hands Nick a book called "The History of Forrester Creations" and suggests he use it to know his enemy. Nick takes the book and leaves, telling them that they can handle things today.

Jackie's realtor, Gretchen, arrives. Owen meets her and then starts joking around to make her think that he and Jackie are lovers. Jackie looks at him, confused at first, then getting smiling when she gets the joke. They all go to this nice apartment that Gretchen found for Jackie. It has a huge window with a great view of the city. Gretchen tells her that it is security glass, so she can see out, but no one can see in. Owen runs upstairs to check out the rooftop. Gretch makes small talk about Owen. Jackie laughs, not able to tell her what's really going on. Gretchen gives them a moment alone. Jackie chides him gently for teasing the poor woman. Owen jokes around some more, so she laughs. He tries to talk her into taking the apartment, but she's reluctant. She's embarrassed, too, because now her realtor thinks she's a "cougar". Jackie tells Gretchen that she won't be taking the place. Owen looks disappointed.

Stephanie goes to the beach and looks out over the rocks, seeming to watch the seagulls. She remembers back to the past, when she and Eric were first married. We see a flashback of them, from the back, in black and white, and Eric helps her onto the rocks. She is pregnant. They talk about the future, they name their new company Forrester Creations, and they kiss. Stephanie notes that they had it all and now it's all gone. She walks out to the same spot on the rocks and says that she's all alone. The seagulls screech.

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