B&B Wednesday Update 4/1/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/1/09


Written By Suzanne
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Ridge and Taylor chat in his office at Forrester about Thomas. They have sent Thomas by plane to visit James Warwick, so he can get psychological help. They wonder how they could not see that he was having so many problems. Ridge and Taylor hug.

At the Jackie M. offices, Nick is surprised to hear that Jackie hired Owen. He knows that he worked on the surf line at Forrester, which wasn't very successful. Jackie says that she finds him impressive. Nick chides her for hiring someone when they are in such bad financial straits. She assures him that he is not costing them much, and she needs some more help around there. She promises that with Owen working for them and Bridget designing, they won't soon have financial problems. At the mention of Bridget, he wonders where she is. Jackie informs him that she gave her the day off so she could tell Eric about her new job. She reports happily that Eric was shocked but took it in stride. She chuckles at the fact that Eric tried to get her to leave Jackie M. Mr. Williams from the bank arrives. He's not too happy that Jackie has been ignoring his calls. He tells them that he's glad that they could pay the last two months' bills on time, but he wonders what happened. Nick apologizes that they are a bit late. Jackie wonders if he received the press packet she sent over about Madame X. He is unimpressed with that. Jackie, who is clearly desperate to appease him, tells him that they are planning to announce that Madame X is Bridget Forrester. When he hears that a Forrester has joined their company, he suddenly becomes impressed. He promises to take this back to the loan committee to buy them some more time. He leaves. Nick and Jackie look shocked at how the power of the Forrester name worked for them. Nick seems a little put out that the Forrester name carries so much weight. Jackie points out that Stephanie is the reason, even though Nick can't see it because he hates her. He protests that he doesn't hate her, although he admits that he doesn't like her much, either. Jackie goes on and on about how Stephanie and Eric built their company, how Stephanie signifies grace, charm, and elegance to the world. Still later, Jackie can tell that Nick is thinking about something. He has been concentrating on what she said about Stephanie. He wonders why they got so lucky to have Bridget on their team. She thinks it's because things at Forrester are so messed up now that Eric is married to Donna. She doubts the future of the Forrester company.

Eric is in his office, looking at a photo of Bridget. Stephanie barges in to ask if he's heard about Steffy and Rick getting engaged. He is surprised to hear it but doesn't seem as outraged as she is, and this clearly annoys her. While he doesn't really support their relationship, he thinks it's a good idea for Ridge and Taylor to want to have a little peace around there. Stephanie argues with him about it. Suddenly, the door opens part way, and Donna's hand appears, holding a honey-bear bottle. She moves the bottle as if it's talking and uses a cutesy voice to flirt with Eric (not realizing he's not alone). She then sticks one of her legs in, and then she comes in, leaning back, upside down, until she sees Stephanie. She straightens up, laughing nervously. Stephanie scowls and wants Eric to go with her to talk to Ridge, but he tells her that he'd like to spend some time alone with Donna. Stephanie gets even more annoyed and starts yelling at Eric about his priorities. Donna argues that Eric should put his wife first, not his business. She insults Stephanie, saying that just because Eric used to throw himself into his work to avoid her, doesn't mean he's going to do that now. They all keep arguing about Steffy and Rick. Eric resents being told what to do by Stephanie. She really lays into him about being weak and not being a man, and then she calls Donna a slut. Eric gets really angry at her and demands that she show him and Donna with respect. Stephanie ignores him and goes on berating them both. Donna tells her to leave, but she ignores Donna, too. Stephanie goes on to talk about how she built the company and brought it class and style. She declares that she's too old and tired for all this. Eric points out that without his designs, their company would be nothing. Eric finally has enough and tells her to go. She realizes that he is firing her. He tells her off, saying that he, too, is old and tired. He reminds her that he had a heart attack and doesn't know how much time he has left on earth. He doesn't want to spend it fighting with her. Stephanie protests that she only cares about their family and the company. She says that this is silly, but Eric won't be budged. He tells her off and points out her faults. Stephanie tells him that when he's tired of the Logans, don't come knocking at her door. She leaves in a huff. Outside, though, she looks a bit confused, like she can't believe how all this just happened. Eric and Donna hug, and he kisses her.

Eric grumbles to Donna about what happened with Stephanie. He is still steamed but looks like he's starting to realize that they went a little too far in their argument. He blames Stephanie for pushing him too far. Donna protests that he shouldn't change his mind about Stephanie. She reminds him of all of the things Stephanie has done and how much better Forrester will be without her. She caresses his face.

Stephanie goes to Ridge's office and fills him in on what happened. Ridge is outraged and wants to talk Eric out of it, but Stephanie insists that it's time for her to leave the company. Ridge objects, saying that she is half the company. Stephanie sighs that it's time she realize that he's married to Donna now and move on with her life. Their conversation is a bit awkward since he is not used to her giving up, and she doesn't know what to do now. Her words don't really match the lost look on her face.

Later, Stephanie is cleaning out her office. She looks at family photos and has a few flashbacks to some times with Eric. He walks in and tries to tell her something, but she says she'd just like a clean break. She swears she doesn't wish him ill and wants him to be happy. She doesn't think the company will ever be the same again, though. She sighs again, saying that her work has come to an end, but she's is not at the end of the road yet.

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