B&B Tuesday Update 3/31/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/31/09


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester, Brooke is shocked to hear from Rick that he and Steffy are getting married. Rick is mostly focused on Ridge and how he has been forced to accept him now. Brooke hugs Rick in her happiness. Later, Brooke phones Ridge to ask him to meet her in the steam room. He's very happy to comply. Ridge and Brooke meet in the steam room, wearing only towels. She starts kissing. He wonders what he did to deserve this. Brooke tells him that she's very happy about how he has agreed not to fight with her son any more. They kiss and keep talking about it. Brooke takes off her towel, which drops to her feet, and he takes off his, too. They keep kissing and making love. Later, in Ridge's office, they joke around about how risky it was to make love in the steam room. They kiss some more. Brooke sees some fabric and asks about it, so Ridge tells her that it is the headdress for Steffy's wedding gown. She is surprised to hear that he gave her a wedding gown. He explains that he has been working on it for years. She wonders why he is giving it to her now because it seems rather sudden, like he is rushing her to the altar. He says that he was just being supportive. Brooke is suspicious about his lack of concern. He assures her that he's dying inside because of it. Brooke tries to get to the truth. Ridge tells her what exactly he told Steffy about making her own choices. Brooke points out that Steffy loves Rick and wants to marry him. Ridge hopes that she will come to her senses before that happens. Brooke is disappointed that Ridge still doesn't really accept Rick or like him. She thinks that Rick helped them out by agreeing to keep silent about Thomas, but Ridge explains that Rick used it as a negotiating tool. Ridge tries to tell her how venomous Rick was while talking to him about it, wishing she could have heard it, but he knows that Brooke doesn't see that side of him. He says that she doesn't see how desperate and dangerous Rick is because she's his mother. Brooke sighs that she knows he has flaws, but she doesn't think that Rick is the devil the way Ridge does. Ridge thinks Rick is just using Steffy. He states again that he hopes that Steffy comes to her senses. He rants on and on about Rick, much to Brooke's disappointment and dismay. Ridge tells her that if he loses Steffy because of her son, he wouldn't be able to handle it at all. Brooke looks wary and sad.

In Eric's office, Bridget reminds him about how she took a leave of absence from the hospital. She talks about how inspirational he has been with regards to the design world. She shows him her designs and tells him that she's working at Jackie M. as Madame X. Eric is stunned and recoils as if struck. Bridget explains why she went to Jackie, to make sure she got ahead on her own talent, not on the Forrester name. Eric thinks that was a great idea, but he wants her back working for the Forresters. He suggests that she phone Jackie right now and get out of her contract. Bridget doesn't want to leave Jackie in the lurch. She tells him that she has to see it through and that there's a lot riding on her designs. She says they may work together sometime in the future. Eric is sure of it and tells her in an admiring way that what she did was very gutsy and exactly the kind of thing he would expect from her. He tells her that she's a great woman, and they hug and kiss.

Owen shows up at Jackie's office. He is surprised because she had told him that they weren't hiring, yet she phoned him to show up there for an interview. They smile and flirt with each other as Jackie hints about the job. Jackie tells him that she doesn't think he should be a designer. Owen is intrigued. She thinks he should be helping her with contracts and some other things, and in return she will introduce him to some important business contracts and raise his profile in the fashion world. Owen gets very close to her as they continue flirting. He gets out a bottle of champagne that he brought, so they can toast her job offer. She laughs at the fact that he was so confident and prepared. He lists his good job qualities. Jackie mentions that Bridget's designs are launching soon. He seems interested in working with Bridget. Jackie tells him that they are all in this together. He says that they can't miss as he opens the champagne and pours it. She laughs, and they exchange long, flirty looks.

Bridget is shocked to find Owen in Jackie's office, holding champagne. He tells her that Jackie offered him a job, and they were just about to seal the deal when she got called away. He notices that she is in a very good mood, so she tells him that she told her dad the truth about being Madame X. They toast with the champagne. Owen is surprised that Eric doesn't mind her working at Jackie M. Bridget hugs him because she is so happy and relieved. He laughs at her enthusiasm, and then they kiss. He stops the kiss and apologizes, saying he couldn't help himself. She looks thoughtful as he remembers that she is still getting over her marriage to Nick and says that he won't cross the line again. He says he won't unless she begs him to. She looks at him, and there is clearly sexual tension.

Steffy, in the hallway, has her wedding dress still (the one Ridge designed and gave to her yesterday), in the dress bag. Marcus comes up and grabs it, thinking it's another design that Eric has ordered to be altered. They tug the dress back and forth until she blurts out that it is her wedding gown. Marcus is really shocked and asks if she's sure she wants to marry Rick. Rick walks up and says that of course Steffy is sure. He puts his arm around Steffy and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Rick suggests that Marcus congratulate them, but Marcus snaps that it would be more like condolences. Rick urges him not to be a sore loser and says that if her father can come around, so can he. Marcus wonders when the wedding will be. Steffy thinks it should be soon. Rick tells Steffy that he has a romantic surprise for her, so they leave. Rick calls Marcus "Marco" as he tells him to hold down the fort while they're gone. They go into the elevator as Marcus glares at them.

Rick and Steffy go roller-skating on the Santa Monica pier and spend a lot of time looking out at the water, playing video games, going on amusement park rides, and kissing. Rick and Steffy kiss under the pier, standing amongst the seagulls. He gives her an engagement ring. She gasps as he puts it on her finger. She jumps into his arms with joy as he smiles. They kiss some more.

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