B&B Monday Update 3/30/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/30/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester, Ridge is in his office. He gives instructions by phone to steam and prepare an item and have it delivered to him. Taylor comes in as he hangs up. She wants to know if she heard him right about Rick keeping quiet about Thomas. Ridge tells her it’s true, but they have to agree to all Rick’s demands. This includes them accepting his relationship with Steffy. Taylor says she knew it was too good to be true. Ridge says it’s all he could do right now. Taylor says Rick is holding all the cards. Ridge says Rick is more in love with getting revenge on him than he loves Steffy. Taylor worries that Rick will even keep up his end of the bargain. Ridge says he will as long as they don’t fight him about Steffy. Rick loves the power he has over Ridge. Taylor says it’s not over, since the family still believes Rick is in danger. Ridge tells her Rick has asked them all to meet, but he has no idea what Rick might do next.

In Eric’s office, The Logan sisters, Eric and Bridget are together. They discuss Pam’s release. Donna isn’t convinced Pam didn’t do it. Eric assures her Pam is not responsible. Donna says this means the threat is still there. Eric says that’s why he put a 24hr bodyguard on Rick and those close to him.

Steffy bursts in her dad’s office and tells her parents she’s said all along Rick was a good guy. Now they have to agree, since he’s not going after Thomas. Ridge says Rick has kept his mouth shut for now, but that doesn’t mean Thomas is safe yet.

Rick is in his office, where a guard let’s Brooke in. Rick tells her they don’t need the guard anymore. Brooke smiles and hugs Rick tightly. She thanks him. Rick sarcastically says her husband should be the one thanking him for saving his kid’s butt. Brooke says maybe Ridge is staying out of his way as part of his payback. Rick says that’s part of the deal. Thomas has his freedom and Rick gets whatever he wants. Brooke grimaces. Rick wants to know if this makes him the bad guy. Brooke tells him having Thomas arrested would have destroyed both of their families. He did the right thing. Rick says he has to convince people he’s no longer in danger, so maybe he has to tell the truth. Brooke looks dismayed.

Brooke reinforces the fact he can’t tell anyone Thomas was behind the attacks. Rick knows he has to come up with something convincing to get Eric to pull all the security. Brooke reminds him he gave Ridge his word, so he can’t go to the police. She says Ridge will keep up his end of the bargain, so he has to do the same. Rick smugly says he’s calling the shots and he has to do what’s best for him.

Thomas goes to his dad’s office and wants to know if everything is okay. Steffy tells him if Rick wanted him in jail, he’d already be there. Thomas still feels like he’s walking into an ambush. Taylor says they’re all nervous. Steffy is confident and feels her family is being paranoid. Ridge reminds her how much Rick hates him. Steffy says Thomas gave Rick all the ammunition he needed to get back at him. Thomas agrees with Ridge and feels Rick could change his mind, especially if he wants something. Thomas is angry with himself. He should have kept his mouth shut. Rick could hold this over his head for the rest of his life. Steffy keeps advocating for Rick, who she says wants this behind him too. Ridge is skeptical and says we’ll see. Steffy is sure they’ll all see how wrong they are about Rick, after the meeting.

Everyone is getting restless in Eric’s office. Katie says she has another meeting. Bridget blows off her impatience and says Rick will be there. Eric tells them Rick says it’s important. Ridge and his family come in the office together. Rick and Brooke come through the back door. Steffy smiles at him. Rick greets everyone. He tells them he knows they’re all very busy, so he’ll make it brief. Donna wants to know if it’s about Pam’s release. Rick knows they have lot of question. He thanks them for all the concern over his safety. He says it’s over with. He turns to Eric and tells him he can pull the guards off. Questions start flying. Thomas swallows and looks uncomfortable. Rick tells them there’s nothing else to investigate. Bridget figures out he knows who did this. She approaches Rick and asks if he told Lt. Baker. Rick says he’s not saying anything to anyone. Eric can’t believe his son doesn’t want to pursue this. Brooke’s face shows her anxiety, along with Ridge and Taylor. Eric demands a name. Rick tells his dad the person didn’t mean to hurt him. He was just being sent a message. Bridget is upset and tells Rick he was just about to get in the car, when it blew up. Eric interjects Rick was in the house, when it was set on fire. Rick tells them he’s trying to send his own message. Revenge is vicious. It’s never ending. He wants to move on. Eric wants to know if he did something to this person. Rick says they had issues in the past, but they’ve been rectified. Donna says anyone could have been in the parking lot, when the car blew up. The police questioned her son, so if he knows something he has to tell them. Rick says he won’t help the police. Katie says the police can’t continue the investigation without him. Rick says he’s sorry, but it’s over. He thanks everyone for their concern for him and Steffy. Brooke backs her son up and tells everyone Rick doesn’t want the situation to be worse. Eric is irritated and wants to know if Rick is being threatened. Steffy jumps in and tells her Grandfather Rick is safe. She says everyone should be relieved like she is. Eric pulls Rick to the side and wants to know what he’s doing. Rick tells him the person was pushed to the edge. He knows how this feels. He doesn’t want to turn this into a circus. Eric is incredulous the person is getting away with this. Rick tells him someone did something like this for him before and it left a big impression. Rick tells everyone he feels good about this and is optimistic for the future. Ridge watches with a dubious expression. The rest of his family looks confused and concerned.

In Eric’s office, he’s alone with the Donna, Katie, Brooke, and Bridget. He paces and can’t figure out what Rick is trying to do. He thinks the danger is still present. Brooke tells him Rick has faced his attacker and no harm was done. Bridget still looks upset. Katie tries to be logical. She says no harm was done, but it was intended. Brooke says Rick wouldn’t be that cavalier about his or Steffy’s lives. Bridget moves close to her father, who puts his arm around her waist. Brooke works to convince them Rick really does care for Steffy and wouldn’t risk any harm coming to her. No one is more concerned about Rick’s welfare than her. If Rick says it’s over, it’s over. Eric’s brow furrows in puzzlement. Bridget can’t believe her mother. Brooke tells them Rick wants to move on, so they need to follow his lead.

In Rick’s office, he and Steffy hug. Thomas watches with a glowering look on his face. Rick mockingly tells them don’t all thank him at the same time. Steffy tells Thomas how Rick came through for him. Taylor says how else he was going to convince everyone else. Rick says she’s a psychiatrist, so she should know after weeks of being on edge he can now feel relieved. Ridge backs Taylor up and says Rick played everyone. Rick says a little gratitude would be awesome. Thomas moves in front of Rick and tells him he still thinks he’s an arrogant jerk and the wrong man for his sister. He’s also been the cause of a lot of pain for his family, but he saved his life today. Thomas knows he went too far and let his frustrations get the best of him. Rick doesn’t think this is much of a thank you. Thomas says he knows this was wrong. Rick continues to elicit more gratitude. Taylor and Ridge watch with tight faces. Thomas apologizes to Rick and Steffy. He tells her she’s not his baby sister anymore. He knows she’s smart enough to make her own decisions. Thomas puts out his hand to Rick. Rick takes several moments, but shakes Thomas’ hand. Steffy throws her arms around her brother’s neck in delight. Rick rubs the back of his neck, like he’s bored. Thomas asks his parents if he can go. They hug him and he takes off. Ridge leans in to tell Taylor it’ll be okay. Rick reminds Ridge it’s in his hands. As long as he doesn’t stand in him and Steffy’s way, things will be fine. Steffy stands at Rick’s side. Ridge looks at Rick in resignation.

Back in Eric’s office, Brooke says Rick is feeling hopeful and so is she. She talks about how much tension the two families have felt. Donna and Katie mention how quiet Taylor and Ridge were. Bridget says they probably noticed all the looks Steffy and Rick were giving each other. Brooke says maybe they’re coming to accept the relationship more. Bridget asks about her feelings. Brooke says they just all want peace. Eric says lately that has seemed too much to hope for. Brooke looks at him questioningly.

Rick tells Taylor and Ridge that Thomas has made mistakes, but so has he. He won’t hold the mistakes against him. He thinks this should prove his love and loyalty to Steffy. He’s not out for revenge. He asks Ridge if they can call a truce. He puts his hand out to Ridge. Ridge hesitates and looks at Taylor. He slowly walks over and takes Rick’s hand. He thanks him for saving Thomas. Steffy asks if this means he won’t be fighting them anymore. There’s a knock at the door. Ridge says this should answer her question. He goes to the door and is handed a design in a garment bag. He walks over and tells Steffy he had this for her. She looks stunned. It’s a wedding gown. Taylor’s face registers shock. Ridge tells Steffy he had this designed years ago, he’s revised it to keep up with the styles. Steffy is speechless. He tells her he’s tired of fighting her. She’s a young adult and is capable of making her own decisions. Ridge just asks her to think long and hard about how she wants to spend her life and with whom. Rick looks confused at the gesture. He tells Ridge he thinks Steffy has already made that decision. Steffy is so excited. She hugs her dad and thanks him. She then hugs Rick and says now they can make plans. Ridge tells Taylor they should go and leave the two of them to celebrate. Taylor looks a bit sick. She hugs her daughter, but her face is a bit sad. After they go, Steffy throws herself at Rick. She can’t believe her parents. She says this is like a dream come true. She hugs Rick again. His face shows a look of bewilderment.

Taylor and Ridge go to his office. Taylor can hardly get there, before she jumps Ridge. Why would he give Steffy a wedding dress? She wants him to help her understand what he hopes to gain. Ridge says they’re out of options.

In Rick’s office, Steffy is on cloud nine. She can’t believe her dad. He’s finally acknowledging she’s an adult. He’s going to trust her judgment. Rick laughs and wants to know what her judgment is telling her. Steffy kisses him and tells him she won’t change her mind. They’ll have a wonderful life together. All the hostility and everything between the families are over. She can’t wait for them to get married. The two continue to kiss each other and talk about how great their life will be together.

Back in Ridge’s office, Taylor is frustrated. She knows Steffy is under Rick’s spell. Ridge agrees. Steffy thinks she’s found true love. Ridge hopes Steffy is smart enough to figure out Rick means her no good. Ridge thinks she’s been raised right and they have to trust her judgment. Taylor is unsure, since Steffy thinks Rick walks on water. Ridge is aggravated too. He still thinks Rick is using this as revenge. Taylor wonders if there’s another way to help Steffy. She doesn’t want to lose another daughter. Ridge hopes she’ll come to her senses before the wedding and sees what a disaster this is. Ridge says Steffy is an innocent victim in all this. He hopes she opens her eyes and sees this psychopath for who he is once and for all. Taylor reaches out and hugs Ridge. She tells him Steffy will be okay.

In his office, Steffy and Rick continue passionately kissing.

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