B&B Friday Update 3/27/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/27/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge gets to Taylor’s in time to keep Rick from punching Thomas. Ridge growls to Rick he better not ever put his hands on Thomas. Rick shoots back it’s okay for Thomas to try and kill him though. Ridge looks stunned.

Owen is having an outdoor lunch, when Jackie happens upon him. He asks if she has a date. Jackie jokes not since the millennium. Owen tells her this is surprising for a beautiful woman. Jackie tells Owen she’s only involved with work. They lightly banter with each other and she joins him at his table.

Taylor waits for Steffy in Eric’s office at Forrester. Steffy arrives and Taylor tells her she doesn’t have to guess where she’s been. Steffy says she didn’t tell Rick anything. She knows they have to protect Thomas. Taylor reemphasis how Rick will use this to his advantage if he learns the truth.

Back at Taylor’s, Ridge asks Rick if he knows the truth. Rick wants to know if this was his plan to keep his assassin in training under wraps. Ridge says Thomas wasn’t trying to kill him. Rick just pushed him to his limit. Rick is angry and says that doesn’t give Thomas the right to torch his house and blow up his car. Ridge says Thomas wasn’t trying to hurt him. Thomas interjects he knows what he did was wrong. He wouldn’t try anything again. Rick sarcastically says how can he believe that, when he just went postal on him five minutes ago. Ridge tells Rick it’s over. Thomas will stay away from him. Rick doesn’t believe it. He says he will not spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. He has no choice but to call the police. As he reaches for the phone, Ridge steps in and blocks him. He tells Rick no way is he calling.

Rick says this is ridiculous. He can’t believe Ridge wants him to let this slide. Rick says Thomas made his life a living hell and terrified his own sister. Thomas is anguished as he says he knows. He’s sorry. Rick tells him he knows he’s sorry, but he can’t trust him. He really doesn’t want to do it, but he has to call. Ridge holds the phone out of his reach. Rick tells him he’ll just go out to his car and use his cell. Ridge asks Thomas to give him and Rick a moment alone. Thomas is reluctant and says he’s the one that caused the mess. Ridge says he and Rick need to come to an understanding. Thomas hesitates, but leaves.

Ridge and Rick sit in the living room. Ridge explains how Brooke begged him not to turn Rick in after Phoebe died. Rick says he wants to set the record straight. He earnestly tells Ridge it was a tragedy, but he never meant to hurt Phoebe. Ridge says the police were going to investigate it as a crime. Brooke pleaded with him to help. Ridge refused to press charges to give him a second change. He’s asking Rick to give Thomas a second chance. Rick ponders the fact Thomas future lies with him.

At the outdoor restaurant, Owen and Jackie toast. Jackie asks him how he occupies his time, since he’s no longer at Forrester. Owen raises his glass and says a lot of this and surfing. She asks about the surf line and what inspired him. He says he thought it was a good idea and so did Rick. Jackie hears the bitterness in his voice. She comments on there not being much love loss between him and Rick. She says the business can be very cut throat. Owen says Rick just needed a scapegoat. Jackie tells him she looked through his portfolio. Owen is anxious to hear what she thought. Jackie tells him he seems to have some very fine talent and some potential. They basically flirt with each other and Jackie tells him he’s a cocky one. She says it coyly with a smile.

In Eric’s office, Steffy tries to convince her mother she can trust Rick. Taylor is frustrated. Steffy says her mom doesn’t think Rick’s feelings are real. Taylor tries to get her to see, which one would be worse. Taylor understands she doesn’t like hiding the truth from Rick, but asks if she wants to see her brother go to jail. Steffy asks what about Pam being in jail. Taylor tells her she spoke to Stephanie earlier, who said the lawyer feels the case is weak and the prosecution would probably lose. They released Pam. Steffy is shocked to find Pam is out. She said Rick will be worried, since he thinks Pam was targeting him. Taylor implores her to keep the secret to protect her brother. Thomas walks in and says it’s too late. Rick knows the truth. Both Steffy and Taylor are shocked.

Ridge and Rick continue to talk. Rick says he’s holding all the cards. He wants Ridge to convince him why he should save Thomas.

Jackie and Owen laugh and share conversation. Her order is ready and Jackie seems disappointed. Owen says he should have invited her to join him. Jackie offers to pay for his drink along with her meal. He tries to decline, but she playfully reminds him he’s unemployed. She thanks him for the nice afternoon diversion. As she walks away, Jackie pauses to turn and watch Owen. Owen finishes off his drink.

Taylor is frantic and wants to know how Rick found out. Thomas tells her Rick came by to confront him about the punch. He just lost it and Rick figured out the truth. Taylor asks what Rick did. Did he call the police? Thomas says Ridge showed up and wanted to talk to Rick alone. He thought he could reason with Rick. Both women are concerned to hear the two men are alone. Steffy still thinks she can convince Rick to keep quiet. Thomas says don’t count on it, since this is another way to torment Ridge. Steffy’s expression is one of confidence.

Rick stands with his arms crossed and tells Ridge to convince him why Thomas shouldn’t go to prison. Ridge says he’s in another form of a tragedy. He’s watching his family disintegrate and Rick is at the middle of it all. Rick is incredulous that Ridge is blaming all this on him. Ridge tells him he’s not blaming him, but trying to get him to have compassion for what Thomas was feeling. Rick gets in Ridge’s face and says Thomas could have talked to him man to man. Instead, he went in for the kill. Ridge says he and Thomas agree what he did was wrong. Ridge lays out how Rick dated Taylor and took Phoebe away forever. Thomas was scared Rick would hurt Steffy. Rick thinks that’s ridiculous. Ridge says Thomas is a young kid trying to be the man of the house. It was just too much and he blames himself for not seeing it sooner. Ridge tells Rick he has a responsibility too. He reminds Rick of his plea to do something for their family to make up for the loss of Phoebe. Ridge tells him this is the time to do just that. He can show a little compassion and not throw Thomas’ life away. Rick listens, but is noncommittal.

Rick asks Ridge if he really wants him to let Thomas walks away form this. Ridge again emphasizes Thomas wasn’t trying to hurt him. Rick walks over and lounges on the couch in an arrogant manner. He tells Ridge the people investigating won’t see it that way. It looks like attempted murder. Ridge rolls his eyes. Rick reminds him of the note Thomas left. He read it as a death threat. He reminds Rick he said he keeps saying he feels the loss of Phoebe too. This gesture would make Steffy so happy. He says sending Thomas to jail, would hurt her. Is that what he wants to do? Rick sighs and says his silence in return for Thomas freedom. He tells Ridge it’s a deal, but it comes with a high price. Ridge thinks he means money. Rick says that’s Ridge’s way, but no. He talks about painting his house and replacing his rare car. Ridge says done. Rick says he’s not done. He wants equal footing at Forrester. He is Eric Forrester, Jr. and wants s to be treated that way. Ridge remains silent. Rick rubs it in he’s not done. He said he’ll reserve Thomas’ freedom, but he gets Steffy. He is very smug and gets in Ridge’s face. Rick tells him he will accept the relationship with Steffy; all the ups and downs and ins and out. He laughs and tells Ridge and there will be a lot of ins and outs, if he knows what he means. Ridge almost flinches, but is silent. Rick puts the finishing touches on by saying all the years he had to accept his relationship with his mother. He hammers home the finer points of what this all entails. Ridge swallows, but doesn’t say a word. Rick points his finger and tells Ridge he will endure all the things he has had to. Rick tries to goad him into hitting him. Rick says it’s justice. He hopes Ridge feels what he’s felt. He’s taking Steffy along for the ride. He adds with innuendo, oh what a ride it will be. Ridge bites his tongue and uses self restraint to keep from punching Rick’s lights out. Rick gets right in Ridge’s face and tells him he owns his ass and Steffy’s. Ridge’s eyes shoot venom.

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