B&B Monday Update 3/23/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/23/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Big Bear, Steffy and Thomas continue to argue over Rick. Thomas wants to keep Steffy away from Rick. Steffy says he’s crazy and she can’t believe he tried to kill Rick. Taylor and Ridge stand by and let the kids try to work out their differences.

Jackie is working in her office, when Nick comes in. He tries to talk her into taking a break. She says Jackie M isn’t completely out of the woods. There’s work to be done. Nick tells her she can work on it tomorrow. He tells her to relax and enjoy a moment not worrying. She says she could relax and enjoy, if Bridget was back in his life and Katie was gone. Nick looks stunned at his mom’s outburst and the direction of the conversation.

Brooke goes to see Pam in jail. Pam is surprised and wants to know what Brooke wants. Brooke says she’s looking for answers. Pam wants answers too, since she can’t understand why she’s still in jail. She denies trying to kill Rick. Pam tries to walk out, but Brooke tells her she’s talked to Stephanie. Pam waits to hear what Brooke has to say. Stephanie is convinced Pam didn’t do it. Pam asks if Brooke needs to be convinced too. Brooke tells Pam she wants her to confess. Pam looks shocked at the suggestion.

At the cabin, Thomas tells Steffy he was wrong. He was being selfish. He was just trying to protect the family. Steffy listens stoically. Taylor tries to intervene, but Thomas says he deserves this. He felt like he had to be the man of the house every since his parents divorced. Steffy pointedly tells him he just needs to accept the fact she loves Rick. Thomas says he can’t. Thomas says he was going to barge in and pull Steffy out of Rick’s the night of the press conference. He couldn’t handle his baby sister being with Rick. He emotionally says he couldn’t even look at her. This is when he grabbed the lighter fluid, after she came out. He was going to beg her to stop seeing Rick. Ridge tries to get him to stop by saying they all know what happened. Steffy says she doesn’t. She tells Thomas just flipped out over her and Rick. She asks about the car. Taylor comes over and rubs Thomas’ shoulders in comfort. Steffy yells at Thomas he blew up Rick’s car. Steffy tells her mother to stop consoling Thomas. Taylor says they’re all in a lot of pain. Steffy says Rick could have been killed. Ridge dismissively says Rick wasn’t hurt. Steffy says that doesn’t make it alright. Thomas is almost in tears. He tells his sister he would undo it if he could. Steffy says he can’t, but Rick needs to know the truth. Both Taylor and Ridge say no in unison. Steffy goes on to say Rick thinks his life is in danger, so he deserves to know the truth. Before her parents can say more, her cell phone buzzes. She pulls it out of her pocket and says it’s Rick. Ridge tells her not to answer, but she has already.

Rick is at his mother’s, when he calls Steffy. He wants to know what’s going on, since she hung up so abruptly before. She tells him it’s her family. He thinks she sounds tense. She tells him she has to talk to him, but her parents don’t want him to know what she has to say. Taylor, Ridge and Thomas all watch her holding their breath.

Ridge goes over and grabs Steffy’s arm with her phone. He asks her not to do this. Don’t punish Thomas for trying to help her. She shoots back what about punishing Pam. Taylor begs her to give them more time to figure this all out.

Rick looks at his phone and asks if she’s still there. Steffy tells him she has to go, but she’ll see him soon. Rick reminds her she was going to tell him something. She plays it off, saying she just wanted to say she misses him. She’ll be home soon and nothing will ever keep them apart. She says this with emphasis as she looks at her dad with a smile. Ridge looks at her with a trapped expression.

Nick tells his mother she doesn’t want to talk about his love life. She counters that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Nick tells her she doesn’t have anything going on in her life. If she had something going on, she wouldn’t be meddling in his life. Jackie is quiet and looks reflective. Nick tells her quietly its okay to feel a little lonely.

At the jail, Pam emphatically tells Brooke she’s not going to confess. Brooke says the police have all the evidence they need. Brooke tells Pam she couldn’t sleep before, but now that she’s in jail it’s been better. Pam sees Brooke isn’t sure. Brooke whispers to Pam she can just nod her head and not say anything. She won’t go to the DA, but she needs to know. Pam says she didn’t do it. Brooke argues that she did. Pam again denies it and says she hates Rick. She thinks he’s a spoiled, arrogant brat. She didn’t try to kill him though. Brooke is almost in anguish and says it has to be. Pam asks if it’s because of what happened to Donna. She reminds Brooke she was sick then. She appeals to Brooke to help get her out of jail, so the police can concentrate on the real nutcase out there. Brooke looks taken aback at how strongly Pam presents her case.

Steffy tells her family they have to know how incredibly wrong this is; keeping Rick in the dark and Pam in jail. Thomas agrees. Taylor and Ridge try to justify his actions. Taylor says he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Steffy says this is hurting Pam, since she was finally getting her act together. Ridge asks if she really thinks Rick will forgive Thomas. He reminds her how Rick has been trying to wreak havoc for weeks. He wanted to destroy his life and family. Steffy says it’s all in the past. She’ll talk to Rick, who will listen to her. Ridge and Taylor think it’s too risky. Ridge says Thomas is their priority right now. Thomas in puzzled and asks his dad what this all means. Ridge says this family has lost too much already, they will not lose Thomas. Ridge grabs his son and holds him in his arms. Taylor looks on with a worried expression. Steffy watches silently.

In her office, Jackie tells Nick she just expressed an opinion about his love life. How can he compare her to Stephanie? Nick looks puzzled. Jackie talks about how bitter and lonely Stephanie is and doesn’t see herself the same way. Jackie denies being lonely. Nick asks how long it’s been since she had a “gentleman friend”. Jackie hedges the question saying she keeps busy with work. She also has Nick and Jack. Nick says that’s all fine, but there’s something missing. He quietly asks his mother if she really wants to be worrying about him and Katie’s relationship. Jackie softly says no, that’s not who she is. She doesn’t want everyone to be miserable like her. Nick tells her he thinks there’s someone out there, who can appreciate her. Jackie isn’t as sure. Nick tells her she has to get out of the office. Jackie jokes not necessarily, since the delivery boy gave her the eye today. Nick jokes back with her that it’s a start. Jackie hugs him and thanks him for being so concerned about her.

Brooke arrives home. Rick is waiting and asks if Pam denied everything. Brooke says yes. Rick isn’t surprised. Brooke thought it would make a difference to look Pam in the eye. Rick tells her that’s why Stephanie was there today. She just wanted to plant a seed of doubt. Brooke says she told Pam she just needed to know the truth for her own peace of mind. Brooke says she knows Stephanie and when she’s playing games. Rick thinks she’s just trying to stir the pot and cause problems in Brooke’s marriage. Brooke cuts him off and says what if Stephanie is sincere and Pam isn’t responsible. What if the person is still out there somewhere?

Back at the cabin, Steffy talks face to face with Thomas alone. She lets him know how scared she was for Rick’s life. She doesn’t know what she would have done if he had died. Thomas earnestly tells Steffy he’s sorry. Steffy is in tears and nods her head. She takes Thomas hand and hugs him. Thomas looks a bit surprised. Steffy holds him tightly around the neck and shakes her head at all the turmoil.

In the bedroom, Ridge and Taylor talk. Taylor paces in agitation. Ridge says they will not lose their son. There has to be something they can do. They sit on the bed together and look at each other. Ridge reaches for Taylor’s hand. He holds it as she leans her head on his shoulder for support.

Jackie is alone in her office. She replays her conversation with Nick. She smiles to herself.

Steffy walks around the cabin with her cell in her hand. Thomas asks if she’s going to call Rick. She looks at him, but doesn’t answer. Thomas asks what she can say to Rick. Steffy says she knows what she wants to say, but she’s not sure what to do. Thomas tells her to do what she has to, since he can’t stop her. He walks away. Steffy sits and dials.

At Brooke’s, Rick tries to convince his mother Stephanie was trying to confuse her. His cells phone rings and he tells Brooke its Steffy. He takes the call. Steffy tells him she’s sorry for hanging up on him again. Rick asks if things are crazy. He will come get her if she wants. She tells him she’ll be home soon. He sarcastically says daddy dearest is letting up. Steffy is noncommittal with her answer. Rick figures Ridge isn’t in the room. Steffy lets him know her parents are in the bedroom talking. Rick raises his eyebrows at this tidbit. Brooke is standing behind him and not privy to the conversation. Steffy tells Rick she’ll see him in a few hours. Rick says he can’t wait. They both say I love you. Thomas watches and listens unseen from the door.

Brooke asks Rick if Steffy is okay. Rick automatically says Ridge is giving her a hard time. Brooke defends Ridge saying he’s keeping his daughter safe. Rick won’t believe Pam is innocent. Brooke tries to plant some doubt and says what if Stephanie is right. Rick says Ridge just wants this time to deprogram Steffy. Brooke says Ridge was concerned about more than Steffy. He’s the one that wanted the police unit outside the house. Brooke wonders if Stephanie could be right.

Taylor rests on Ridge’s shoulder and wonders what happened to their family. Phoebe is gone; Steffy is with Rick and now Thomas. Ridge holds her hands tightly and says he didn’t see it coming. Taylor says maybe she didn’t want to see it. She jumps up from the bed to pace some more. Ridge tells her not to blame herself. Taylor says she’s only worried about what they can do to protect Thomas. Ridge says that is the most important thing right now. Taylor agonizes over why Thomas didn’t talk to her. She feels he was ashamed of her. He kept all this anger bottled up inside. Ridge thinks being the man of the house just took its toll. Ridge says they shouldn’t dwell on what got them here, but what they need to do now. Taylor says Rick will have a field day with this. Ridge says Rick can’t know. Taylor holds her head in frustration and asks how. Ridge says Steffy loves her family, so she’ll hold on to that. Taylor is in pain and wants to know when this all will end. Ridge tells her they have to be the strong ones for their family. He sits on the bed next to her and puts his hand on Taylor’s back. She’s almost in tears as she tells him he’s the only one that’s been able to calm her since Phoebe’s death. He affectionately calls her “doc” and says he’s there for her. She’s not alone and they’ll get through this together. She leans on his chest and he puts his arm around her. She’s almost in tears as she asks if he really thinks they can save Thomas. He says they’ll get through this no matter what it takes. His face wears a determined look.

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