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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/18/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At the cabin, Ridge and Taylor are having a conversation about the person targeting Rick. Taylor tells him it wasn’t Pam. Ridge says she sounds so sure. How could she be? Taylor says she is very certain. She wears a expression on her face.

Steffy is outside the cabin talking to Rick on the phone. Thomas sits by and can hear the conversation. He looks irritated. Steffy tells Rick everything is fine. The family has been able to talk without yelling, etc. Rick tries to get her to tell him where she is, so he can come get her. Steffy says he should be concentrating on himself. Rick isn’t worried, since Pam is in jail. He lets her know a cop car has been hanging out also. With irritation in his voice, Rick tells her Stephanie has been over too. Steffy is surprised. Rick tells her Stephanie is just using this to keep them apart. She’s badgering Brooke as usual.

Inside Brooke’s house, Stephanie tries to talk to Brooke. She’s worried about the children. Brooke tells her she’s the one disturbing their peace. Ridge will take care of his family, when he gets home. Stephanie tells her in times of trouble, Ridge will always turn to Taylor and his children with her.

Ridge wants to know why Taylor didn’t say anything. Taylor is distressed and tries to find an easy way to tell Ridge the truth. She rambles about how she was with Nick and he was seeing Ashley. He was in his own world. The kids only had each other pretty much. The girls depended on Thomas. Ridge doesn’t understand where the conversation is going. Taylor tells him she’s trying to get there. She tells him Thomas looks up to him. He’s a role model and Thomas’ identity as a man. Ridge not liking Rick made Thomas feel the same way. Ridge looks baffled, but says okay. Ridge interjects Thomas loves her too. Ridge says Thomas was happy for her, when she got engaged to Rick. Taylor fights back tears and says she didn’t give Thomas much choice. Taylor says the bottom line is they made it impossible for their kids to be honest with them. Ridge doesn’t understand why they’re rehashing all this now. Taylor presses on. She tells him, when their family fell apart Thomas felt like he had to be the man of the house. Ridge is taken aback by this admission. Taylor tells him how Thomas feels like he should have been able to save Phoebe. Ridge says only one person is responsible for Phoebe’s death. Taylor says that’s exactly how Thomas feels. Ridge finally gets insight as to what Taylor has been trying to say. He’s dumbfounded and says she can’t be saying it was Thomas.

Steffy continues talking to Rick on the phone. She’s happy she doesn’t have to worry about him, since the police are paying attention. They continue to exchange light banter about missing each other. Steffy notices Thomas becoming more agitated, so she ends the conversation. Thomas jumps all over her about continuing her relationship with Rick. Steffy says he knows how she feels. She angrily tells him to relax, since it seems he’s been wound up for the last year. She says their dad is back and loving them. He and Taylor are having a heart to heart right now, so no one expects Thomas to fix what’s broken. Thomas says what if no one can “fix it”. Steffy looks at him in frustration. Thomas tells her if she wants to make a run for it, now is her chance. He heads for the door.

Stephanie is still at Brooke’s, where she tries to convince her to be more concerned about her own family. She reminds Brooke how close Ridge and Taylor are. Brooke says Stephanie is living in a fantasy world. Taylor and Ridge have had past marriages, engagements, etc., but that’s the past. Stephanie says the two lost a child, which bonds them even more. Brooke says Ridge will be home soon, since Pam is in jail. Stephanie tells Brooke she needs to get her head out of the sand. She should be a bit skeptical for her children’s sake.

Taylor and Ridge continue talking about Thomas. Ridge is shocked Thomas is responsible for the attacks on Rick. Taylor explains about the fibers and the sweater Pam made. Ridge is in a state of disbelief. Taylor lets him know Thomas admitted to her what he has done. Ridge emphatically says Thomas is not a killer. He wasn’t trying to hurt Rick, Taylor explains. Taylor explains how Thomas just wanted to get some power back. He wanted Rick to feel uncertain and scared. He wanted to step us as a man and protect his family.

Thomas walks in on his parent’s conversation. He looks at Ridge’s face and knows he has learned the truth. He tells Ridge he feels so ashamed Pam is in jail instead of him. He’s sorry he let someone push him into doing things he knows are wrong. Ridge is still shocked and speechless. Thomas says for one minute, do not ask him to apologize for keeping that bastard away from his sister. Ridge still looks dazed.

Ridge approaches his son and says he wishes Thomas felt he could have come to him. Thomas is emotional and tells his father he’s not really part of their family anymore. He really hadn’t been there for them, even though he said so. In reality , he had his other family to worry about. Thomas says it was his job to look after their family. Taylor tells him that’s not true. It’s not just one person’s job. They look after each other. Thomas lashes out at his mother and asks how she was doing that when she was got caught up with Phoebe’s boyfriend. How was she doing that when she was crying over the daughter she lost and Rick was hitting on Steffy? Taylor looks shaken. Ridge tells Thomas that’s enough. Ridge asks if he and Thomas can have a moment alone. Taylor leaves.

Brooke is frustrated Stephanie is still there harassing her. Rick comes in and jokingly asks if her car blew up too. He sarcastically offers her a ride. Stephanie laughs and says not with him. She tells Rick her business is with his “mommy” and not him. Rick tells her Steffy wouldn’t be happy to know her grandmother has been harassing them all day. Stephanie taunts him he doesn’t know where Steffy is right now. Rick is happy to let her know he just got off the phone with Steffy. Stephanie is taken by surprise. She tells Rick if he really cared for Steffy, he would leave her alone. Rick says their definitions of caring are very different. Stephanie’s voice is serious, when she tells him someone wants him dead. He’s so arrogant. He won’t even see it coming.

Taylor joins Steffy outside the cabin. They try to figure out some initials carved in a tree. It starts a conversation about love. Taylor says it always feels never ending. She apologizes for what happened at Rick’s. Steffy bitterly says Thomas isn’t sorry. Taylor tries to defend Thomas. She says Thomas hides his feelings. He thinks he has to be strong for the women in his life. Steffy says throwing punches isn’t strong. Taylor says sometimes people feel like they have to resort to violence, especially when they feel powerless. Steffy can’t believe her mom is defending this behavior. Steffy tells her mother she understands her trying to protect her from danger. Taylor says she doesn’t feel that anymore. Steffy is a bit angry and asks why they’re at the cabin, if that’s the case. Taylor tells her she definitely knows it wasn’t Pam trying to hurt Rick. Steffy anxiously asks who is responsible. Taylor quietly says Thomas.

Inside the cabin, Ridge tells Thomas obviously he wasn’t happy with them. Ridge says he and Taylor could have made some better choices. Thomas is enraged. He says he was taught to take action. He couldn’t just stand by, since Rick disgusts him. Rick used Phoebe and seduced his mother. Now, Rick is after Steffy and Phoebe is dead because of him. None of this stopped Rick. Thomas says Rick is sick and maybe standing by and watching made him a bit sick too. Thomas forcefully says he’s sorry for what he did, but Rick belongs in hell. He painfully says maybe he does too. Ridge grabs Thomas and holds him close. He tells him he understands.

At Brooke’s, Stephanie is fed up. She tells Brooke don’t say she didn’t try to warn her. Both Rick and Brooke are glad she’s leaving. Brooke says as a parting shot hasn’t Stephanie noticed there have been no more attacks, since Pam has been in jail. Stephanie counters that they have police protection. What happens when they leave? Rick says there is rock solid evidence to connect Pam. Stephanie reminds Rick there are many, many, people who would like to see him dead. When one gets caught, there’s a whole line waiting to get him. Brooke says that’s a horrible thing to say. Stephanie reminds them there’s a whole world of fibers out there. She says sweet dreams and leaves. Rick and Brooke watch her leave. Their faces show mixed emotions.

Ridge tells Thomas it’s happened to him. Rick has pushed him until he doesn’t know who he is. Thomas says people like Rick shouldn’t even be tolerated. No one did anything. Rick was feeding off the women in his family. He had to do something, even though he did it all wrong. Ridge looks tense. He tells Thomas he’s has the same feelings. Thomas says Rick turned him into something he didn’t want to be. He has to take Pam’s place in jail and be disgraced. His only sister will hate him. There had to be a right way to save Steffy from Rick. He never found it. He turns to Ridge and earnestly asks if he can. Ridge looks at him with pain in his face.

Outside, Taylor and Steffy continue their conversation. Steffy can’t believe Thomas is responsible for the attacks on Rick. She thinks he’s covering for someone. Taylor tells her Thomas was pushed to his limit. He’s been carrying a huge burden and just wanted to scare Rick. Steffy gets upset and says she trusted Thomas and can’t believe he’d do those things. Taylor holds Steffy’s face in her hands and tells her Thomas would do anything for her. He loves his only sister left and feels protective. Steffy walks toward the cabin door. Taylor tries to stop her.

Steffy bursts in the door and asks Thomas who is he. Ridge just told Thomas he can’t live Steffy’s life for her. Thomas tells Steffy he’s her big brother and loves her so much. Steffy says this isn’t love. Thomas says he got carried away and he’s sorry. Steffy is tearful and says her own brother. She shakes her head in denial. He tried to kill the man she loves. She can’t believe he would do something like this. Thomas is emotional and reminds Steffy he begged her to end things with Rick. She told him she would, but didn’t. Taylor and Ridge stand by and are silent. Thomas tells his sister, when someone you love is hurting themselves you don’t stand by and watch. He says she loves Rick, but he was hurting their family. Steffy stands with her hand covering her mouth. Thomas says after what Rick did to Phoebe and used their mother, someone had to do something. Steffy tells him he had no right. She accuses Thomas of back stabbing her. Thomas tells her he had to step in and stop Rick. He points his finger and says she will not see Rick anymore. He will not let that happen, he says with emphasis. Steffy looks defiant, but surprised at the vehemence in his voice.

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