B&B Monday Update 3/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/16/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Big Bear, Taylor sits alone in the living room. She holds the sweater Pam made for Thomas. She replays the conversation she had with Stephanie about Pam. The police connected Pam to the attempts on Rick’s life, due to fibers found from the yarn she crochets with. Thomas interrupts her thoughts, when he comes in.

Pam has a visitor at jail. It’s Donna. Donna taunts Pam with a gift. It’s a stuffed puppy that looks like Pam’s old dog. Pam is happy, until she sees Donna fixed it so the head comes off. She also brought her crocheted handcuffs. Pam is not amused.

Outside the cabin, Steffy calls Rick. She tells him how much she misses him and she’s fine. He’s just glad she’s okay. He can manage a few days, since they have the rest of their lives together. She doesn’t tell him her location, which is fine with him. He tells her Stephanie is trying to get Pam sprung from jail. Steffy isn’t sure it’s Pam. Rick tells Steffy not to let her family brainwash her about him.

Thomas thinks Taylor is a bit out of it. He asks where Steffy has gone. Taylor says she went out for some air and Ridge is out there too. Thomas offers to check on Steffy.

Taylor asks Thomas if they can spend some time alone. Thomas’ wonders what’s wrong, but Taylor says she just wants to talk to him. Thomas agrees and says he’s starving. He heads to the table to eat, while Taylor looks deep in thought. She flashes back to holding the sweater and having fibers on her hands. Thomas says it’s nice for them to be together as a family. Taylor reminds him they’re together, because they think Steffy could be in danger with Rick’s situation. She mentions how Stephanie doesn’t think Pam could be responsible. How does he feel? Thomas says Pam is a sweetie. She couldn’t have done it. Taylor mentions Pam made him the sweater. Thomas says it’s great. He wants to know how they can help get Pam out of jail. Taylor says they have to be able to show someone else did this. Thomas doesn’t answer, but eats his breakfast.

Outside the cabin, Ridge calls Brooke. She wants to know where he is. Ridge tells her he doesn’t want Rick knowing where Steffy is right now. Brooke tells him it was wrong for him to be part of what happened last night. Ridge says he didn’t like the way it went down. He’s a father worried about losing another daughter. He tells Brooke she should be worried about Rick. Even though he doesn’t like Rick, he doesn’t want her to go through that.

Stephanie waits in Eric’s office at Forrester. Marcus walks in and asks if she rang. Stephanie says Pam is innocent and she wants to get her out. Marcus says she thinks his mother is responsible. Stephanie says she knows Steffy broke his heart. They did this to get back at Rick. If he confesses, she’ll help him get a good lawyer. Marcus just looks at her with a scornful expression.

At the jail, Donna says she warned everyone about how crazy Pam was. No one believed her and thought it was the scar tissue. Pam says it wasn’t her. She thinks Donna framed her. Donna looks shocked at the accusation.

Rick goes by Brooke’s. He tells her he’s surprised “Tommy boy’s” punch was that great. Brooke looks at his eye and says he had no right to do that. Rick says the whole situation was uncalled for. Brooke says she told Ridge the same thing. Pam is in jail and he’s safe. If he thought Steffy was in danger he’d take care of it. He reminds his mother how he feels about Steffy.

At the cabin, Steffy sits looking unhappy. Ridge sees her and tells her she may not understand it, but it was for the best. Steffy doesn’t agree and wonders what got into Thomas with him belting Rick. Ridge doesn’t answer.

Inside, Taylor sits with Thomas at the table. He says it bothers him that Aunt Pam is sitting in a jail cell. He doesn’t think it makes sense for her to go after Rick. Taylor suggests maybe Pam holds him responsible for Phoebe’s death. Thomas says Rick is responsible. He doesn’t understand how Steffy can even let Rick touch her. He starts to get agitated and tells his mom he doesn’t want to talk about Rick. It makes him a little crazy. Taylor watches him closely. Thomas asks what she wants to talk to him about. Taylor says just thinking about the things that have happened to their family. It’s been hard for all of them. She thinks it was especially painful for him. He had hopes for his family and she and Ridge divorced. She’s made some bad choices in men, people he didn’t really like. She mentions Nick and Rick. He says he’s so glad she didn’t get together with Rick. He bitterly says he wonders how Rick feels fooling around with his dead ex’s sister. Taylor says he’s always been so protective of his sisters. They’ve always looked up to him and loved him. Thomas wants to know why she’s talking like this. Taylor says she knows he loves his family. Thomas looks at his mother intently and it dawns on him she thinks he did the things to Rick. He asks if she believes he’s responsible. Taylor remains silent, but meets his gaze.

Still at the jail, Donna continues to mess with Pam. Pam thinks she and Marcus wanted to see her in jail. Donna gets angry and says they will not pin this on her or Marcus. She knows how much Stephanie and Pam would love to get her out of Eric’s life. She is not responsible for what’s happened. The police have made their arrest and it will stick.

At Brooke’s, Rick tells his mother not to fall for Ridge’s garbage. It’s just another ploy to keep him away from Steffy. Brooke believes he’s just trying to protect Steffy. Rick again says Pam is in jail. Brooke says for the time being, he should just let Steffy have some space. Brooke tells him this relationship will only cause him trouble. She wishes he would rethink this whole thing. Rick tells her she better get used to it. He and Steffy will be together he says confidently.

Steffy tells her dad she knows it’s his job to protect her. Ridge tells her there is a very unstable person out there. He doesn’t want to risk her being caught in the middle. She’s safe being with her family right now.

Inside the cabin, Thomas can’t believe his mother thinks he would try to kill Rick. He angrily says he despises Rick, but he’s not a murderer. Taylor backs off and gets coffee for them. Thomas looks at her and quietly says he only wanted to scare him. Taylor drops the cup in shock. Thomas goes on to say if she thinks he started the fire and blew up Rick’s car, he did. He didn’t want to hurt him. Taylor looks at him and shakes her head astounded.

Donna is leaving the police station, when she runs into Stephanie. Stephanie wants to know what she’s doing there. Donna says she had to see it for herself. Pam is finally where she should be. She tells Stephanie she knows they’d like to pin this on her and Marcus. She tells Stephanie don’t waste her time, since there’s no evidence. Stephanie says if she could get Donna locked away it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Stephanie walks in to see Pam. Pam is happy to see her. They hug. Stephanie says she saw Donna was here. Pam shows her the dog. Stephanie agrees Donna shouldn’t have been there to torture her. Pam begs Stephanie again to believe she didn’t do this. Stephanie hugs her in comfort and tells her she’s working to get her out of there.

Rick tells his mother he’s so frustrated. He and Steffy haven’t had any time together. Brooke says Ridge and Taylor agreed to back off. Rick says what they pulled last night says they aren’t ready to accept the relationship. He says Stephanie is relentless. He wonders how his mother survived that all these years. Brooke sighs and says she’s not sure, but she did. She’s more concerned about him right now. If what Stephanie says is true and Pam is innocent, there’s a maniac out there that wants him dead.

At the cabin, Taylor grabs her head and looks at the broken cup. Thomas is very emotional and says he hates Rick’s guts. First he was with Phoebe and broke her heart. Then his mother fell in love with him and Rick moved in their home. Thomas is almost in tears as he says he was the man of the house after Ridge moved out. Rick came in with all his smooth talking arrogance. Thomas couldn’t stand having him around. Taylor asks why he didn’t’ say anything. Thomas loudly says he just wanted her to be happy. She was having a hard time with everything else going on. She didn’t need her son’s disapproval. Taylor sadly tells him she’s so sorry. She had no idea. Thomas said he just kept his feelings inside and wore a smile, when Rick was around. Thomas says he hated seeing Rick in the mornings, knowing he had shared her bed. First his sister and then his own mother, knowing they were vulnerable. Rick took advantage and didn’t deserve either one of them. Taylor drops her head. Thomas tells her there was nothing he could do, so he just went along with it. He throws his hands up and says finally thank God, she came to her senses and dumped Rick. That was the best day for him. He thought their lives would get back to normal. It didn’t last, since Rick didn’t stay out of their lives. Phoebe came home and the next thing he knew she was dead. It didn’t stop there, but Rick goes after her twin. Steffy thinks she’s in love with the man, who killed her twin sister. How could this happen? Thomas said he had to stop him. He had to take his power over their family away. He just wanted to scare him. He wipes tears from his eyes. Taylor moves towards him, but Thomas stops her. He says he’s sorry. He cries and says he was stupid and now Aunt Pam is in jail because of him. Taylor touches his face and pulls him in her arms, where she rocks him. He cries and says he really screwed up.

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