B&B Friday Update 3/13/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/13/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Eric’s office, Stephanie explains to Thomas and Taylor about Pam being arrested. She says the police have fibers that connect Pam to the crime scenes. Thomas doesn’t believe Aunt Pam could be responsible. Taylor knows Pam has had some lapses in the past and tells Stephanie to let her know if she can do something. Stephanie says she doesn’t believe Pam is responsible, which means the real culprit is out there. Steffy isn’t safe with Rick and is alone at the beach house with him. Thomas’ face shows his concern as Stephanie talks.

Ridge and Brooke languish in bed after making love. Ridge caresses her as Brooke says she feels so good right now. She feels so safe about Rick right now and wants him to feel the same way about Steffy. Their evening is interrupted, when the phone rings. It’s Taylor. She asks to speak to Ridge. Brooke says they’re busy. Taylor’s voice is brusque as she demands Brooke put Ridge on the phone. Brooke does as she asks. Ridge asks what’s up. Taylor tells him she needs to speak to him right now, because Steffy could be in danger. She needs him to come over to Eric’s office right away. Ridge agrees to meet her. Brooke wants to know what’s happening. Ridge says Taylor sounded pretty intense about Steffy being in danger. He’s going to see her. Brooke looks disappointed, when he rolls out of bed.

At the beach house, Rick has cooked dinner and has wine for him and Steffy. Steffy says she can’t believe how Stephanie attacked him before. Rick said he just blows her off. Rick kisses her hands and tells her it’s their party and Stephanie is not invited. He kisses her and says Stephanie wouldn’t like what she sees. Steffy laughs and looks mesmerized by Rick.

Katie goes to Brooke’s. They discuss Pam. Katie thought all of this craziness was taken care of with the surgery. Brooke says Donna always thought it was a put on. She’s just glad her son is safe now. Katie wonders where Ridge is, since she thought they’d be celebrating. Brooke says they were, until Taylor called. Katie asks what she wanted. Brooke says attention, but she claimed Steffy was in danger. Katie asks what there is to worry about. Brooke says nothing, but Taylor likes drama. She can stir the pot to be close to Ridge. Katie asks if she thinks Taylor is coming on to Ridge. Brooke says undoubtedly in her own way. Katie asks if she’s concerned. Brooke says no, since she and Ridge are committed to each other. She just feels sorry for Taylor.

Ridge arrives at Eric’s office. Taylor thanks him for coming so quickly. Ridge wants to know what is going on. Stephanie tells him Steffy is at the beach house alone with Rick. Ridge says they’ve been down this path before. Taylor says Stephanie doesn’t think Pam is responsible for the attempts on Rick. It’s a set up. Stephanie asks if he really thinks Pam is capable of buying plastic explosives, etc. The real culprit is still on the loose, which puts Steffy in danger. Ridge wants to know what they can do. Can they go drag Steffy out of there? Stephanie says yes. Ridge looks surprised by her answer.

Katie asks why Ridge would go to Taylor. Brooke says because he’s vulnerable to Steffy and Taylor knows this. She plays on this. Katie says she won’t get Ridge back this way. Brooke says Taylor is feeling guilty because of her involvement with Rick. She hurt Phoebe, so now she has to protect Steffy. She tells Katie she knows this sounds ridiculous.

At Forrester, Ridge tells his family they’re overreacting. Taylor can’t believe he’s blowing this off. Stephanie says Brooke has convinced him Steffy is safe with Rick. Ridge says he doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t want to keep fighting with Steffy. He’ll just alienate her. Taylor says she knows they talked about it, but she changed her mind. Thomas chimes in Rick is bad news. Stephanie can’t believe Ridge feels this way, after all that’s happened. Taylor reminds him how Rick has made a lot of people unhappy. Someone hates him enough to try to kill him and more than once. Ridge says he’s tried to talk to Steffy many times. Thomas is angry and says can’t he see what Rick is doing to their family. Stephanie asks if he can live with himself if something happens to her. She’s alone with Rick right now and a target as much as he is. Taylor begs him to help, saying his mother is right. If something happened to their daughter they could never forgive themselves. Taylor pleads him to go over there with her. Ridge looks uncertain.

At the beach house, Rick and Steffy continue kissing. He has candles lit and asks if she’s ready for dinner. They have light banter as they prepare to eat Kobe beef. Steffy says she wishes every evening could be like this. Rick says it can, since her parents aren’t standing in the way. Steffy says she doesn’t ever, ever want to leave there. They seal it with a kiss.

Stephanie goes to Brooke’s house. Brooke has on a sexy short night gown. She doesn’t realize its Stephanie coming in the bedroom and says look what you’ve been missing. She turns around and sees Stephanie and is stunned. Stephanie asks if that’s all the Logan girls do is sit around in their underwear all day. Brooke demands to know what Stephanie is doing there. Steffy tells her Rick isn’t safe. Brooke looks worried and asks if Pam has been released. Stephanie says she doesn’t believe Pam is the one after Rick. She’s been with Taylor and Ridge. Brooke thinks Stephanie is just causing problems. Stephanie says there could be another attempt on Rick’s life, which means her granddaughter isn’t safe. Brooke says she can guarantee there won’t be another attempt, since Pam is in jail. There’s enough evidence to put her away for years. Stephanie says Pam will be released, when the real person makes another attempt. Brooke is irritated and tells Stephanie to leave. Stephanie is frustrated and tells Brooke her priority is keeping Steffy safe. This means she needs to stay away from Rick. Brooke says good luck, since Ridge doesn’t even feel that way now. Stephanie says Ridge is only trying to appease her, even though he really doesn’t feel that way. Brooke says Ridge loves and respects her. Brooke taunts her about how no one listens to her anymore. Stephanie says she doesn’t understand why no one will believe her. Rick is still in real danger. She leaves in a huff.

Rick and Steffy enjoy their candlelight dinner. Rick says it’s a great day. Pam is behind bars and her family has accepted them. Steffy drinks wine and jokes about not being able to drive. They kiss as they talk about how to pass the time. They are interrupted by Taylor, Ridge and Thomas. Rick and Steffy are stunned to see them. Ridge says they are leaving. Steffy tells them they are way out of line. Rick says Stephanie sent in reinforcements. Ridge tells Rick he’s still in danger. Rick says Pam is locked up. Thomas says it wasn’t Pam. Rick tells him to shut up. Steffy says she’s not leaving. Rick reminds Ridge they weren’t going to get involved. Ridge says they’re trying to protect their daughter. Steffy says she’s not going. Taylor tells her they can discuss it in the car. Rick says Steffy isn’t going anywhere. Taylor says if he cares about her, he’d tell Steffy to go. Rick says again Pam is behind bars. Thomas punches Rick in the nose and he goes down. Steffy runs to his aid. Ridge and Thomas grab Steffy and hustle her out the door, with Taylor close behind them. Rick gets up from the floor, holding his eye.

Alone in her bedroom, Brooke prepares for bed. She looks at the picture from her wedding on the beach. She reminisces about her wedding vows with Ridge. She wears a smile on her face. Rick walks in looking roughed up. He tells his mother she will never guess what they just did. Brooke looks at him with concern and asks what he means. He tells her what happened with Taylor, Ridge and Thomas. Broke is shocked to learn Ridge was at his house and did this. Rick says that family is insane. He’ll find out where they took Steffy.

Up at the cabin, Ridge sits and looks at Steffy. Thomas goes to get firewood. Taylor brings in hot chocolate, which Steffy refuses. Steffy says this isn’t going to work. They’re crazy. Taylor says it’s only until the person is found. Steffy says the person was found. They tell her Pam was set up. Steffy says she’s not staying and heads towards the door. Ridge stops her. Thomas comes back with firewood. Steffy taunts him about feeling like a big man. Thomas said it felt good to hit Rick. Taylor says he shouldn’t have hit Rick. Thomas says he was supposed to just let Rick work his charm on his sister. Steffy says she’s with Rick because she wants to be. Thomas snidely says then she’s as messed up as Rick. Taylor tells them to stop. They just want Steffy to know they care about her. Steffy asks what about Rick. Ridge says Stephanie warned him, so it’s his choice. Steffy heads towards the door saying she needs air. Thomas tells her not to get any crazy ideas. Ridge follows her outdoors. Taylor holds her head in aggravation. She tells Thomas to give Steffy some slack. Thomas says he hates Rick and the thought of him touching Steffy. He asks if she’s going to be okay. He’s going to bed. She tells him she’ll be fine. He leaves.

Taylor cleans up around the cabin. She picks up Thomas’ sweater. She sees the label where Pam made it. She touches the sweater and gets something on her hand. She gets under the lamp and sees fibers. She remembers what Stephanie said about the police finding fibers at the crime scenes.

Thomas comes back in the living room. He says he was rough on Steffy and will make it up to her tomorrow. He suggests maybe they can stay a few days and it’ll seem like old times. Taylor is noncommittal. He hugs his mother and says he loves her. She tells him the same. He heads off to bed. Taylor stands holding the sweater, with a contemplative look on her face.

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