B&B Wednesday Update 3/11/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/11/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester, Pam protests to Stephanie and the police that she is innocent of setting the fire or blowing up Rick's car. Lt. Baker and his son question her about the yarn she uses in her crochet while Stephanie watches in a concerned fashion. Charlie tells his father quietly that Pam did it. Lt. Baker asks politely if they can look around the office. Stephanie asks if he has a warrant. He doesn't but can get one there easily, so she lets him look. Pam continues to defend herself, and Stephanie joins in the defense. Lt. Baker shows her the note that Rick received. Pam denies making that, too. Charlie tells her that the magazines used to make the note were from a surfer magazine. He reminds her that she was involved in the surf line. Charlie has been looking through the magazines and notices that November's issue is missing. Stephanie points out that anyone, including Owen, could have taken the magazine. The two policemen also tell Pam and Stephanie about the fibers that were found. Another police woman shows them a box she found that contains crochet supplies. Lt. Baker smells them and can tell they smell like car grease and lighter fluid. Pam assures him that she's never seen them before, not that he is surprised. They also find plastic explosives. Pam looks shocked, and Stephanie looks suspicious. The police arrest her. Pam grabs her ears, cries, and starts saying, "No! No!" like she can't handle it. Lt. Baker asks Stephanie to help them calm Pam down, so she does. Pam is calm for a minute, but then they handcuff her and read her Miranda rights, so she gets upset again as Stephanie protests.

Ridge tells Rick, Steffy and Brooke in Rick's office that he and Taylor decided not to risk alienating Steffy any further, even if they don't approve of their relationship. Brooke tells Ridge how much she loves him. Steffy smiles, but Rick is not convinced that Ridge is being honest. He wonders if this is just a convenient way for him to avoid looking suspicious for trying to kill him. Steffy gets annoyed with Rick and tells him that is not fair. Ridge points out that if he keeps the tension going, he can create more damage in their family, which is what he wants. Brooke tells Rick that he needs to accept Ridge's gesture of good faith.

Donna, Katie and Marcus discuss how whether the police are still investigating him or not. Marcus assures Donna that the police are there searching Owen's office, not his. Donna wonders if they are suspecting Pam. Katie doesn't think Pam has as good of a motive as Owen, since she got her job back. Donna suspects that Pam may be trying to defend Stephanie again, since Rick and Stephanie have been at odds. She is sure it's Pam and hopes they lock her away forever. They hear Pam yelling, so they go outside in the hallway to watch her being carted off by the police. Ridge and the rest also come out to see what all the ruckus is about. Donna says, "I knew it, you crazy freak!" Lt. Baker explains that they are arresting her for attempted murder. Rick is shocked that she tried to kill him. Pam denies it vehemently.

Lt. Baker sends the things they found in Pam's office to the lab to get them analyzed. They bring Pam into the station. She asks in a scared way why they're trying to railroad her. Stephanie is there with her. Pam confesses that she was angry at Rick for everything he did to their family, but she didn't take matters into her own hands. Lt. Baker counters, "You mean, like you did previously?" Stephanie tells her not to answer that or anything else. Later, they get the lab tests back and Charlie tells them that everything they found matched the crime scene. Pam starts getting very upset again when Lt. Baker says to book her. Stephanie tells her it's all right, but they still take Pam away. Stephanie promises her sister that nothing will happen, then she turns her best smirk toward the Bakers.

Donna, Katie, Marcus, Rick, Steffy, Brooke, and Ridge discuss Pam's arrest and whether she's guilty or not. Marcus finds out and tells them what the police found. Donna is the only one not surprised. Brooke thanks god that they caught her when they did. Marcus looks at Rick pointedly and says that the third time's a charm. Rick and Steffy get annoyed. Katie tells them to knock it off and that they should all be glad she didn't do anything else. Steffy doesn't know why she would do this, since she kept her job. Donna tells her that Pam will do anything for Stephanie. Ridge thinks Pam should have her day in court. Rick scoffs, wondering if Ridge is defending her. Ridge isn't because he can't forgive what Pam did to Eric, but he feels bad for his mother. Rick shakes his head and Donna makes a face like she also can't believe the sympathy that was expressed.

Later, Marcus tells Donna, alone in another office, that he just can't take seeing Rick and Steffy together. He says in a frustrated way that he doesn't know what he would have done if Pam hadn't gotten to Rick first. Donna urges him not to talk that way, even though she knows that he still loves Steffy. He agrees that he does. Donna does assure him that she knew he was innocent. Marcus just declares that he still despises Rick and always will. Donna looks concerned.

Rick keeps needling Ridge about his attitude. He thinks they are all a little disappointed that Pam was arrested before she could kill him. When Rick notes that Marcus still hates him, Ridge says sarcastically that maybe Rick owes him an apology, but he won't hold his breath. Rick retorts that he accused him of trying to burn his own house down, so he's the one who is owed an apology. Ridge does say he's sorry for that, but Rick still doesn't back down. He points out that Ridge wanted him dead more than anyone. Finally he does say that he shouldn't have accused him, but it's clear they are both not happy with the way the other has acted, nor are they forgiving. Steffy puts her arm around Rick, so they leave to get some air. He gives her hand a quick kiss as he looks over at Ridge, as if to annoy him further before they walk out. Which it does. Ridge looks very upset angry. Brooke just reminds him of how happy Rick makes Steffy. Ridge wonders how long that will last. Brooke changes the topic to the two of them, as usual, and she puts her arms around him. She is the luckiest woman in the world. They kiss.

Stephanie visits Pam in jail. Pam's hair is messed up and she keeps looking down, not responding, as if she's very depressed. Stephanie gets her to look up at her and answer her questions. Stephanie asks her if she's been taking her meds regularly, and Pam swears that she has. Pam keeps swearing that she is innocent. Stephanie tells her about the evidence they have. As she talks to her, we can tell from Pam's face that she is realizing that Stephanie thinks she may be guilty. Pam jumps up and reminds her that it was the scar tissue that was responsible for what she did before, and that it's gone now. Pam looks horrified that Stephanie still suspects her. She keeps swearing that she didn't. She grabs Stephanie and cries that she didn't. They hug and Pam cries, begging her to believe her.

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