B&B Tuesday Update 3/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/10/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke is on the phone in her office, talking to someone named Carlos about the building's security. Donna is standing around nearby. Donna finds Pam in her office, crocheting. Donna wonders why she is there. Pam tells her that Stephanie her the job bag, so Brooke wonders what she will be doing. Pam will be crocheting other things, like purses. She laughs and asks Donna if they have arrested her son yet. Donna tells her that Marcus isn't a suspect, but Pam scoffs. She reminds Pam that he was with the police when the car exploded, but Pam says again that bombs have timers. Donna moves her stuff out so that Pam can have the office (that part didn't really make sense to me). She warns that it's only temporary. Stephanie walks in and joins their argument. Stephanie insults Rick, too. Donna and Stephanie bicker about Eric and Rick. Pam gets annoyed when Donna compares her to Rick and calls her a nutcase. She says that Rick is a devil and should be destroyed. Donna gets in Pam's face and wonders if she has tried to destroy Rick. Pam protests again that she was not in her right mind.

Lt. Baker is in his office at the police station, looking at the threatening letter that Rick found in his deck. . His son, Charlie, walks in, bringing him food and the lab report on the fire at Rick's place. Baker takes a bite of the hot dog, makes a bad face, disgusted, and spits it out. He demands to know what it is. Charlie tells him it's a tofu dog and tastes just like chicken. LT. Baker disagrees strongly. The report tells them that the matches found in Marcus' office were not the ones used to set the fire at Rick's house. It also says that the letters used in the note were from a surfer magazine. They recall that Owen was in charge of a surf line and got fired. Lt. Baker gets on the phone and calls Owen.

Owen is out surfing, but he runs back and answers the phone. Owen asks him to hang on while he towels off. Baker gets annoyed when he calls him "dude". Owen apologizes, saying he just got out of the water. Baker figures it must be too cold to go swimming, but Owen tells him that he was surfing. He tells Owen to come in and talk to him, or else he'll come to see him. Owen comes in and shakes Lt. Baker's hand, warily. He asks Owen about Rick. Owen denies that he was so mad at Rick that he blew up his car. When Owen asks why they suspect him in particular, they show him the cut-out letters. He says he has never seen it before. They tell him it's from a surfer magazine. Baker tells him that he is the prime suspect. They sit down and question him. Charlie takes notes. Owen says he wouldn't be stupid enough to do that. He tells them that he will take a lie detector if they want him to, but otherwise he has to leave to go on a date in an hour. Baker asks him who else worked on the surf line besides him and Donna. Owen tells them that Pam also worked on it. They let him go. Owen smirks that he hopes that they find the killer, but not before he finishes the job.

Lt. baker gets a real dog and enjoys it. Charlie brings him a reporter about the fiber evidence they found. It was all over Rick's desk, and in the note and the glue used to make the note, and at Rick's house. It's a special kind of yarn used in crocheting. They remember that Pam is always doing crochet. Lt. Baker remembers all of her past crimes. They leave to go question her.

Rick is looking at security video on his laptop when Brooke comes in and asks him what he's doing. She looks over his shoulder and see that the video is from outside of Ridge's office. She gets annoyed and closes the laptop. Brooke yells at him for suspecting Ridge for setting fire to his house or blowing up his car. She informs him that Ridge is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't do it to himself. She expects him to do the same. Rick looks surprised. They argue some more about whether Ridge is behind the attacks or not. She wants Rick to take the attacks seriously. They argue again about his relationship with Steffy, but Brooke is mainly concerned about his life being at risk.

Ridge and Taylor are in his office. Steffy stops by because he had asked her to, but she didn't expect to see both of them. It's clear that they are there to convince her to stay away from Rick. This time, they try to do it on the basis of her personal safety, since someone is targeting him. They argue for a long time. Ridge does admit that he knows now that Rick didn't try to blow himself up (he is too selfish to risk his life that way). They are happy to hear that Rick is also concerned for her safety, but she swears that she won't abandon him because she loves him too much. She asks them not to ask that of her. Taylor looks at Ridge, disappointed. Ridge tries another tack by asking Steffy what she would tell her daughter if she were in their place. Steffy agrees that she would probably say the same things they are, but then she would tell her that she's certain of her feelings, she's not a little girl any more, and that even if it's a mistake, it's her mistake to make. Steffy gets upset as she talks to them and begs them to understand. Ridge and Taylor give up, realizing there's nothing else they can say that will convince her. Ridge tells her that they will always be with her, even if her decisions don't work out. Taylor hopes that she trusts them enough to come to them if something doesn't work out. Steffy agrees. Ridge hugs Steffy. He tells her that they love her more than life itself and just want her to be happy.

Steffy drops by Rick's office. Brooke is still there. Steffy gives him the good news that Ridge and Taylor realizes they can't stand in the way of their relationship. Rick and Steffy laugh joyously. Ridge walks in, so Brooke asks if this is true.

The police arrive at Pam's office, so Stephanie lets them in. Pam is still on the couch with her crochet. Stephanie asks if they've found out who set the fire. Pam wonders if it was Marcus. They reply that it wasn't When Stephanie asks who it was, they look intently at Pam, who is dropping little fibers of yarn on the floor as she crochets. Stephanie, shocked, realizes that they suspect Pam.

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