B&B Monday Update 3/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/9/09


Written By Suzanne

After the explosion, we see that Rick was thrown from the car and is lying on the ground. Steffy runs over to him, and he moves, He looks up at Ridge and Brooke, who are looking down from the roof. Ridge shows no emotion as Rick glares at him and Brooke looks worried.

The people inside hear the explosion. Lt. Baker and his son, Charlie, who are with Marcus, decide to go check it out.

Thorne and Pam, also nearby, wonder what that noise was. She hopes no one was hurt.

Steffy helps Rick into his office. He has black marks from the explosion all over him. She wants to call an ambulance, but he insists that he is fine. They hug. Steffy is still very worried. Brooke and Ridge rush in. She is grateful he's okay but wants him to go to the hospital. He says again that he's okay. She notices that he's shaking, so Steffy says that's from shock. She gets a blanket to put over him. Rick accuses Ridge of planting the bomb, but of course Ridge denies it, saying that if he wanted him dead, he would be. They keep arguing and yelling. Steffy is aghast at the idea that Ridge might have done this. Brooke stands between the men. Rick yells at Ridge to leave and calls him a bastard.

Donna rushes in to see Marcus, who is still with the police. They learn that a car exploded. Donna is relieved that he's okay. She is upset to learn that it's Rick. Lt. Baker notes that Rick is having a bad week.

Owen, looking depressed, has a drink at the bar. Bridget sits nearby, sketching on a napking. She sees him and goes over to say hi. He is startled as she sits down next to him. When he tells her that Rick fired him, she is very surprised. When he says that he was fired because Rick doesn't like him, and that it doesn't help that he's not related, Bridget comments that it doesn't sound like her brother. She is sympathetic about him losing his job. Owen is sad about it because he enjoyed his foray into the fashion business. She understands where he's coming from and they chat about design. He is surprised that she would know what he means, so she just tells him that it's because she grew up with a family in that business. Owen sighs that he really loved every minute of the job. They discuss Rick for a while, and how he has made a lot of enemies. Bridget defends Rick by explaining that they had a tough childhood, but Owen doesn't think that excuses his behavior. Bridget agrees that he might need some help. When Owen again comments on how much he loved the business, Bridget says that she might know a way that he can get another job in that business. Before she can explain, Pam phones Bridget about the explosion. Bridget tells Owen what happened. He doesn't look surprised. She fumbles with her purse, but he tells her just to go and that he'll take care of the bill. She rushes out quickly.

The police walk into Rick's office and talk to Ridge, Rick, Steffy and Brooke about what happened. They are not surprised to hear that Rick is accusing Ridge and Ridge still thinks that Rick did it to himself. Steffy and Brooke tell Lt. Baker that neither of them did this. Brooke maintains that someone else out there is trying to kill Rick. Steffy lays her head on Rick's shoulder, upset. The police question each of them about where they were when the explosion happened. Brooke begs them to find out who is after her son.

Thorne, Pam, Donna and Marcus chat about the explosion. Donna sighs that at least Marcus is in the clear, since he was with the police when it happened. Pam points out that the bomb could have been on a timer. Thorne wonders suspiciously how she knows it was a bomb. Donna gets in Pam's face and warns her, with all she's done to her in the past, not to make accusations about her son.

Rick is in his office alone when the phone rings. He answers it and tells Madison that he doesn't want any more calls. Steffy returns, and they hug, and then kiss. He thanks her for getting her dad out of his office. She is worried about losing him onw. He still thinks Ridge did this, but she disagrees. She points out that it could have been a lot of people. He laughs, agreeing wryly that he does have a lot of enemies. Rick tells her about asking Ridge to marry her. She is shocked but still scared for him. He is also worried that something might happen to her, since someone is trying to kill him. He wonders if maybe they shouldn't be together while they are still investigating who did this. She refuses to lose him, so he assures her that she won't. They kiss a lot more.

Brooke is very upset, but Ridge is not He tries to reassure her by pointing out that Rick did not get hurt. He tells her what happened on the roof. Brooke muses that Rick really does love Steffy, but he thinks it's just an excuse to sleep with her. She admits that Rick told her about that earlier, so he gets annoyed that she didn't tell him about it. They argue it out. He can tell that she's still very upset, and he knows what it's like to lose a child, so he tells her that he is there for her. They hug.

Marcus, Donna, and the police, run into each other in he outer office area. Marcus thinks they should stop thinking of him as a suspect now, but Lt. Baker points out that they don't know if the two crimes are related yet. Donna gets annoyed at them for still suspecting Marcus. She points out that it is probably Pam. He assures her that they'll find out who did it. They just need a little time. She is worried that Rick might not have time.

Rick and Steffy keep bickering about whether it is too dangerous for them to be together now. She thinks he should get a bodyguard, but he laughs at that idea. When she mentions that the police will find evidence about who caused the explosion, he notes that it will be difficult, since the car is in many pieces. He goes to look in his desk drawer for his PDA in his drawer, so that he can phone his insurance company about his expensive car that just got blown up. Instead, he sees something else and looks shocked.

All the suspects, who look thoughtful and slightly annoyed, are shown. Most of them look like they are thinking about Rick: Owen, who is drinking at the bar; Pam, who is getting someone's keys; Thorne; Marcus; and Donna, who is looking kind of guilty. Ridge, still hugging Brooke, is kind of smiling (maybe) as he strokes her hair.

Rick phones Lt. Baker to tell him that he thinks someone definitely wants him dead. He's holding a paper that has cut-out letters on it. The paper says, "The end is near".

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