B&B Monday Update 3/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/9/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

In the Forrester Creation’s parking lot, Rick tells Steffy he tried to have a talk with her dad. It didn’t go well. He’s headed home and will talk to her later. Rick heads to his car. Steffy watches and then turns to go back inside.

On the roof, Brooke demands Ridge tell her where her son is. Ridge looks towards the parking lot. Brooke follows his gaze and sees Rick walking towards his car. She looks at Ridge with a puzzled expression. Before Rick can reach the car, it explodes. Brooke watches horrified from the roof, while Ridge stands quietly beside her.

Steffy turns around and her eyes are wide with shock. She sees Rick lying on the ground motionless. She runs to his side. Brooke watches helplessly. Steffy kneels next to Rick and helps him sit up. He’s shaken but alive. Rick looks up at the roof, where he gives Ridge a vicious look.

Marcus is still being questioned by the Bakers in the shipping office. They hear the noise and rush off to see what’s happening. They tell Marcus to stay put.

Pam and Thorne hear the explosion. Pam hopes no one is hurt.

Steffy helps Rick to his office. She wants to call an ambulance, but Rick refuses. She’s just glad he’s okay. She sits in his lap and kisses and holds him.

Brooke and Ridge come to Rick’s office. Brooke rushes to her son and fusses over him. She asks why he doesn’t want to go to hospital. Rick tries to assure her he’s fine. She notices he’s shaking. Steffy says he’s in shock and grabs a blanket to cover him. Ridge watches with a disgusted look on his face. Rick angrily tells Ridge he missed him, just like at the house. Ridge says it’s all a show. Rick is staging all of this. Rick says he didn’t start the fire at the house or blow up his own car. Rick calls Ridge a bastard and says he wanted him to get in the car and leave. Ridge calmly tells him if he wanted him dead, he didn’t need a bomb to do it. Steffy covers her mouth in horror.

Donna rushes to the shipping office to make sure Marcus is okay, after hearing the explosion.

Owen drowns his sorrows at the Café Rouge. Bridget spots him and goes over and sits next to him. He lets her know about Rick firing him. She’s surprised and assumes it’s because the surf line failed. Owen says her brother is cleaning out all the people he doesn’t like. Bridget says defensively it doesn’t sound like her brother. Owen says maybe not to her. She apologizes. Owen says he really felt like he found his niche at FC. Bridget understands and talks excitedly about how it is to create something no one has ever seen. Owen tells her he’s surprised, since her career is in medicine. She jokes that maybe it’s in her genes. Owen says he’ll miss working at FC. He bitterly says, “Thank you Rick.”

In Rick’s office, Rick continues to accuse Ridge of trying to kill him. Steffy defends her father. The Bakers walk in and hear the accusations. Brooke urges the officers to find out who did this to her son. The Bakers ask if Ridge still believe Rick did this himself. Rick tells them they’ll have the person if they’d arrest Ridge. Brooke defends Ridge, while Steffy defends Rick.

At the bar, Bridget says she knows things have been unsettled at FC. Owen says a lot of people aren’t happy. Thorne should have gotten the presidency. Bridget says she loves Thorne, but wasn’t sure he should have gotten the position. She says her dad has a lot of guilt over being an absentee father. Owen says it’s not an excuse. Lots of kids have messed up childhoods. Bridget says he’s not the only one to suggest Rick is messed up or needs help. Owen says he’ll miss working at FC. Bridget says it’s not the only fashion house. She may be able to help him get on somewhere else. Her cell rings. It’s Pam, who tells her about Rick. Bridget gets flustered and says she’s has to go. Owen assures her he’ll take care of the bill. He doesn’t look too surprised or concerned about the news.

In Rick’s office, Brooke says she wants protection for her son. The Bakers want to know everyone’s whereabouts, before the explosion. She tells the Bakers they will help in any way. They can have access to their security cameras etc.

Pam, Marcus, Thorne and Donna gather in Eric’s office to discuss the event. Marcus says he was with the Bakers at the time, so at least he has an alibi. Pam flippantly says not necessarily, since the bomb could have been on a timer. Thorne jumps on it immediately and says no one mentioned a bomb. Donna gets in Pam’s face and tells her with all the things she’s done to her family, she will not throw accusations at her son.

In his office alone, Rick tells his secretary he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Steffy comes back in. She tells Rick she’s happy he’s okay. She mentions a lot of people are angry with him, including Thorne and Owen. Rick agrees he has enemies. She says her dad wouldn’t try to kill him. Rick tells her he asked Ridge about marrying her. Steffy is stunned. They both agree they have a lot to live for, so nothing can happen.

Brooke and Ridge have gone to his office. Brooke is still visibly upset. She asks Ridge what took place up on the roof. Ridge tells her Rick asked to marry Steffy. Brooke looks surprised. She says he really does love Steffy. Ridge says it’s just damage control, since Rick knows he found out about them having sex. Brooke looks uncomfortable and admits Rick came to her earlier in the day and told her. She told Rick it was unacceptable. Ridge looks unhappy Brooke knew already.

Donna and Marcus run into the Bakers in the hall. Donna asks if they’ve learned anything. Lt. Baker says Rick definitely isn’t having a good day. Marcus crosses his arms and says they should feel foolish for accusing him of setting the fire. Lt. Baker says they haven’t ruled out that the two occurrences aren’t related. Donna says there are a lot of people with motive. The Bakers agree they have a lot to look into.

In Rick’s office, he tells Steffy maybe he shouldn’t be around her right now. He couldn’t forgive himself if something happened to her. Steffy says she won’t be apart from him. She suggests he get a body guard. Rick laughs it off. He’s more worried about his vintage car. He says it was expensive and he’s looking for his PDA. He goes behind his desk and opens his drawer. He pauses and has a strange look on his face. Steffy asks what’s wrong.

Ridge rips into Brooke and wants to know why she wouldn’t have told him about the kids sleeping together. Brooke says it only happened one time. Ridge is angry and asks how many times it had to happen. Brooke says they’re adults, but she’s not advocating for them. She’s more upset about what’s going on with her son right now. She tells Ridge he has to believe Rick is not responsible for the fire or explosion. She needs him to believe that. Ridge says if she does that’s all he needs. He’s lost a child and no parent should have to go through that. Brooke has tears in her eyes. Ridge says he’ll be there for her and they’ll find out what’s going on together. Brooke hugs him and says he’s her rock. Brooke wonders who could be trying to kill her son. Ridge strokes Brooke’s head as he holds her close. His face has an odd expression.

There are flashes of Owen calmly sipping his drink and Pam with Rick’s car keys. They show Thorne, who looks angry. Marcus and Donna are shown with worried faces.

From his office, Rick calls Lt. Baker and says this is not going to end. He has something for them to see. He holds a piece of paper with cut out letters. It reads, “The end is near.”

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