B&B Friday Update 3/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/6/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Taylor arrives at Ridge’s office at Forrester. She tells him what she had to say, she thought would be better in person. Ridge says he knows it’s about Steffy. Taylor prefaces their conversation by asking Ridge to promise he won’t do anything. Ridge demands to know what the hell Rick has done now.

Rick opens his office door to find Pam there. He reminds her she no longer works there. Pam says according to Stephanie she does. Rick wants to know doing what. She says making crochet purses. Rick just rolls his eyes. He tells her she can go get a file he left in his car and hands her the keys. Pam stands there looking at him, but doesn’t move. Rick sarcastically says she does work there after all. Pam bites her tongue.

Owen walks in Eric’s office carrying boxes. Thorne is there. Owen has a thank you card for Eric. Thorne tells Owen he’s sorry Rick burned him. Owen jokes that Thorne is the one that has to stay and work with the tyrant. Thorne laughs. Owen is grateful to Eric for giving him a chance. Thorne tells Owen if he needs a reference, he’d be glad to help out. Owen is surprised by the offer. Thorne says the enemy of my enemy is a friend to me. He shakes Owen’s hand. Owen says Rick is a dangerous enemy to have. Thorne says Rick would like to think so. Steffy walks in and overhears the two men. She clears her throat to let them know she’s there.

In the shipping department, Lt. Baker and son are questioning Marcus about the incident at Rick’s. Donna defends her son and says he has nothing to say. This is ridiculous. Lt. Baker threatens to take Marcus downtown for questions. Donna says Marcus isn’t going anywhere. Charlie Baker asks Marcus if this is his desk as he peruses the contents on top. Marcus says yes. He asks Marcus if he smokes. Marcus says no. Charlie picks up a box of matches and asks Marcus why he has them. Marcus looks surprised, but also a bit uncomfortable.

In Rick’s office, Brooke has shown up. Rick tells her to stop asking about him and Steffy. Brooke says she already knows more than she cares to. She says Ridge can’t find out he’s been intimate with Steffy.

In Ridge’s office, Taylor verifies he knows about the fire at Rick’s. Ridge says yes, but Steffy wasn’t there. Ridge says Rick is trying to blame him for the fire. Taylor says of course. Just like everything else that’s gone wrong in his life, Rick holds Ridge responsible for it. Ridge asks if she’s there to tell him Steffy is still seeing Rick. Taylor says they have to find a way to save her, before she gets in any deeper. Ridge wants to know what she means. What’s going on?

Steffy enters Eric’s office and asks the guys if they are bonding over their hatred for Rick. Owen asks if their feelings aren’t valid. Steffy isn’t very sympathetic and says things happen. People get fired. Thorne says he was denied the presidency once again. Steffy defends Rick saying he didn’t make the call. She angrily tells them not to think everyone in the building is against Rick. She lets them know she’s staying on. Thorne asks if that means Rick is leaving then. Steffy tells him no and she and Rick are together. Both Owen and Throne grimace. Owen tells her to watch her back. Steffy gushes about how wonderful Rick is and she wishes others could see what she sees. Rick has given so much to the company. Owen says Rick fired him for personal reasons. Rick is a power hungry jerk. Steffy says trying to burn someone’s house down is personal. How do they think Rick feels? He could have been killed. Thorne says to tell her boyfriend if he wants to be safe, he’s in the wrong building. Steffy gives them a pointed look and walks out. As she exits, she almost runs in to Pam. She gives Pam a dirty look and keeps going.

Preparing to leave the office, Thorne asks Owen if he needs help with his boxes. Owen tells him thanks, but he has one more thing to do before he leaves the building.

Back in Ridge’s office, Taylor tells him she doesn’t want to seem to be bashing Brooke and her son. However, Brooke isn’t helping matters. Ridge agrees something needs to be done. Ridge says after he talked to her last night and Steffy wasn’t home, he rode the motorcycle out to Rick’s. Steffy’s car wasn’t there. Taylor says Steffy had been there, but left before the fire. Ridge wants to know if she’s saying what he thinks. He gets angry and says tell him Steffy didn’t sleep with Rick. Rick violated his daughter. Ridge sweeps some stuff off his desk in a rage. He’s tired of dealing with Rick. He paces in anger. Taylor says this makes her sick, but they have to handle this the right way. Steffy thinks she’s in love with Rick. Ridge says Rick is using Steffy and is going to ruin her life.

In Rick’s office, he tells his mother he’s sick of playing games with Ridge. He and Steffy are adults. Brooke says they’re acting like kids by pushing everyone’s limits. Rick says regardless of what she and Ridge believe they love each other. This is how normal people live their lives. Brooke says he’s trying to force Ridge into seeing things a certain way, but he won’t. When Ridge finds out Rick slept with Steffy, he will go crazy. Rick says he can bring it on. Brooke tells him to stay away from Ridge and Steffy. Rick sits behind his desk and looks at his mother blankly.

In the shipping department, Marcus tells the Bakers the matches are used for birthday parties, etc. Lt. Baker asks if anyone has had a birthday party the last couple of days. Marcus says anyone could have left the matches on his desk. Lt. Baker says Marcus won’t mind if they take the matches in to compare against what they found at the beach house. Marcus doesn’t object. Donna tells him not to say anything more. She’s going to call a lawyer. Marcus looks worried.

Brooke walks in Ridge’s office and is surprised Ridge isn’t there. She sees Taylor and asks where Ridge has gone. Taylor tells her she doesn’t know. She asks Brooke if she knows her son seduced her daughter. Brooke looks surprised. She wants to know who told her. Taylor says Steffy. Brooke looks panicked. She says Taylor couldn’t have told Ridge. Taylor doesn’t deny it. Brooke gets a terrified look on her face.

On the roof, Ridge gets a call. It’s Rick, who tells him to meet him in the sky lounge. Rick hangs up and looks ready to start a war.

Brooke wants to know where Ridge has gone. Taylor says she doesn’t know. Brooke tries to leave and says she has to get Rick out of the building. Taylor grabs her arm and angrily tells her what she needs to do is tell her sick son to stay away from her daughter.

Ridge is on his cell in the sky lounge. He says to someone Rick is still there, since his car is still there. Ridge wonders where the punk could be. Jake comes in with two co-workers. Ridge asks them to work somewhere else. They quickly exit. Rick saunters in

with an attitude. The two men stare each other down.

Steffy knocks on Rick’s door, but no one is there. She walks around and looks at a press release on his desk. She flashes back to their love making last night. She wears a smile on her face. She sits on the desk holding the release.

Taylor angrily tells Brooke she better find a way to keep Rick away from Steffy. Brooke says like she hasn’t tried. Taylor says not hard enough. Brooke says Rick loves Steffy.

Taylor says he doesn’t know what loves is. Brooke says she doesn’t believe that. Taylor says it a way to hurt Ridge. Brooke says his feelings are real. Taylor sarcastically says like they were for her sister. They want him to stay away from her. Brooke says she agrees. She doesn’t think Rick set the fire himself, like Ridge suggested. Taylor says it’s not that crazy. Everything he’s done has been so vindictive. He doesn’t care who he hurts. Brooke asks if that’s why she told Ridge the kids slept together, to get back at him. Taylor says she figured Brooke would keep it a secret. Brooke says she knew what would happen. She has to find Ridge, since he’s out there ready to go off.

Up in the sky lounge, Rick tells Ridge he doesn’t want to argue. He just wants to reason with him. He’s not trying to manipulate Steffy. She’s told Ridge how she feels. Ridge won’t listen to anyone. He’s trying to control everyone. Their feelings are too strong. Ridge tells him to shut up. Rick says Steffy loves him. There’s nothing Ridge can do to change things. Ridge challenges what Rick says by saying Rick doesn’t think he can end this. Jake walks in and sees the two men’s angry stances and raised voices. He hurries out.

Rick tells Ridge he’s not there to play games. He asked for this meeting to ask for Steffy’s hand in marriage. Ridge says he has to be kidding. Rick is earnest and says he’s trying to prove his love for his daughter. They could have eloped, but he wanted to do this the respectful way. He wanted to end this feud. Ridge says things will end. He turns his back to walk away. Rick asks him if he ended things, when Stephanie wanted him to stop seeing his mother all those times. He says he couldn’t because he loved Brooke. Rick says that’s the love he and Steffy have. Ridge tells him he knows what happened last night. This is just another ploy. Ridge says he can’t have his blessing. He can never have Steffy. This is over as of tonight and he’ll never touch Steffy again. Rick looks at Ridge in silence with a tight jaw.

Brooke heads for the door of Ridge’s office, saying she has to go find Rick. Taylor tells her to go and enable her son some more. Brooke is angry and can’t believe Taylor created this issue. Taylor says Ridge is her father and deserved to know the truth. Taylor says she’s going to look for Ridge. Brooke wants her to see if Rick’s car is still in the lot. Taylor tells her she’s going to look after her family and Brooke can do the same. Brooke is frustrated at Taylor’s lack of assistance.

After Taylor leaves, Brooke rushes to her cell phone. Before she can dial, Jake rushes in to Ridge’s office and tells her to hurry. He just saw Ridge and Rick in the sky lounge in a heated discussion. Brooke looks scared and hurriedly follows him out.

On the roof, Ridge tells Rick he’s tried of him taking things from him. Because of him, he‘ll never hold Phoebe again. Rick defiantly says Ridge can’t keep them apart. Ridge tells him he has no idea what he’s capable of. Rick laughs and tells Ridge go ahead and take his best shot. Kill him, but Steffy will never forgive him. Ridge looks at him with a cold blooded look. Rick says Ridge can either accept their relationship and have her in his life or lose her forever. The chest pounding and foot stomping has to stop. He says Steffy is a grown woman, who is capable of making her own decisions. He tells Ridge he’s sorry he doesn’t approve of him or their relationship. He’s not going to end it. He’s sick and tired of feeling guilty about it. He tells Ridge he’s going back to work and walks away. Ridge calmly tells him no he’s not. He needs to just get in his car and leave right now. Rick says fine. He’ll leave. It’ll give him time to cool off. Rick confidently tells Ridge he’ll be back tomorrow and the next day. Ridge better get used to it. Ridge doesn’t even look at him, but repeats for Rick to just get in his car right now and leave. Rick doesn’t answer. Ridge wears a strange expression on his face.

In shipping, Lt. Baker tells Marcus he’s acting a bit defensively. Marcus says he doesn’t like the insinuation. He’s telling the truth. Charlie asks if there’s anything he’d like to tell them. Marcus is quiet. Lt. Baker says the matches will tell them a lot. Marcus remains silent.

Steffy runs into Jake outside Forrester and asks if he’s seen her dad. Jake tells her about the two arguing up in the sky lounge. Steffy is shocked. Before she can say more, Rick comes strolling out towards his car. She yells his name.

Brooke makes it to the sky lounge. She asks Ridge what happened. Where’s Rick? Ridge doesn’t answer.

Steffy stops Rick before he gets to his car. She asks about his talk with her dad. Rick says he tried to talk to her dad about their feelings. She asks if it worked. Rick says he thinks Ridge hates him even more. He tells her he loves her, but has to go. He heads towards his car.

On the roof, Brooke demands to know where her son has gone. Ridge glances over the roof, but doesn’t answer. Brooke follows his glance and sees Rick heading to his car. She glances at Ridge with a puzzled look.

Steffy continues to stand in the parking lot watching Rick. When she turns to head back inside, there’s an explosion. It’s Rick’s car. Steffy turns around and sees the flames. She mouths Rick’s name her eyes wide.

Brooke throws her hands up in shock as she and Ridge see the ball of fire from the roof. Brooke leans over the roof and screams Rick’s name….

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