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As Rick pulls up in his convertible to work, Marcus is watching from the roof. He looks very angry. He phones Ridge to tell him that Rick is on his way in.

Ridge, Thorne, Owen, Brooke, Donna, Pam and Katie are waiting inside Eric's office. They briefly discuss the fire before Rick arrives. Ridge is surprised that Rick is coming in after the fire. Brooke tells them that Rick is upset. Thorne says they could do just fine without him and thinks Rick will milk the fire for all it's worth. Donna and Katie express their concern to Rick when he walks in, glad he's okay. He said that it was horrible to wake up to all that fire and smoke, but it made him realize that family is the most important thing. He tells them all that he is there because he has responsibilities to the company and to the family. Brooke tells them all about what Lt. Baker told her, that the first was arson. She asks them all to keep their eyes and ears open in case the arson was someone there at the company. Ridge makes a sarcastic comment about them all being worried about "Little Ricky". Rick and Brooke glare at him. Ridge tells them all that they have to put in 110% to get the new line out, then he leaves. Rick tells the rest of them that he made some decisions. He fires Pam and Owen, since the surf line did not do well. Pam objects. Rick says they have to cut prices in order to get the merchandise off the shelves (meaning they have to fire people to make up for that). Owen tells Rick off for taking credit for the surf line when it was doing well. He calls him "Ricky", just like Ridge did, which annoys Rick.

Taylor is shocked to hear that Rick's house was set fire. After Steffy gives her the details, Taylor tells her that she should not have visited Rick alone. Taylor, upset, asks Steffy whether they slept together. Steffy sighs, so Taylor knows that the answer is yes. They argue about it. Steffy contends that Rick loves him and won't hurt her. Taylor is upset about how Ridge might take this. Steffy tells her that Rick thinks Ridge may already know and that he might be the one who set the house on fire. Taylor can't believe it. They both agree that Ridge wouldn't have done it. Taylor blames Rick once again for Phoebe being gone. Steffy looks shocked when she says that. She yells that she just wants everyone to accept her relationship with Rick. Taylor assures her that it will never happen, but she think that she should tell Ridge.

Thorne, Owen, Marcus, and Pam are hanging outside Eric's office. They are all disgusted and angry at Rick. Owen has a box for cleaning out his stuff. He wonders why Pam is continuing to crochet. She says it keeps her hands busy so that she doesn't strangle Rick. Owen says he might get to him first. Thorne laments that things would have been different if he were in charge instead. Pam and Owen agree that neither one deserves to be fired. Owen wonders what kind of person almost burns to a crisp in a fire and then comes to work and starts firing people. Pam makes a bad joke that someone almost "fired" Rick last night, so Owen grins at that. Marcus expresses his sympathy to Owen for his having been fired and wishes it had been Rick instead.

Still inside the office, Donna is upset about Owen being fired and tells Brooke that she needs to rein Rick in. Katie and Donna are both relieved that Pam will be gone. Donna compares Owen's firing to when he sent Marcus out of town. Brooke is mostly concerned with Rick's safety. She tells them that the fire was probably a crime of passion, according to the police. Brooke wonders if it could be Marcus, since Steffy jilted him for Rick. Donna gets angry that Brooke thinks that Owen is the prime suspect. They argue about it. Donna protests that Marcus would not do something like this. Brooke just hopes they find the person before something else happens. The sisters gather in a sympathetic circle and sort of hug. Donna wonders if maybe Rick should go back to Paris for his own safety. Brooke thinks he needs his family.

Marcus goes to Rick's office and yells at him for the cold-blooded way he fired Owen. Rick is sitting at his desk; he tells him to lose the attitude. Marcus wonders if he will fire him, too. Rick just looks at him warily. Marcus hopes that Steffy finally sees him for being the punk that he is. Rick stands up and faces Marcus down, saying that making difficult decisions is something that comes with being a leader. He says in a bragging way that it's one of the drawbacks that comes with a position of incredible power. Marcus scoffs at him and says that it will all blow up in his face. He makes a little "poof" sound and gestures with his hands, so Rick looks at him suspiciously.

Stephanie is in Ridge's office with Lt. Baker and his son, who are investigating the fire. Ridge walks in, so Stephanie explains that she asked them to stop by. She says that she and Ridge have some thoughts about the fire. Stephanie and Ridge think that Rick set the fire himself. Later, Stephanie tries to make it sound to Ridge that Brooke is on Rick's side, not his. She thinks that Brooke is encouraging Rick to be with Steffy, but Ridge knows that Brooke is not doing that. Stephanie keeps bad-mouthing Brooke and says that she only cares about her son. Stephanie thinks that Rick is unstable and that Steffy is in danger from him. Ridge rails that he has forbidden her to see Rick, but she won't listen. He is very scared that he can't do anything about it. Brooke walks in and accuses Stephanie of trying to make trouble between them, right after her son was almost murdered. Brooke asks her to leave them alone. Stephanie warns Ridge that this is his second daughter, then she leaves.

Ridge looks at Brooke with a worried expression on his face. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks Rick set the fire himself, and that he and Stephanie told the police that. Brooke is shocked that he thinks that. Ridge reminds her that they vowed not to let anything come between them, but now Rick is doing that. She suggests that it is time for Ridge to forgive Rick. Ridge can't forgive him for taking his daughter, and he doesn't want him near Steffy. He is still angry that Brooke backed down from firing Rick after she agreed to it. She apologizes, but she says that she just couldn't bring herself to banish her own son. Brooke tells him that Rick and Steffy have feelings for each other. She wishes it weren't true, but it is. She points out that if they want to be together, they will be. Brooke reminds him that Stephanie couldn't stop the two of them, either. Ridge can't accept that he can't keep Rick away from Steffy. He doesn't think Brooke should accept it, either. She looks puzzled by his attitude. They argue some more about Rick, and the fire. Ridge wonders if this is the one obstacle that will keep them apart. Brooke assures him that they will get through this. Ridge thinks that Rick hates him as much as he hates Rick, and that he is very messed up. Brooke protests when Ridge compares Rick to Satan, saying that he's not evil and that he cares about Steffy. Ridge doesn't buy it and doesn't think he's capable of caring for anyone else. She points out that Steffy also wants the relationship. Ridge vows that he will take Steffy somewhere else if he has to. Brooke can't believe he would do that. Ridge gets very upset and says he won't take Rick being near Steffy or touching her. He warns that if he finds out that they went any further, he couldn't stand it. Brooke looks very saddened.

Taylor phones Ridge, so Brooke excuses herself quietly. Taylor tells him that she needs to speak with him about Steffy. He wonders what Rick has done now.

Pam is upset about being fired and tells Stephanie all about it. Stephanie tells her to calm down and then suggests that they do a whole new line of crocheted purses. She assures Pam that she's not going anywhere. Donna comes up just as she is saying that. Donna promises that Pam is leaving and that she hasn't forgotten all of the things she did to her and to Eric. Pam reminds her that she was not herself when she did those terrible things. Donna thinks that she is just pretending not to remember. Stephanie takes her index finger and pushes Donna back in the forehead. She tells her to stop that or she'll slap her silly. Donna looks at her, shocked. Stephanie says that it is not Rick's decision. Pam is her sister and she will stay there. Donna scoffs and blinks her eyes like she can't believe Stephanie said or did that.

Lt. Baker and his son question Marcus about the fire. Marcus denies that he had anything to do with it. They know that Steffy dumped him for Rick. They continue to question him. Marcus says that he was working late when the fire occurred. Donna walks in and tells them that they are wasting their time. Lt. Baker explains to her patiently that they have to pursue every possible angle. She suggests that they follow the evidence because they aren't going to find anything linking Marcus to the fire. Marcus gets a look on his face that might be interpreted as a guilty look.

Owen goes to see Rick in his office. They trade insults. Owen makes a joke about the fire, which makes Rick look at him suspiciously. Rick tells him that he's just doing his job. Owen thinks that he's treating people like dirt. Rick thinks Owen should be grateful that a junior private investigator got a job in a high-end fashion house at all. Owen suggests, with a smile on his face, that Rick enjoy it while he can. He has a feeling that his power trip is going to explode.

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