B&B Wednesday Update 3/4/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/4/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Brooke paces at home, worrying about whether Ridge set fire to Rick's house. Ridge comes down and wonders why there are three coffee cups there. She tells him that Rick spent the night. After a minute, she tells him that someone set Rick's house on fire and almost killed him. Ridge is concerned about the expensive beachfront property, so Brooke is annoyed that he doesn't seem concerned about Rick's safety. She asks him about last night, and he tells her again that he was out riding his bike. She is about to hug him when Rick walks down the stairs, wondering why Ridge is still there, since he tried to kill him. Ridge is annoyed and tells Rick to leave. Rick keeps insulting him, so Ridge threatens to throw him out. Brooke is aghast as the two argue. Rick demands to hear from Ridge about whether he tried to kill him. Brooke tells them both that this has to end. Ridge says he would love say he did this, but someone beat him to it. Rick rants on and on about what Ridge said, not believing his denial. Ridge points out that if he had done it, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to admit that he rode his motorcycle out to Rick's house. Rick shrugs as if to agree that might be true. After drinking his coffee, Ridge tells Brooke that he wants Rick out of there by the time he gets back from work. Brooke reluctantly nods in agreement. After Ridge leaves, Rick tells Brooke again that Ridge did it. Brooke doesn't believe it and thinks the police will find out who really did it. Rick insists that Ridge is out to get him. He hopes she realizes it before it's too late. Brooke looks confused.

Stephanie finds Thorne passed out in his office, wearing his suit, with a bottle in his hand. She wakes him up but is not surprised that he got drunk, after being passed over again. Donna walks in, on the phone with Eric, acting shocked. After hanging up, she tells Stephanie and Thorne that someone tried to burn down Rick's house. They both ask, in unison, "Did he die?" Donna says that he didn't, but she is still alarmed that it was arson and that the police are investigating. Marcus and Owen walk in, and both are wondering about Rick as well. They all look a little disappointed that Rick is okay. They all talk about why they don't like Rick, except for Donna. She is surprised to hear that Owen might lose his job. Marcus speculates that the person who tried to kill Rick could try again, so she looks at him like she can't believe what he's saying.

Later, Marcus and Donna argue about Rick and Steffy's relationship. Marcus thinks Rick will break Steffy's heart. Donna realizes that Marcus still loves her. Marcus maintains that Rick deserves whatever he gets. Marcus tells her how much he hates Rick, so she worries that someone will overhear and think that he tried to burn down Rick's house. He asks if she thinks he did it, but she knows he didn't. She's just worried in case someone could be listening. He thinks she's just being paranoid, but she points out that he could be a suspect. She tries to tell him how he should act there, so he finally starts to get the idea about how worried she is. They hug as she warns him to be very careful about what he says.

Stephanie rants and raves about Rick, while Thorne nurses his hangover. Just as Stephanie says that something has to be done, Ridge walks in, wondering what they are discussing. Thorne has had enough, so he walks out. Ridge wants to know why he left so abruptly, so Stephanie explains that Thorne is upset because he didn't become president of the company, like he expected. She is annoyed about Rick, so Ridge fills her in on what happened. Stephanie wonders if Rick started the fire himself, just so he could blame Ridge. Ridge is not so sure, but Stephanie convinces him. He admits that it might be possible. He calls Rick "sick" and declares that Rick will not have his daughter.

The usual two police officers investigate the arson at Rick's place - Lieutenant Baker and his son, Charlie. They talk about how crazy the Forresters are, always getting into trouble. Steffy arrives, shocked, and wonders where Rick is and whether he's all right. They tell her what little they know, and then they question her about who might have wanted to do this. We don't hear what she says. Later, the two Bakers have lunch from a nearby hot dog vendor while the crime scene is being processed. They discuss Steffy and why she might be there. Charlie notes that many people might want Rick dead, so it might be hard to narrow it down.

Later, Rick tells Brooke that someone might have seen him and Steffy together at the beach house and gotten angry. Steffy arrives just then, worried about him. They kiss as he reassures her. Brooke is disgusted that they made love. She rails against Rick about it, and how it will affect Ridge. Rick tells her that they are in love. He says Ridge will have to live with it. Brooke asks Steffy if she wants to ruin her relationship with Ridge. Steffy doesn't want to hurt him, but he has to realize that she's a grown woman. She argues that Rick has tried to reason with Ridge, but he hasn't budged. She suggests that maybe they try again, but Brooke doesn't think that will work. She points out that someone set his house on fire, so she wonders how much danger he wants to put himself in. Rick says that Ridge may already know that they are involved, since he rode his bike near his house. Brooke thinks Ridge was being honest when he said he didn't see Steffy's car.

Lt. Baker phones Brooke to tell her that he thinks the arson was an act of passion, not pre-meditated, since all of the supplies were already there to use. He also thinks someone may have just been trying to send a message. They found footprints and fingerprints, but nothing that doesn't belong to Rick or the maintenance people. He reminds her that it's very early in their investigation. She is worried to hear that Lt. Baker thinks someone could have just been driving by and acted on impulse. He asks if she knows who that could be, but she claims that she doesn't. Rick is surprised that Brooke didn't tell the police about Ridge's driving to his house.

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