B&B Tuesday Update 3/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/3/09


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick and Steffy kiss in his bed, naked, making love. It is very romantic, with candles all over the place. Steffy assures Rick that she's not walking away from him, no matter what. Later, Rick walks her out. She has to leave, even though she doesn't want to. She tells him between kisses that she has to leave because of her dad. She hopes he will come around one day. They kiss some more. They are very happy. He picks her up, and they kiss some more before she finally leaves.

At home, Steffy says to herself giddily that she is "so in love". She lies down on the couch and phones Rick.

Meanwhile, Ridge, downstairs at home, phones Taylor. She's surprised to hear from him. He is looking for Steffy, wanting to hear her voice. Taylor is waiting up for her, too. Ridge rushes out into the night.

Brooke awakens and wonders where Ridge is. She feels his side of the bed, which is empty. She calls out but gets no answer. She gets up and wanders around the house, looking for him. She phones Rick. Rick answers, surprised that she is calling so late. She tells him that she is worried about where Ridge went because he was so angry. She is worried that he might be going over there. She asks Rick not to confront him. He tells her not to worry and to go back to sleep. He looks out the window suspiciously. He goes outside and looks around. Steffy phones him to tell him one more time how much she loves him and how great their night was. She says that no one will stop them from being together. They say, "I love you", and he promises to call her in the morning. Rick looks around with the flashlight, then he goes back inside, locking the door.

Brooke phones Ridge's cell, but he doesn't answer, so she leaves a message. She keeps worrying.

Meanwhile, someone creeps up to Rick's house and sets the door and welcome mat on fire using his own barbecue lighter fluid and a match. We don't see the person except for a black gloved hand. Rick is inside, napping, when the smoke alarm goes off. He hears it and gets up, coughing. He rushes outside with the fire extinguisher. First he grabs a towel to open the hot door, then he bounds outside and puts the fire out. He uses his garden hose to douse the whole area as well.

Steffy keeps thinking about making love to Rick as she lies on the couch. Taylor walks in and asks where she's been and if she was with Rick. Steffy tells her that she was. Taylor sits down and tells her that she has to stay away from him or she will get hurt. Taylor wants to advise Steffy, even though she knows she's an adult. Steffy rolls her eyes and tells her that she doesn't need her advice about Rick. Taylor sighs and asks her to listen to her. She tells her that Rick is very complicated. Steffy doesn't agree and says they just love each other. They argue more about Rick, and about how much Ridge hates him.

Pam answers the phone at Forrester Creations just as she is running in to her desk. She takes a message. Marcus walks by, so she gives him the message. He crumbles it up, saying, "Whatever". She asks where he's been, so he tells her that he was on his dinner break. He kind of snaps at her, then he apologizes, saying he's had a bad day. Thorne walks in and wonders they're both there. He jokingly asks if Rick put them on the night shift. Pam asks where Thorne's been. He says he had an errand to run, and Pam says that's what she was doing, too. Thorne tells them he'll be in Rick's office. She says he's not there, so Thorne tells her that he knows that. He knows that Rick is at home. Then he adds, "Or so I assume". Pam looks suspicious. Thorne finds Jake in Rick's office. Jake is annoyed that he hasn't been promoted, but he knows that Thorne got burned much worse. (lost the video feed here for about 3 minutes)

Ridge comes home, so Brooke wonders he's been and why he smells like gasoline. He says he must have spilled some when he was out on his bike and filled up the gas tank. She still wants to know where he went, but he is evasive. She keeps questioning him. He tells her that he was worried about Steffy, and she wasn't home, so he went out to Rick's. He tells her that nothing happened. Steffy's car was not in the driveway, so he came home. Ridge goes up to take a shower. Brooke keeps looking worried.

Marcus is still in a bad mood, which Pam notices. Marcus is annoyed at the thought of Rick touching Steffy. Pam calls Rick a "real fireball". Pam wonders how long people will take things from Rick. Marcus comments that he'd like to see Rick go down in flames. Pam asks him if he's done anything about it. Marcus assures her that he's dealing with Rick, the only way he knows how.

Rick storms into Brooke's house, calling Ridge a bastard and wondering where he is. Brooke, upset, wants to know what it is all about. He tells her that Ridge lit his house on fire. She hugs him in concern but tells him that Ridge wouldn't do that. She tells him what Ridge told her. Rick doesn't believe it and is certain that Ridge did it. She invites Rick to stay there. He thinks that's stupid, since Ridge could slit his throat in his sleep. She comments that he smells like smoke, then she stops, realizing what that means. She asks him how the fire started. He tells her that it was barbecue lighter fluid and that the police are investigating it. She just tells him that she's glad he's safe and asks that he put the idea of Ridge setting this fire out of his head. She notes that it is dangerous talk. She hugs him and says that she won't allow that in her home. She says over and over that Ridge would never do that.

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