B&B Monday Update 3/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/2/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At the beach house, Rick and Steffy are alone. They kiss, but decide before things go any further, they better find out where Ridge might be.

At Brooke’s, she and Ridge continue discussing the situation with Rick. Ridge can’t understand why Brooke continues to advocate for Rick. He asks what if the roles were reversed, could she just get over the death of her child at the hands of one of his children. Brooke says maybe she couldn’t. However, if it meant losing him, she’d have to. Ridge says that’s what it comes down to, whether he can accept Rick. Before Brooke can respond, her cell phone rings. She sees its Rick. She’s guarded with her answers, but lets him know she’s fine, but Ridge is there. She says they’ll talk later.

Rick tells Steffy they’re in the clear, since Ridge is with his mom. He kisses and hugs her feeling very confident. She looks less sure of the situation.

In Eric’s office, Thorne is still upset over not being made President. Eric tells him not to blow things out of proportion. Owen, Donna, Marcus, and Pam are there too. Thorne is angry and says it was a done deal. How can he not be mad? Donna defends Brooke and says she changed her mind about firing Rick. Pam jumps in and says Rick got to his mother. She says Rick is spoiled and a user. Donna tells her that’s enough. Pam keeps ranting saying he killed Phoebe and sent Marcus off to Paris. He did that to make moves on Steffy and that’s how Phoebe ended up dead. Now Rick steals the presidency from under Thorne’s nose. Thorne says Amen. Pam gets in Eric’s face and says Rick needs to be taught a lesson. Eric is angry too and tells Pam she’s talking about their President. Rick is a good business man. They will treat him with respect or say nothing. He’s tired of all the whining. Eric walks out of his office with Donna close on his heels. Everyone stands there taken aback at Eric’s response. Thorne says he’ll treat Rick with respect, just like he treated him.

At Brooke’s, Ridge realizes she was speaking with Rick. Brooke apologizes. Ridge says he’s probably gloating. Brooke says she doesn’t want to fight about Rick. Ridge agrees, but says Rick knows he’s a hot button issue for them. Rick likes anything that will set him off, especially going after Steffy. Brooke says she tried to separate the two kids. She figured Rick would still see Steffy on the side, if he wasn’t working at Forrester. Ridge still didn’t like her asking Steffy to leave. Ridge says Rick would still try seeing her anyway.

At the beach house, Steffy and Rick continue kissing. He says her dad should be tied up for quite a while, since he and Brooke are trying to iron things out. Rick jokingly looks around to make sure Stephanie isn’t hiding out. Steffy laughs. Rick says they’re good to go. Steffy questions what he means. Rick kisses her more urgently and says wherever this leads them.

In another office at Forrester, Donna catches up with Eric. She tells him not to raise his blood pressure, he should chill. Eric says he knows how Rick treated Marcus was despicable. Donna says she had to talk Marcus down. Marcus wanted to confront Rick. Eric says he has to believe Rick is trying to change. Donna hopes so too. She says there’s a bigger problem. It’s Pam. Eric blows it off by saying Pam is all bluster. Donna just can’t forget all the things Pam did to him, her, and her family. Eric says it was the brain tumor and Pam hasn’t been a problem lately. Donna says Pam is a psychopath. Donna begs him to get her out of the company. He says he can’t do that to Stephanie. She’s family to Stephanie. His phone rings and he takes the call. Donna looks crestfallen.

Back in Eric’s office, the gang continues talking about what to do about Rick. Thorne paces in anger as Pam furiously crochets. Pam says something needs to be done with Rick or there will be major problems. They all agree. Owen worries he’ll fire him. Pam says nonchalantly, not if something happens. Marcus asks like what. She says maybe Brooke could change her mind again. Marcus talks about how Rick messed up what he and Steffy had. He gets fired up just thinking about Rick. Pam says the poor girl has no idea what she’s getting into.

Rick and Steffy continue kissing at the beach house. She breaks away. They discuss what a day, but they got through it. Steffy says her dad is not okay. It was like the life was sucked out of him, when Brooke made her announcement. She defended Rick and threatened to leave the company, which made things worse. Rick says Ridge is a big boy and will get over it. Steffy isn’t so sure. Rick says he’s her father. He loves her and wouldn’t disown her. He’ll realize Rick loves her and wouldn’t ever hurt her. He’ll accept their relationship. Rick says they’re adults and they don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves. This is their future. He kisses her with passion.

At Brooke’s, she and Ridge continue arguing over Rick. Ridge says she’s asked him to change his attitude towards Rick. She won’t do the same thing. He says Rick conned her and now Steffy. Brooke begs Ridge to see things her way. Ridge says she will always defend Rick. She feels Rick will go downhill, if she just abandons him. Ridge isn’t hearing it. Ridge says Rick has his claws in her and Steffy, the two women he cares about most. He’s never felt this level of despair or hate in his life. Brooke looks shocked at the raw emotion Ridge is portraying.

Still in Eric’s office, Thorne says he has to get out of here. He asks if anyone wants to join him for drinks. No one accepts, but they all commiserate on how it used to be a great place to work before Rick was President. Throne encourages them to keep their heads up, since things could change. Pam looks deep in thought, as she’s left alone.

Brooke tells Ridge to please tell her he didn’t mean what he just said. She knows he’s grieving, but he can’t use that as his reason to hate Rick. Ridge says Rick is a constant reminder. Now thanks to her, he has to see Rick everyday at work. Brooke says he has to get past this. They could all go to therapy she suggests. Ridge says Rick is too calculating and dishonest to even think about family therapy. They’re not all on the same page. Brooke disagrees with Ridge’s assessment of her son. Ridge says then maybe she needs the therapy, because she’s definitely in denial about her son. Brooke looks stunned. Ridge says Rick is destructive. Brooke says if that’s the case, they need to do something about it. She begs Ridge to open his heart to her and be a part of helping her son. Ridge holds his head in frustration. He says when Brooke asked Steffy to leave the company, she was basically condoning the relationship with Rick. Doesn’t she realize what that did to him and their relationship? He lost one daughter and doesn’t want to lose another one. He doesn’t want to lose Brooke either. Brooke assures him he won’t lose her. Ridge says he’s never been more worried about that. Brooke says they’re stronger than that. Ridge says the love he feels for her and the hate he feels are colliding. Brooke says then they can find a solution together with Rick. Ridge tells her emphatically no. Rick needs to stay away from him and Steffy, period.

At the beach house, Rick continues to woo Steffy. She’s a bit uncertain where this is leading, since everyone is so against them. She suggests maybe they could accept what everyone says. Rick says they’d be miserable. They have to follow their own hearts. Rick leads her to the bedroom, where he’s prepared it. He gives her several fleeting kisses and opens the door to show her a candlelight room with rose petals on the bed. Steffy is awestruck. Rick says he loves her and wants to make love to her. They kiss as Steffy is speechless.

Finally in bed, Brooke sleeps peacefully. Ridge is restless recalling past conversations with Steffy about Rick. He doesn’t want to lose Steffy. He has to protect her no matter what it takes.

In his bedroom, Rick pulls Steffy inside. He tells her how much of difference she’s made in his life. Steffy says she loves him and this is their time. She has tears in her eyes as they tenderly kiss. She tells Rick he has her heart and she trusts him with it. The rest is his. Rick kisses her softly and then more hungrily. She unbuttons his shirt as he sweeps her off her feet. He lays her on the bed, where they continue kissing and holding each other. Rick removes her shirt and he’s bare chest. He lies back on the bed and pulls Steffy on top of him as they continue reigning kisses on each other.

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