B&B Friday Update 2/27/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/27/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester, the press is anxious to hear Brooke’s big announcement. She takes her time and talks about how everyone has a stake in the family business. Jared figures out whatever is taking place is personal, since Brooke is so flustered. All the family look at Brooke, some with confused frowns. Steffy and Rick eye each other. Brooke and Ridge make eye contact also.

In Taylor’s office, she argues with Bridget over Rick leaving the company. Taylor doesn’t feel it’s her place to get involved. She’s just worried about Steffy. She reminds Bridget her mother has more control over Ridge at this point. Bridget disagrees and thinks Ridge would listen to Taylor. She doesn’t feel its right for Rick to be forced out of the company. Taylor says Brooke just doesn’t want to be the one to upset Ridge. Bridget says she understands Taylor’s position. After everything her family has gone through, they deserve some peace. She just feels if they ostracize Rick, what does he have left to live for? It could cause him to do something crazier. Taylor angrily tells her she doesn’t really care what happens to Rick, after what he’s done to her family. Finally, Taylor has had enough. She heads to the door, indicating Bridget should leave. Bridget makes one last plea by bringing up how Rick saved Ridge’s life on the roof. Taylor says with emphasis she still doesn’t want him around Steffy. If that means him not working at Forrester, that’s the way it’ll have to be. Bridget looks stunned.

Back at Forrester, Ridge urges Brooke to make the announcement. Stephanie, Felicia, and Pam talk amongst themselves and say just spit it out. Steffy looks uncomfortable and steals glances at Rick. Brooke apologizes for the wait. She says there have been a lot of rumors and speculation lately about personnel changes. She hesitates again and looks at Ridge. She starts talking about the new collection and commends Eric and Ridge for their hard work. She also thanks the President and the VP, Rick and Thorne respectively. Everyone looks totally confused, wondering where Brooke is going with this. Brooke continues talking about adversity and how it makes people stronger. She says challenges make you grow and learn. Rick even looks bewildered by his mother’s speech. She drones on about that’s why it’s taken so long to get the collection out. They want it to be perfect. Katie smiles, figuring out Brooke isn’t going to announce Rick being removed. Brooke tells the press they will all be receiving invitations for the showing of the new collection shortly. Katie steps in to wrap things up, directing any calls to her office. The Forresters all look astounded by what took place. Ridge especially looks shaken by Brooke’s failure to do what was planned. Brooke anxiously looks at him.

After the press leave, Owen and Pam field calls in the reception area. The phones ring off the hook. Marcus joins them, saying the press wasn’t happy. Pam says can you blame them. There was no big announcement. Owens says something was going on in that room not involving business. Marcus sarcastically says Thorne was supposed to be President, but of course it’s still Rick.

In Eric’s office, the family is heated. They ambush Brooke. Even Eric says he thought Brooke had made up her mind about Rick leaving. Stephanie looks at Rick and says he got to his mother. Brooke says she couldn’t do it. Stephanie is steaming and asks now what. She’ll drag Ridge down the hall for a little nookie and things will be okay. Ridge is just supposed to forget all the things Rick has done. Steffy jumps in and defends Rick, saying he was a good President. She doesn’t think its fair Rick has to lose his job, because her dad can’t stand him and doesn’t want him around her. She should be the one to go. Eric quickly says no. Steffy insists she’s leaving. She’s talked it over with Brooke, and that’s why no announcement was made. Stephanie says she’s not going anywhere. Thorne reminds them all Rick was fired. Brooke says they found a “workable” solution. Stephanie is fired up. She asks how this is workable. She tells Brooke, Ridge is so mad he can’t even speak. Steffy rushes over to her dad. She tells him he has to go along with this. The way the press was hammering Brooke. They’ll want to know why, if Rick was let go. Katie says Jared already hinted there was something more personal going on. Ridge looks unconvinced. Stephanie jumps on Katie, wanting to know if she’s part of the conspiracy. Katie rolls her eyes and head in disbelief at Stephanie’s gall. Rick finally speaks up and says his mother did what she thought was right. Brooke looks surprised at him defending her. Rick says his mom won’t regret it. He tells his mother she’s giving him a second chance and she won’t be sorry. Thorne yells at his father, they can’t get away with this. Ridge throws his hands up in disgust and walks out. Brooke calls his name and runs after him. Rick looks slightly unconcerned.

Bridget prepares to leave Taylor’s office. Taylor says Rick is out of control. Bridget tells her Brooke fired Rick. Taylor says for once Brooke made a right decision. Bridget looks frustrated. She says her mom hates this. Taylor says this is what Rick needs. Ridge loves Brooke, but he does have limits. If Brooke is smart, she won’t push this.

Brooke rushes in Ridge’s office, where he’s packing up to leave. She calls his name. He tells her he’s so angry, he can’t even look at her. Brooke says she knows he’s angry and shocked, but they have to talk about this. Ridge tries to walk past her out the door. She grabs his arm. He says they’ve already talked about this. He said no, but she won’t listen. He’s told her he can’t accept this, but she won’t listen. She tries to apologize, saying she just bought them some time. Ridge says she really doesn’t want to do this right now and pushes past her through the door. Brooke calls his name with tears in her eyes. She is devastated.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie faces Rick and tells him he’s still fired. Eric tells her to stop. She reminds Eric how Ridge stormed out. He’s not going to work with Rick. Thorne pipes up, he won’t either. Eric is irritated and asks everyone to stop. Felicia picks up on his tone and says he’s glad Brooke didn’t fire Rick. Eric doesn’t deny it. Steffy looks relieved. Stephanie tells Rick not to even look at Steffy. She approaches Steffy and tells her if she leaves, it will only upset her father. Steffy says she’s the problem, so she should leave. Stephanie tries to get her to see she can’t trust Rick. Steffy says no one forced her to do this. She’s doing this because she loves Rick. She knew Ridge would be upset. Rick looks at her and smiles. He drops his head, when Stephanie tells her how much she has disappointed her. Stephanie looks sad, telling Steffy she can’t believe she would let Rick use her this way. She would go against her own father. Rick speaks up and denies using Steffy. Katie intervenes by stepping between Rick and Stephanie. She tells Rick he should just go home. She suggest Eric and Brooke can work this out. Thorne says there’s nothing to be worked out. Stephanie looks ready to throw punches. Felicia suggests someone find Brooke, so she can see this is an impossible situation. Stephanie says she hopes that’s what Ridge is doing right now.

Taylor opens her office door to find Ridge standing there. She says so much for tough love. Ridge lets her know Rick is still President. She can tell by the look on his face, things didn’t go well. He tells how they brought Steffy into all the mess by asking her to leave. Taylor looks surprised. Taylor says absolutely not. Ridge says Brooke suggested it, but he thinks Rick was behind it all. Taylor is angered by the fact Brooke is helping the kids get closer. Ridge says he would never let Steffy make such a sacrifice for that jerk. Taylor says they have got to put an end to this. Rick is just trying to hurt him. He’s gone after Phoebe, her, and now Steffy. He’s taken one daughter from them and he can’t take another one. Ridge looks at her and pulls her close for a hug.

Bridget has rushed over to Forrester. As she prepares to open her dad’s door, she sees Owen. She asks him what happened. He tells her basically nothing. Rick is still President. Brooke couldn’t do it. Bridget is surprised. She knows Owen isn’t too happy. He says it’s not the most popular decision around here. Bridget reflects saying she didn’t think her mom could go through with firing Rick. She tries to get Owen to understand. He says he doesn’t envy Brooke’s position. Bridget asks how Ridge took it. Owen says Ridge stormed out and Brooke followed him. Bridget knows it wasn’t a pretty scene.

Brooke has made it home, where she expects to find Ridge. She’s tearful as she lies on her bed fully clothed. She wonders where Ridge could be. He has to come back……

In Rick’s office, he and Steffy are together. They hold each and kiss as they talk about what happened. Rick says no one will even know they’re gone. Ridge and Brooke will patch things up. He feels optimistic about everything. Rick can’t believe she was going to take a leave of absence for him. She says he was willing to do more than that for her. She just wishes Ridge could see him like she does, especially since he saved Ridge’s life. Rick says he feels bad for Ridge. Rick picks Steffy up and they fall on the couch. They continue to kiss each other passionately.

Stephanie goes to Taylor’s office. The two discuss how Rick and Steffy’s relationship continues to tear the family up. Taylor is still steamed that Brooke is encouraging matters. Stephanie assures Taylor that Ridge will never let Steffy leave the company. Stephanie is peeved with Eric; since he was happy Brooke didn’t let Rick go. She holds her head in annoyance. She says Eric knew what this would do to Ridge, but was still happy at Brooke flip flop. She lets Taylor know she does have reason to be concerned about Steffy, since Rick has her wrapped around his little finger. She says in jest, what’s next he’ll run away with her. Taylor says don’t even joke about it. Stephanie tells her she has to be realistic. They don’t know where this is all headed. Taylor lets her know she and Ridge are on the same page. They want to put an end to this once and for all. Stephanie says Brooke may have made a big mistake with this move. Their marriage could be on the rocks. Taylor says Ridge came to her, because she’s Steffy’s mother. Stephanie says he came to her, because he can depend on her. The same can’t be said for Brooke. Stephanie says it’s been a long time coming, but Brooke may have finally lost his trust. Taylor looks pensive.

Brooke continues to lie on her bed at home. She looks worried and sad. Ridge walks in and she jumps up and calls his name. Ridge says he doesn’t want to talk right now. Brooke insists they talk. She was scared by the look Ridge gave her earlier. She didn’t’ feel like his wife, but more like Rick’s accomplice. Ridge looks mad and disgusted. She tells Ridge she knows he’s only thinking of his daughters. Rick just makes him relive that when he’s around. She wants to help Ridge get past this place, so she can help him heal. Ridge is mad and says she wanted Steffy to defy him. How could she ask Steffy to leave the company so Rick could stay? Brooke says it was temporary. Ridge asks for how long, until she wore him down. He’d just come to accept Rick being around Steffy.

Brooke says we need to find a way to forgive. Ridge says no. Brooke says he’s not ready. Ridge asks what if he’s never ready. Brooke looks uncertain. Ridge says she knows what he feels for her. Brooke says she couldn’t turn her back on her son. Ridge says she gave her loyalty to a man, who has caused him more pain than he’s ever known. He goes on his voice getting higher. Rick has done everything in his power to break them up, yet he’s her priority. Brooke is emotional and says Rick is her responsibility. She gave birth to him and raised him. Ridge is livid. He hollers at Brooke he doesn’t understand why she can’t see what Rick is doing to them. Brooke says Rick can’t do anything to them, unless they let him. On their wedding day, they promised not to let anyone come between them. He can’t control his feelings for Rick and neither can she. He is her husband, but Rick is her flesh and blood. She’s a woman torn apart by her loyalties. She wants desperately for Ridge to understand. He’s the love of her life. She begs Ridge to love her the way she loves him, more than life itself. She asks Ridge if he can do that. Ridge looks like he’s shaking as he struggles for an answer.

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