B&B Friday Update 2/20/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/20/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester’s shipping office, Rick tries to convince Steffy he really plans to change for her. The army rejected him, due to his recent injury. Steffy is glad. She tries to talk him into working things out with her father. That’s the only way she’s sees they can be together. Rick says Ridge will never accept him. Unbeknownst to them, Ridge is standing outside the door and sees them talking. Ridge’s face reflects his displeasure Rick has disobeyed his request to stay away from Steffy.

At Nick’s, the minister has arrived to perform Nick and Katie’s ceremony. Jackie and Bridget have shown up. Jackie accosted the minister and took the marriage license from him. She says the marriage is not going to happen. Beth is there with Katie and wants to know who Jackie thinks she is to stop the wedding. Jackie balls the license up and says this isn’t the life Nick wants. The minister is perplexed. Jackie says she wasn’t invited, so she took matters into her own hands. Bridget remains silent. Katie tells Jackie she wasn’t invited for a reason, which she’s proving right now. Nick tries to intervene. He tells his mother she’s going about this the wrong way. Jackie says this marriage would be based on false hope. Nick found himself in a position, when Katie was dying. He’s being noble. Katie angrily tells Jackie she’s going too far. Jackie continues ranting that Nick was in love with Bridget, when he took Katie to the island. He was still in love with her, when he returned. She challenges anyone to dispute what she’s saying. Nick stands in front of his mother and tries to calm her down. Bridget covers her mouth in shock. Katie point blank asks Bridget if this is why she’s here. Bridget stammers she’s here for Katie’s special day with Nick. The minister continues to look confused. Katie says it is her special day and they have genuine feelings for each other. She doesn’t have to second guess their feelings or apologize for them, especially to Jackie. Beth stands at her daughter’s side and stares angrily at Jackie.

Back at Forrester, Rick continues trying to convince Steffy they can be together without Ridge’s blessing. Ridge watches with disgust. He thinks Rick’s whole getup was to impress Steffy. Rick holds Steffy’s hands and caresses her face. He tells her he’d be the perfect man for her. Ridge walks away before he’s seen. Steffy tells Rick no and he’d better leave before Ridge sees them. Rick says it’s always about Ridge. Steffy doesn’t want to hurt her father, plus she says the things Ridge has said have a weird way of coming true. Rick looks blank. Steffy reminds him of the car, when they almost crashed like him and Phoebe. Rick says it wouldn’t have happened, if Ridge hadn’t been chasing them. Steffy reminds him Phoebe would be alive, if she hadn’t been in the car with him. Ridge is just frightened for her. Rick looks frustrated. Steffy says every time they try to be together, something bad happens. She can’t imagine the stress her dad is under. She begs Rick to help her end this. She tells him it hurts her more when he’s there. She begs him not to do this to her. Rick holds her face and leans in to kiss her. Steffy looks torn up. Rick stares at her intently and withdraws. He walks away dejectedly.

When Rick leaves, Jake is walking up and sees him exit. He sees Ridge come out of a side room and follow Rick to the stairwell. He looks in the shipping office and sees Steffy pacing anxiously. Jake’s face registers puzzlement.

Rick climbs the stairwell to the roof. He hears the door shut below him, but doesn’t see anyone when he leans over to look. Ridge follows him up the stairs at a safe distance.

At Nick’s, Jackie says she knows their feelings are real. They come from a deceitful, dishonest place that only a woman knows. Nick again tries to quiet Jackie down. Katie is flabbergasted. Bridget speaks up and says she has put the two of them behind her. It doesn’t matter to her. The minister says maybe he can come back another day. Jackie tells Bridget to be honest. She has not gotten over this and she can blame Katie for everything. Beth defends Katie and says that’s not true. Nick and Bridget have tried marriage before and it didn’t work. Both Jackie and Bridget look shocked. Jackie says it worked very well, until a certain someone played on her son’s sympathies and seduced him. Nick looks outdone, when Katie looks at him for assistance. She stands up to Jackie and asks how dare she. Bridget jumps in and asks Katie, “How dare you?” Bridget is angry and tells Katie she trusted her. Katie took advantage of her. She has been repressing her feelings, because it hurt. Jackie was right. She hasn’t gotten over it. Jackie looks pleased, while Nick starts to squirm. Katie reminds Bridget they talked about this over and over. Bridget is on fire and says so what. She says Katie continues to press her buttons. She’s losing her patience and she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Nick tries to intervene at this point and steps between the two women. Katie says she’s going upstairs. Beth follows her, while Jackie wears a satisfied grin.

Rick is on the Forrester roof, looking over the side. Ridge comes through the door and sees him.

Steffy goes to Ridge’s office, where Brooke is alone. She asks Steffy if she’s heard about Rick joining the army. Steffy lets Brooke know they wouldn’t accept him, due to the fall. Brooke is relieved. Steffy says she’s glad too. She knows Rick wanted to serve his country and prove something to them all. Brooke says Ridge thought Rick might not get accepted. Steffy says of course her dad thought this was all a plan. Brooke says yes, Ridge thought Rick was grandstanding. Steffy asks Brooke what she believes. Brooke thinks Rick really has changed. Steffy says that’s what she thinks too. She says her dad would never believe it.

Ridge walks towards Rick and says he warned him to say away from Steffy. Rick spins around surprised to see Ridge and asks if he’s spying on them. He just had to tell Steffy something. Ridge sarcastically says it must have been about him being noble and joining the military. Rick says he had every intention of joining, but his injury prevented him. He needed what the military would offer him, including the focus and discipline. Ridge laughs. Ridge still feels Rick used this as a ploy to impress Steffy. Rick says it’s all Ridge’s fault for pushing him off the building. He messed up things for him again.

Steffy and Brooke sit in Ridge’s office and talk. Brooke wants to know how she left things with Rick. Steffy says she told Rick they had to end it. It’s just too painful. Brooke asks if she saw Rick at the house. Steffy says she saw him in the building, just before she came to see her. Brooke asks if she saw Ridge. Steffy says no. Brooke gets a concerned look on her face. She tells Steffy how Ridge was on his way to see her. The two women figure out Ridge might have seen the two of them together.

Ridge blows off the fact Rick is blaming him for him not getting in the service. He tells Rick he had no intentions of joining the service and this is just an excuse. Ridge says Rick told everyone to cash in on their sympathies. Rick asks why Ridge can never give him the benefit of the doubt. Ridge says everything Rick does has an ulterior motive. Rick tries to walk away, but Ridge puts his hand on his chest stopping him. Rick tells Ridge to get his hands off him. Ridge is angry and tells Rick he’s told him several times to stay away from Steffy. Ridge says Rick doesn’t respect what he says. Ridge threatens to rip his head off, if it means keeping Steffy safe. Rick stands up to him and tells him again to get his hands off him. Ridge pushes him away.

At Nick’s, he asks his mother what just happened. Jackie says the truth was told. The wedding is off. The minister is still confused. Nick says the wedding isn’t off. Bridget tells him he should listen to Jackie. Nick says why, because she’s stubborn and bullheaded. Jackie says she knows her son; he’s not totally in love with Katie. She’s there to give him her unconditional love, since she wants what’s best for him. She thinks marrying Katie isn’t what’s best for him. The minister tries to leave, but Nick tells him not to go anywhere. There will be a ceremony. Nick tells his mother she’s trying to be controlling and manipulative. Nick says when Katie comes back down the stairs; his mother will give her blessing. It will be in a loving fashion too. Jackie glares at him with a sullen look on her face. Bridget stands silently between the two.

Katie stands at the top of the stairs. She and Beth slowly descend. Jackie apologizes to her. She said it was rude of her to barge in on such a special occasion. She’s just being protective of her son. Bridget stands with her arm linked in Jackie’s. The minister stands by also. Katie cuts Jackie off and tells Nick this has to be a joke. Bridget stammers that she was out of line also. Katie looks at Nick and says this is not the day that she envisioned for the two of them. She tells Jackie and Bridget they accomplished what they wanted. She’d like to talk to Nick alone. The two women hesitantly exit, stealing glances at Nick. Beth asks Katie if there’s anything she can do. Katie says she’s fine, so Beth leaves also. The minister tells Nick to call him, when he needs him.

After they’re all gone, Katie tells Nick this was a disaster. She wipes tears from her eyes, as she tells him she wanted so much to marry him today. She wanted to make love to him as his wife. Nick says that’s what he wanted too. Katie says part of what Bridget and Jackie said was true. Nick tries to cut her off, saying they were wrong. Katie continues saying she destroyed his marriage to Bridget. She loves him, but she doesn’t know what to do with this. She has tears streaming, as she leaves Nick alone and heads upstairs. Nick calls her name, but Katie hurries up the stairs. Nick looks confused and frustrated.

In Ridge’s office, Steffy and Brooke ask Jake if he saw anything around the shipping office. Jake asks like what, as he thumbs through invoices. Brooke asks if he saw Ridge. Jake says he saw Ridge looking through the office window. The women look at each other. Jake says it was strange, since he saw a guy wearing military clothing slip in the stairwell. Jake didn’t recognize him. Steffy asked if her dad saw him. Jake says yes. Ridge followed him into the stairwell. The women glance at each other again with worried looks. Jake leaves. Steffy tells Brooke that was Rick in the military gear. They agree they have to find the two men before something happens.

Up on the roof, Rick tells Ridge he’s not the only one hurting. Ridge angrily tells him he lost a daughter, Rick hasn’t lost anything. Rick pushes Ridge away and puts some distance between them. Rick says he keeps blaming him for Phoebe’s death. He tried to stay away from her. He again tells Ridge he’s not using Steffy. Ridge has never listened to anything he’s ever said. Ridge tells Rick he brought all this on. Rick says Ridge thinks he’s such a loser. What does that make him, God’s gift to women and the company? Rick says his life would be so different without Ridge in it. His mother would be happy and his father would respect him. The biggest factor, he and Steffy would be together. Ridge advances towards Rick. Rick says he and Steffy will be together and there’s not a damn thing Ridge can do about it. Steffy will be his. Ridge rushes towards Rick, but Rick dodges him. Ridge goes over the side of the building. He hangs on with one arm, as Rick tries to pull him up. Ridge yells at Rick to pull him up. Rick strains to hold on to Ridge.

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