B&B Monday Update 2/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/16/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy and Rick are in his office, where he just proposed. Steffy can’t believe he’s serious. Rick says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Steffy is ecstatic. They kiss each other passionately.

Brooke is in Ridge’s office, where they discuss how difficult it was for her to fire Rick. Brooke feels like she turned her back on her son, but Rick is no longer welcome at Forrester. Ridge thanks her for what she did for him. He hopes this is what it will take for Rick to get his life back on track. Ridge puts his arm around Brooke to comfort her. She looks miserable.

Steffy and Rick continue to kiss. She asks if they can really get married. Rick suggests they elope. They discuss Vegas or Hawaii. Steffy says she’s always imagined Hawaii. Rick agrees it would be so much better. Steffy wants to know what happens afterwards. Rick says whatever makes them happy. They discuss moving to Europe. They agree it sounds perfect. They don’t have to stay in the fashion industry. Rick asks if that means yes. Steffy gets serious and says how they can really get married. Rick holds her and rains small kisses on her head. He again asks her if she’ll marry him. Steffy is torn. She says they can’t think about themselves. What about their parents. Rick says that’s what people do when they’re in love, worry about themselves. Steffy questions if that’s what this is. Rick doesn’t know where she’s going with this. She professes her love for him, but asks if he feels the same way. She wants to know if marrying her would be the ultimate revenge against her father. Rick looks stunned at her question.

Brooke tells Ridge she feels Rick will never look at her the same. Ridge tells her she did the right thing. He says Rick will come to realize what she did helped him. Rick will always love his mother. Ridge says there will be a place for Rick in the family in time. Right now he needs help. Brooke looks hopeful. Ridge hugs her and says he hopes Rick listens to what he asked and stays away from him and Steffy.

Back in Rick’s office, he can’t believe Steffy doubts his love for her. Steffy protests that she doesn’t think it’s a con, but wonders if subconsciously Rick could be doing this to hurt Ridge. Rick gets angry and says people are putting these thoughts in her head. Steffy says he has to admit his behavior has been bizarre. Just a few months ago, he proposed to her mother. She turned him down and he blamed Ridge. Now he’s proposing to her. Steffy says she gave him her heart, but it doesn’t feel very safe. She doesn’t want to be part of a revenge scheme. If he’s using her, say so and they can go their separate ways. Rick looks offended at the accusation.

Rick tells Steffy his feelings for her are real. Steffy wants to believe him. Rick admits their relationship started off on the wrong foot. He thought she was naïve and did plan to use her. He’s disgusted at himself. He swears he’s never felt like this for anyone. He says when he was with Taylor; he was trying to be a savior. He didn’t know who he was at that time. He adamantly says he’s not faking this. Steffy listens with tears. He kisses her tenderly. Steffy breaks away and says it doesn’t matter; they can’t be together. Rick says he’s selfish and doesn’t accept that. Look at what he’s done for her. He’s lost his family’s trust, all for her. He doesn’t care, because he doesn’t want to lose her. Steffy says he doesn’t think before he acts. Everything he does is just a spur of the moment grand gesture. Steffy says she needs something more stable. She needs someone that has their act together. She knows they’re supposed to be together, but it’s not just their parents keeping them apart. She says it’s Rick himself. He listens silently and then agrees. He says she’ll see him differently. Steffy looks taken aback that he would agree. Rick says he knows he’s done a lot wrong, but he wants to be the man she wants him to be. He’ll prove to her he can be that man. He grabs her and kisses her. He says he loves her and kisses her again. He leaves, while Steffy looks unsure.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke rest in his arms on the couch. Ridge asks if she feels better. Brooke is still down, but says she feels a little better. Ridge isn’t convinced. Brooke says she just needs more time. Ridge teases her that she can’t have much time, since she’s already late. Brooke jumps up and looks at him questioningly. She doesn’t know what she’s late for. Ridge says it’s been an hour, since she kissed her husband. Brooke plays along and kisses Ridge very intimately. They continue to kiss as Ridge asks if she feels better. Brooke says how could she not, while leaning in for another kiss.

Rick goes to Eric’s office and says he just needs a few minutes. He thanks his dad for all he’s done over the last few months. Eric says he’s not looking at this as an ending. He knows it’s impossible for Rick to be here now, but he hopes it will happen again in the near future. Eric tells Rick to get some help. Rick agrees. He said he’s going out proud with his head up. He didn’t mean to disappoint his father. Eric says he did, but he never stopped loving him. He hugs Rick, who fights back tears.

Rick tells his dad he won’t hear from him for a while. He’s going to work on some things. He wants to earn back his respect. Eric tells him he already has his respect. Brooke and Ridge walk in on the conversation. Rick tells them he’ll be back for the rest of his things after hours. Brooke grabs his arm and asks him to wait. She says she knows he’s angry with her, but he has to see why she had to let him go. Rick says he will work hard to earn his way back to the company. He apologizes to Brooke and Ridge for his lies and manipulation. Ridge looks surprised and a bit doubtful. Rick goes on to say he was raised better than that and they didn’t deserve the treatment he gave them. He’s disgusted with himself and will work hard to change. Brooke hugs him with tears in her eyes. She tells him she will always love him. Rick leaves as they all look deep in thought.

Steffy is on the roof at Forrester. She thinks about Rick’s proposal. She knows how impossible it is. She plays back in her head everything Rick said. She says if only Rick could change.

Ridge is still in Eric’s office, where he pours himself a drink. He tells his dad and Brooke he thinks Rick is up to something. Brooke says she really thinks Rick walked out a different person. All he needed was a kick in the pants. Eric agrees, but says it may take some time. He does think Rick can change. Ridge still looks unconvinced.

Rick goes to the roof and sees Steffy. She tells him they can’t be seen together. Rick earnestly tells her they will be together. He says she may not see him for a while. He’s going to do what she asked. He says he loves her and asks her to wait for him. He promises he’ll be back. He kisses her deeply and leaves her looking surprised and uncertain.

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