B&B Friday Update 2/13/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/13/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

In Eric’s office at Forrester, all the family have gathered for an emergency meeting. Eric has left if up to Brooke to decide who will stay at Forrester. Is it Ridge or Rick? Rick tells his mother he can’t be banned from the business. Brooke asks to speak to Rick alone. The Forresters badger her about what more could be said. Donna tells them to stop. Brooke has enough pressure. Ridge tells her even though it’s tough; Rick has betrayed all of them. He’s run out of chances and has to go. Brooke looks torn.

Bridget is at Taylor’s, speaking with Steffy. She tells Steffy she knew Ridge would explode. Steffy lets her know she was on the way over to break things off, when Ridge found out. Now, Ridge plans to take action. She explains about the family meeting. Bridget was unaware of the family pow wow. Bridget is shocked Rick could lose his job over this.

Ridge comes back to his father’s office, where everyone else is still gathered. Brooke has taken Rick to his office. Felicia sarcastically says good, maybe he can clean his things out while he’s there. Ridge says Rick has to be gone. Eric reminds him it’s up to Brooke. Stephanie wants to know why is it Brooke’s decision. She questions if he wants Rick to remain there.

In Rick’s office, she berates Rick for taunting Ridge. All Ridge asked was for him to stay away from Steffy. Rick still tries to convince her it’s not about Ridge. Brooke tells him it doesn’t matter; he knew what Ridge would think. Rick tells her you can’t control who you fall in love with. She’s been in love herself, so why can’t she understand. You don’t always think about the impact on others. Rick says he just hoped to get something he never had before. Brooke asks what that would be. Rick says a close knit family. One with stability and security, something he never had before. Brooke looks sad at his words.

He wants a family that can work together. He thought he had it with her and Eric. He said when Ridge came along he got in the way. He feels the happiest moments in his life have been ruined by Ridge. Brooke shakes her head in disagreement. Rick says his plan was for them to be closer. The position his dad gave him meant they could all be together again. He doesn’t want to lose it. Brooke has tears running down her face as she listens.

Eric tells Stephanie he would like Rick to continue to work there. Stephanie asks why he would leave the decision up to Brooke then. Eric says he wanted to be fair. He doesn’t think it was right for Rick to get involved with Steffy. Eric feels the decision has the most impact on Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie wants to know why he wouldn’t let Ridge make the call then. Brooke isn’t a member of the family. Donna jumps in and says Brooke is Ridge’s wife. She doesn’t understand what this has to do with how Rick runs the company. Both Felicia and Thorne speak up to say how scandalous it is and a slap in Ridge’s face. Stephanie says its poor judgment. Donna says it’s a mistake and they all make them. Ridge sarcastically repeats the word mistake. He reminds her Phoebe is dead because of Rick. All he asked was Rick stay away from Steffy. Donna’s face looks crestfallen. Eric approaches Ridge and says it was wrong of Rick to disobey Ridge’s request. Now he has to pay the price. Donna says if that’s what Brooke decides. Ridge says for his daughter’s sake, it better be.

At Taylor’s, Steffy tells Bridget it’s not right for Rick to lose his job over her. Bridget tells her it was bound to happen. Steffy says she tried to stay away. Bridget tells her apparently not hard enough. Bridget says Rick can be very determined when he wants something. Right now it appears he wants Steffy. Steffy says no more than she wants him. Bridget is really surprised by Steffy’s actions, since she’s usually so loyal to Ridge. She asks Steffy if it was really such a mystery how Ridge could react. Steffy says her dad thinks Rick is using her. She asks Bridget is that’s what she believes too. She tells Bridget she’s the closet person to Rick. Is he really just using her? Bridget looks pensive before answering.

Rick tells his mother he wants to reunite the family. Brooke tells him she understands he always wanted her and Eric to get back together. However, she loves Ridge. She knew how important it was to work side by side with his father. This job meant a lot to him. Rick says it was a childhood dream. Brooke asks why he would blow it all apart. Rick tells her he didn’t expect this relationship with Steffy. Brooke says it’s the one thing that was forbidden. Brooke says it didn’t occur to him he would lose the one thing that was important to him. Rick felt Ridge being in love with her would buffer things. Brooke reminds him he loves his children and he holds Rick responsible for Phoebe’s death. Brooke just doesn’t believe Rick, since he’s manipulated her so much recently. Rick insists he’s in love with Steffy. Brooke tells him one day when he has a family, maybe he can understand Ridge’s position. Rick is frustrated and asks if she’s going to take Ridge’s side and fire him. Brooke is just as frustrated and hates being put in this spot. Rick pleads with her and says Ridge is controlling his life. He’s trying to tell him who he can talk to, who he can be with, etc. He says that’s why Eric didn’t want to make the decision and left it up to her. Rick begs her not to take this away from him. It’s all he has left. Brooke listens to his pleas with silence, her face showing misery.

In Eric’s office, he and Donna quietly discuss fabrics. Ridge talks with Stephanie. Felicia and Thorne talk to each other. Felicia tells everyone they have been discussing a new president. Eric says it’s a bit premature. Felicia says its Thorne’s time. Stephanie and Ridge think it’s a wonderful idea. Thorne says he’d be thrilled. Stephanie plays up how hard Thorne has worked. Eric says he’s well aware of Thorne’s accomplishments. Donna looks surprised at the thought. Eric says if they end up needing a new president, they’ll talk again. Thorne looks a bit disappointed at his dad slightly blowing him off.

Bridget tells Steffy how much Rick really does care for her. Steffy looks relieved. Steffy hears in Bridge’s voice she’s not too happy. Bridget tells her she’s not. It really just makes things more tragic. Steffy says she really can’t imagine them not being together. Bridget tells her she can understand, since she’s fallen for the wrong man herself. Steffy brings up Deacon. Bridget says yes and Nick. Both times she fell very hard. Steffy and Rick are just at the starting gate. Steffy says that’s not how she feels. Bridget tries to get her to see there’s more out there. She’ll find someone else. She’s so young and beautiful. Bridget tells her she’ll only have one dad. Bridget begs her to see what she needs to do. Bridget tells her she loves her brother so much, but this is causing so much pain to everyone. Steffy looks unconvinced.

Brooke tells Rick, when he was in Paris she missed him so much. She dreamed about him coming back to work in the home office. Rick says her dream came true. Brooke agrees. She really hoped it would work out. Rick tries to get her to see it can. Now that his relationship with Steffy is out in the open, they can just concentrate on the business. Brooke says even though the relationship is out in the open, it’s not resolved. Rick says they can resolve it. Brooke wants to know how, especially since he hasn’t honored Ridge’s wishes. Brooke feels Rick has been insensitive to Ridge, but also her. She loves her “husband”. A mother should be able to get some support from her son, which she feels she never has. Rick says he could say the same thing about her. Brooke disagrees and says that’s untrue. She has sided with Rick to the detriment of her own relationship with Ridge. Brooke says now she sees it’s been a mistake. Rick so many times has lied and manipulated to break them up. Rick looks annoyed as he listens. Brooke says it stops here. She’s cutting him loose. He no longer works at Forrester. Rick is shocked and tries to cut in. He tells his mother she can’t do this. Ridge walks in and interrupts. He tells Rick he heard what Brooke said. Ridge tells him to pack his things and get out. Rick signs in annoyance. Brooke rushes over to Ridge’s side. She tells Ridge she’ll go tell the rest of the family, leaving the two men alone.

Ridge rubs it in. He tells Rick his lies and manipulation has finally caught up with him. He’s finally lost the respect of everyone in the family, including his own mother. Rick remains silent, his jaws tight. Ridge asks him if he knows how much this is killing Brooke. He tells Rick adios and he wants him out of the building within an hour. Rick stares at him in defiance.

Brooke returns to Eric’s office, where everyone awaits her decision. Eric asks if she can tell them what happened. Donna sympathetically tells her if she’s not ready they can wait. Felicia interrupts and says it should be pretty simple. Brooke is disturbed and tells her there’s nothing simple about it at all. Eric waits looking anxious. Brooke says this is her son’s life and future. Stephanie approaches Brooke and tells her she knows this is very difficult. She looks at Brooke’s face and realizes she told Rick to leave. Brooke looks at her with tears in her eyes, with a slight nod. Donna comes over to comfort her sister. She hugs her and says she’s sorry. Brooke holds her tight as the tears fall. Felicia and Thorne look at each other with smiles.

Back in Rick’s office, he walks behind his desk. Ridge asks if he heard what he said. Rick tells him this is the moment he’s been waiting for. Ridge says he created this on his own. Rick asks why, because he’s in love with Steffy. Ridge says he’s just using her. Rick says Steffy loves him and Ridge needs to accept it. Ridge warns him to stay away from her. He threatens to have security remove Rick, if he’s not gone in an hour. Ridge turns to leave. Rick stops him. He says Ridge can kick him out of the company and LA. He can’t kick him out of Steffy’s heart or her out of his heart. Ridge doesn’t take the bait. He reminds Rick he has one hour and leaves. Rick walks around with a defeated, but calculating look.

Brooke is crying in Ridge’s office, when he comes in. He sits down and takes her arms. He tells her she did the right thing. Brooke questions herself. She tells Ridge how Rick pleaded with her. He looked like a child again. Ridge says Rick created this on his own. Rick is an adult and has to take responsibility. Ridge says the thought of Rick even touching Steffy is more than he can bear. Ridge thanks Brooke. He says Rick won’t go anywhere near Steffy now. He holds Brooke as she still looks upset at her decision.

Rick paces around his office impatiently. Steffy appears and he thanks her for coming. She knows she shouldn’t be there. She hesitates at the door. Rick ushers her in, saying he just needed to see her. Steffy asks what happened at the meeting. Rick explains how Brooke was given the final decision. He’s out. Steffy looks a bit surprised, but tells Rick he knew where this was headed. He quickly tells her its okay. He just doesn’t want to lose her. She says she doesn’t’ want to lose him either. It can’t work though. He tries to convince her it will. He grabs her by the arms and says they can go away together. They can have their own family. Steffy looks shocked and tells him he can’t be serious. What about her dad? Rick looks at her and holds her face. He asks her to marry him. Steffy is stunned. Rick repeats it, saying she would make him the happiest guy in the world. Marry him. Steffy stares at him with tears in her eyes.

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