B&B Monday Update 2/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/9/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

At Brooke’s, she and Rick discuss his relationship with Steffy. Rick can’t believe his mother is forbidding him to see Steffy. Brooke angrily tells him it’s just not right and it needs to end now. He feels she is taking Ridge’s needs into consideration over his own.

Ridge is in his office at Forrester, where he looks sadly at a picture of his daughters. Stephanie comes to see him. She asks about the collection. He says it’s been slow. Stephanie talks to him about how inspirational the girls can be to help unblock his creativity. Ridge is worried about Phoebe fading from his memory. Stephanie tells him it will get easier. His mother hugs him in comfort, while he questions whether he could have done more to protect her. He promises his mother he’ll do better with Steffy. No harm will come her way.

At Taylor’s, she and Steffy sit and talk about her session with James Warrick. Taylor says she’s sorry for what Steffy had to go through. Steffy says she knows it was necessary. Taylor says she places James in high regard and trusts his opinion. Steffy agrees he said things she needed to hear. Taylor encourages Steffy to be strong and just let Rick go. Steffy says it’s hard to accept.

Brooke tells Rick of course this concerns Ridge. He would have a come apart knowing Rick was seeing his daughter. Rick feels his mother is only worried about her relationship with Ridge and the possibility he would leave her. Rick says given the choice, she’s only worried about Ridge’s happiness. Brooke tells him it’s not that simple. Rick feels she should support him and not Ridge’s obsessive hatred for him. Brooke says Ridge doesn’t hate him, but feels Rick isn’t being sensitive to Ridge. Rick insists he loves Steffy. He understands Ridge is grieving and so is he. Brooke questions how he can be grieving, yet get involved with Phoebe’s twin. Rick can’t believe his mother is questioning his motives. She says she has to, especially since a month ago he didn’t even have this relationship with Steffy. Now, he’s madly in love with her. She reminds him how he tried to use something like this to break her and Ridge up before. Brooke says she’s not that naïve to be skeptical of his motives.

Taylor continues trying to help Steffy realize things will get better. She talks to her about finding your soul mate and how it can cloud your judgment. People do irrational things. She says Rick isn’t concerned about how this will affect her relationship with her father. She tells Steffy her father needs her right now. Steffy agrees. She saw it first hand, when she spent time with Ridge the day before. Taylor appeals to her not to make Ridge feel like he’s lost her too. Steffy looks conflicted.

In his office, Ridge continues to talk to Stephanie about how he feels over protective of Steffy. Stephanie tells him Steffy has some things she has to work out on her own. Stephanie tells him sometimes daughters have things they don’t discuss with their fathers. Ridge says he hopes Steffy can always talk to him. Stephanie lets him know Steffy is going through something in her life right now. Ridge wants to know what it is. Stephanie looks concerned, but remains silent.

Brooke acknowledges Rick may be in love with Steffy. However, this just can’t work. Rick feels she’s only worried about how it will complicate her marriage to Ridge. Brooke gets very emotional and says of course it’ll complicate her marriage. She talks about how they’ve struggled for years with manipulations from Stephanie, Taylor, and even him. They’ve been able to overcome the obstacles and are finally together. She can’t believe Rick would expect her to turn her back on her husband, for a girl he’s been with for a few weeks. To top it all off, she’s Ridge’s daughter. Rick has a defiant look on his face as he listens to his mother. Brooke tells him she thinks it’s cruel of him to want her to disregard Ridge’s feelings. Rick turns the tables and says now she hates him too. Brooke says she doesn’t know if he really loves Steffy or if he’s doing this to hurt Ridge. Brooke forcefully tells him whatever the case may be, it’s got to stop.

Steffy tells her mother the last thing she wants to do is hurt her father. She wishes she could help him suffer less. Taylor says the time they spend together does help Ridge. Steffy talks about how her father seems to do okay, and then he starts talking about Rick and his part in Phoebe’s death. Steffy says if he’s ever going to get over this, he’s got to stop obsessing about Rick. Taylor says maybe in time. Steffy wonders about that. She tells her mother she knew Phoebe better than anyone. She doesn’t think Phoebe would blame Rick, but would blame herself. Steffy thinks Phoebe would be happy that something beautiful came out of this tragedy. Taylor listens with concern on her face.

Ridge questions his mother about what Steffy could be going through, she couldn’t discuss with him. He says if it’s serious enough, maybe she should see a therapist. Stephanie tells him Taylor already had James Warrick speak to her. Ridge is surprised. Stephanie says Steffy is lonely and confused. Ridge says he probably hasn’t helped laying all his worries on her. Stephanie says his talk with her the other day, actually helped Steffy see things more clearly. Ridge tells Stephanie how Brooke realized he was down and asked Steffy to come see him. Stephanie reluctantly says she can see where Brooke has been very calming for him lately. She suggests he go home and spend some time with her. Ridge is taken aback by his mother’s compliment to Brooke. Stephanie tells him she just wants to see him get through this difficult time. If Brooke is what he needs, she’s all for it. Ridge agrees to go home. He thanks his mother and says he’ll even give Brooke a hug for Stephanie. Stephanie laughs and tells him not to over do things. Ridge gives a half smile and leaves. After he’s gone, Stephanie’s shoulders sag and her face shows her apprehension.

Brooke tells Rick she feels like he’s testing her. Rick says he’s just trying to live his life, but everyone is making it very difficult. Brooke says maybe he’s not even aware of what he’s doing. She reminds him of how he sabotaged the business, how he pretended to be paralyzed, and the speech he edited she made for Ridge. She asks what he thinks she should accept. Rick says none of it. Brooke is teary eyed as she hugs her son. She asks Rick where this is all going. What’s going to become of him? Rick tells his mother he’s not sure. He knows he’s not going to let Ridge continue to dictate his life. He and Steffy will be together. Brooke looks dismayed Rick hasn’t listened to anything she’s said.

Taylor is confused with what Steffy has said. She asks her daughter if she’s holding out hope the relationship with Rick will eventually work out. Steffy doesn’t know why her relationship should have anything to do with Ridge healing. Taylor has emotion in her voice, when she reminds her of Rick’s part in Phoebe’s death. Steffy says if her dad is ever going to get over this, he has to forgive Rick. Taylor is frustrated. She tries to get Steffy to see how difficult it would be for Ridge to get over things, if she’s involved with Rick. Stephanie walks in and asks what’s going on. Taylor lets her know Steffy is having second thoughts. Stephanie is surprised. Steffy tells her grandmother how her father is wrong for blaming Rick. She’ll help him see this. Taylor tells her she can’t help him see this. It’s not realistic. Stephanie can see how Taylor is aggravated. She briefly touches her arm, before trying to talk sense into Steffy. She is sympathetic, when she tells her granddaughter she can’t even imagine how hard this is for her. She’s being forced to choose. Steffy is angry. She tells her grandmother she doesn’t know why she has to choose. She won’t give Rick up. She gathers up her things and prepares to leave. Taylor tries to appeal to her again. She grabs Steffy by the arms and asks if she didn’t listen to anything Dr. Warrick said. Steffy blows it off and says Dr. Warrick doesn’t know anything. It’s her life. Stephanie tells her that’s true. As adults, people have to make responsible choices. Stephanie says she understands what she and Rick have gone through the past few weeks. It’s been hot and romantic. The tragedy brought them together, but it’s not realistic. Stephanie tells Steffy she’s lonely and feels guilty she’s alive and not Phoebe. Stephanie continues talking to Steffy in a moving manner. Steffy seems to be listening, while tears fill her eyes. Stephanie tries to get her to see Ridge is holding on by a string, which is her. It puts a lot of burden on her young shoulders. Ridge has always been there with unconditional love. That’s what he needs from her right now. Steffy yells fine. They got what they wanted. She’ll break it off with Rick. Taylor begs her to stay, but Steffy heads out the door. Taylor helplessly looks at Stephanie. Stephanie says Steffy knows what she has to do.

Still at Brooke’s, Rick tells his mother he was really hoping for her support. Brooke asks what he can bring to Steffy‘s life. Rick says he’s not going to give up on her. Brooke says this relationship could bring so much pain to Steffy‘s life. Rick sarcastically thanks his mother. Brooke tells him no one will accept this relationship. Rick says that’s their problem. Brooke tries to get him to see how important Steffy’s family is to her. She would only end up having him. Ridge gets ready to open the door, but hears Brooke’s raised voice. Brooke tells Rick he’s being selfish. If he was honest, he’d admit she was right. Rick acknowledges Brooke is right. They could both lose their families. He’s willing to sacrifice to be with Steffy. Ridge’s face looks stricken as he realizes they’re talking about his daughter. He burst in as Rick says they can all just go to hell. Ridge is livid. He points his finger and tells Rick he’s already taken Phoebe away. There’s no way he’s going to have Steffy. He yells it’s not going to happen. Brooke looks horrified, realizing Ridge heard what’s going on. Rick stares back at Ridge rebelliously.

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