B&B Friday Update 2/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/6/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Rick goes by Brooke’s house to talk to her. She’s surprised to see him. He tells her he has something important to talk to her about, but Beth is waiting to hear about Brooke’s wedding. Rick says he can wait.

At Taylor’s, she tries to convince Steffy her relationship with Rick won’t work. Steffy insist they love each other. Taylor says she knows Rick very well and he’s using her. Taylor has asked James Warrick to talk to her. Stephanie walks in with James. Steffy can’t believe her mother has gone to such lengths.

Bridget is with Nick at Jackie M’s. She can’t believe Nick figured out who she was in costume. Jackie comes back and is surprised to learn Nick knows the truth also. Nick is skeptical Bridget actually drew the designs. Jackie leaves the two of them to talk about her new career at Jackie M’s. Nick is stunned to learn Bridget wants to work there, not with her family. Nick is even more surprised she would want to work with him. Bridget tells him her decision is to follow her dream, so its business and not personal. Jackie peeks in the window outside to see what goes on between the two. Clark comes up on the elevator and wants to know about the new designer. Jackie tells him she’s hot and can design very well. The biggest guarded secret is she’s Bridget Forrester. Clark is stunned. Jackie tells him he can’t tell a soul. Clark says Bridget is a doctor. He won’t answer to her.

Brooke gushes about her great her wedding was, while her mom looks at pictures. Rick is impatient, so Beth leaves to go get the kids. Brooke asks what’s going on. Rick tells her he’s glad she’s happy. Brooke says he looks uptight. Rick says he has some wonderful news. He’s in love. Brooke waits with a surprised but pleased look.

Taylor hugs James, who tells her he’s sorry about her loss. Taylor thanks him for all his support, but tells him they have another problem brewing. James says Stephanie has filled him in. Taylor says she just wants to help Steffy see the truth. Taylor is aggravated and it shows.

Brooke is delighted for Rick and says she knows it’s been hard for him. She thinks being in a happy relationship should be good for him. She asks if it’s someone she knows. Rick is all smiles as he tells his mother she knows his new love.

Clark is surprised Bridget would want to be in the same room as Nick, since their marriage ended so badly. Jackie says it was all because of that awful Katie Logan. Jackie hopes Bridget can forgive Nick. Inside the office, Bridget tells Nick she has zero interest in spending time with him. Jackie assured her she could work there with little interference from him. Nick says he didn’t spend much time before and the business almost tanked. Bridget says then maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Nick looks unsure about the situation.

James tells Steffy he hopes she doesn’t feel like they’re all ganging up on her. Steffy agrees it seems like an intervention. James says he knows she feels a bit loss without her twin. Steffy says she’s going on with her life. It’s what Phoebe would want. James reminds her Rick was the one behind the wheel, when her sister died. Steffy says she wishes everyone could get beyond this fact. James says if she looks at this realistically, is it any surprise her family would be concerned. She has to see from the choice of women Rick has been with, he has to be using her. Steffy looks unhappy with James’ speech.

Rick enthusiastically tells his mom how this person has really helped him. Rick says he can imagine spending the rest of his life with this person. Brooke teases him about holding out on her. She hugs him and says she’s really happy for him. She anxiously waits for this special person’s name. Rick smiles and says her name is Stefanie Forrester. Brooke’s jaw drops in astonishment. She repeats the name and says Ridge’s daughter.

At Jackie M’s, Bridget and Nick continue to discuss how this job can work. Nick says he knows for her to leave her work at the hospital, this is important to her. However, he can’t just walk away from the business. The big question is for her. Can she work there given their past? Bridget has a taken aback look on her face at the question.

Steffy angrily tells Dr. Warrick that Rick is not using her. Everyone tries to make him look like a manipulative monster and he’s not. Stephanie speaks up and tells her to think about everything Rick has done to her father. Steffy insist their relationship is not to get at Ridge. Taylor asks her to not call it a relationship. Steffy contradicts her mother, saying it is a serious relationship. Steffy says nothing they say will change it. James asks Steffy if she really thinks her father is going to accept a man responsible for her sister’s death. Could she really love a man her father could possibly hate forever? Steffy looks uncertain for the first time.

Brooke is angry and tells Rick she can’t believe this. She won’t believe it. Rick says she has to believe it. Brooke wants to know how he could do something like this, knowing how Ridge would feel. Rick says because they are in love. Brooke reminds Rick she stood by him, when the rest of the family condemned him. Rick says he’s grateful for that. Brooke says everyone insists he’s been trying to stir up trouble. She wouldn’t believe it, but now she has to wonder. She asks if he’s doing this to break up her and Ridge. Rick quickly denies the accusation. Brooke mentions how his father stood by him about the Forrester line being stolen. They know it was an inside job. She begs Rick to tell her he’s not the one responsible, since she defended him to Ridge and Stephanie. Rick hesitates, but is honest and tells his mother he gave the designs to Jackie. Brooke is speechless. Rick says it was disgusting behavior. He did it for him and Steffy. Brooke can’t believe it. She angrily tells him after all his father did for him, how could he betray him in such a way. Rick tries to explain how he thought it could help him and Steffy. Brooke still can’t understand where Rick’s head is at. Brooke is almost hysterical and grabs her head in frustration. She says Rick is so consumed with revenge. She stresses to Rick she’s not going to allow this. Rick looks a bit puzzled at his mother’s response.

Bridget says she doesn’t think it would be smart for her to work with Nick. Jackie comes back in and says it’s her company. Bridget is going to say and the two of them need to make this work. Both Bridget and Nick look surprised by the force of Jackie’s words.

Steffy says it’s not fair. She won’t choose between her dad and Ridge, since she loves them both. James says in her dream scenario this will work out. However, his is not a dream. Taylor says it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Steffy thinks Ridge will come around in time. Stephanie says Ridge will never accept this. Steffy shakes her head in denial. James sits down to get more information about her relationship with Rick. He reminds her that it’s only been a short time ago; Rick was in love with her mother. Before that, he was in love with Phoebe. Steffy has tears in her eyes. James asks about Ridge’s love. Hasn’t he been there for her every day of her life? Stephanie and Taylor sit and observe the conversation. Steffy looks confused at what James is asking. James tells her she has to balance this and make the most logical choice. Steffy says it’s not about logic or making sense. It’s about love. James tells her if she chooses to stay with Rick, she could end up losing her father. She could even lose part of her family. It will be just her and Rick against the world. Isn’t that a pretty heavy price to pay for someone she’s only been with a month? James says after a while, she could come to resent Rick. She loves him now, but this man had the same feelings for her mother and sister. She needs to know the decision she makes will affect the rest of her life. It will also affect her family, especially her father. Steffy is tearful and shakes her head. Taylor gets up and moves towards her. Steffy says she would never intentionally hurt her father. Steffy gets up and hugs her mother, crying. Stephanie watches, her face showing her own concern.

Brooke asks how Rick could do this to their family. She and Eric fought to keep him from going to Paris. Ridge even went along with them. Brooke has tears, she’s so upset. She asks if Eric or Taylor knows about this. Rick says both Taylor and Stephanie know. Brooke gets even more upset at this news. Rick tells her Stephanie is over at Taylor’s right now trying to reprogram Steffy. He thinks that’s insane. Brooke says she doesn’t blame them. Rick can’t believe his mother’s attitude. He sarcastically thanks her for the support. Brooke is irritated and tells him the one person that was off limits. She reminds him of his relationship with Taylor and Phoebe. She asks can’t he see how wrong this is. All of these women are important to Ridge. Rick throws it in her face that he’s just following in her footsteps. Maybe he’s looking for his destiny. Rick says he doesn’t know if Steffy is the woman he will spend the rest of his life with. He wants to find out. He asks if he has her support. Brooke says absolutely not. They have put up with a lot from him. He is not going to do this to Ridge. Ridge will go berserk if he finds out; but he won’t find out because she forbids him to see Steffy. She vehemently says she “freakin” forbids him to see her. Rick looks at his mother in silence.

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