B&B Monday Update 2/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/2/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Steffy and Rick continue to kiss each other at the beach house. They are unaware Stephanie is watching from the bedroom.

In Ridge’s office, he and Brooke work on dresses with the models. After they send for the last dress, Ridge talks about how tired he is trying to recreate a whole line. Brooke says she still doesn’t think Rick is the one that stole the designs. Ridge lets her know it’s not the right time for this discussion. The model comes in wearing the last dress. Ridge sees it and has a stricken look on his face. He says he can’t work on the dress. He goes and sits dejectedly in his chair. Brooke isn’t sure what’s going on, so she tells the model they’ll work on it some other time. After she leaves, Brooke asks Ridge what’s wrong. She learns the dress was designed for Phoebe. He had pulled it from the line. Brooke looks sympathetic as Ridge talks about plans to expand the Phoebe fragrance line and maybe add a clothing line. Ridge says Phoebe had so many plans that will never happen. Brooke goes around the desk and kneels in front of Ridge. She caresses his hair and shoulder in comfort.

Steffy’s cell phone rings, breaking the two lovebirds up. Stephanie quickly ducks her head in the room, remaining unseen. Steffy tells Rick it’s his mother. Brooke tells her Ridge is having a difficult time and is missing Phoebe. Steffy agrees to come by the office. Steffy tells Rick what’s going on. Her dad needs her. Rick says he needs her too. Steffy says it’s really a bad day for her dad. Stephanie listens to the conversation. Rick and Steffy agree they need to talk more about what he did. He tries to explain how he was caught up in a fantasy. He thought they could work together over at Jackie M’s. He thought they could live there together and someday raise a family. Steffy is pleasantly surprised that Rick feels this way. Rick says that’s why he stole the designs. It was a desperate act of love. Stephanie looks shocked and disgusted. Steffy laughs and teases Rick about him being “messed up.” She says what he did was wrong, but his intentions were out of love. She leans over and kisses him. Stephanie looks surprised at what she’s heard.

Ridge returns to his office and tells Brooke he had Phoebe’s dress put on hold. Brooke tells him it was beautiful. Phoebe would have been proud. Ridge says seeing the dress just made everything come rushing back. Ridge says wherever Phoebe is she didn’t want him to suffer. Brooke says he has to allow for that, since he loved her so much. Ridge says maybe too much. Brooke asks if a father can ever love his daughter too much. Ridge says he has to know when to let go. He just can’t let go of Phoebe. He really remembers the day of the rehearsal dinner. It will haunt him forever. He held Phoebe in his arms as she just slipped away. Brooke looks tearful. Ridge says if he could have died with her that night he would have. Brooke moves to his side, where she puts her hand on his shoulder. Ridge continues to say how this empty feeling is so awful. Time hasn’t helped him recover. Brooke is crying and leans her head on Ridge’s shoulder.

Steffy and Rick sit on the couch at the beach house, where they continue to hungrily kiss each other. Rick finally breaks away and tells Steffy she has to go see her dad. Steffy says it’s so hard to leave him. Rick is happy to hear her say that. He doesn’t know where he’d be if she hadn’t continued to see him. Steffy says she was so mad at him, when she found out he gave Nick and Jackie the designs. She thought he had lost his mind. Steffy says after he said he did it for them, it convinced her not to turn her back on him. They continue to kiss each other, while Stephanie listens with an angry scowl. Steffy wonders if they can really be together. No one will accept this. Rick says he’s so tired of everyone. They are adults and should be able to do what they want. Steffy interrupts to ask what about her dad. Rick says her dad is in love with his mother, who will work her magic on him. Brooke would accept them, because she supports him and loves him. Stephanie shakes her head in disbelief at Rick’s words. Steffy wonders if Brooke could really get her dad to accept them. Rick says it’s too soon to let Ridge know how they feel. They‘ll keep it their secret. He kisses Steffy and tells her he needs to know this is real. He says if it’s too much for her, he’ll understand. He’ll try to move on somehow. Steffy says she’s not going to let him move on, since he has all of her. She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. She tells him she loves him. He says he loves her too. She leaves, after one last kiss. Rick stands outside the door, until she’s gone. He comes back and sits on the couch with his eyes closed. Stephanie walks in silently. Rick is startled and jumps up on the couch, when he sees her. Stephanie is angry, but controlled. She asks if it’s not enough that he killed her sister, now he’s after Steffy. Rick looks irritated. Stephanie quietly asks what does he think Ridge will do to him.

Steffy is in Ridge’s office at Forrester. Her dad hugs her tight and says how glad he is to see her. She glances at Brooke with a smile. Ridge realizes Brooke must have called Steffy. He thanks Brooke. Steffy says she would have come, even if Brooke hadn’t called. Ridge says it’s just what he needed. Steffy says Brooke does have magical powers. Ridge agrees, saying she is able to get things out of him. Brooke tells Steffy she hopes she has a man as generous as Ridge someday. Steffy tells her dad to talk to her about his day. He talks about redoing the collection. He was unnerved when the dress he designed for Phoebe came up. Steffy tells him it happens to her, where memories just come flooding back. Ridge tells her not to make his bad day into her own. Steffy says she’s fine. She has other distractions. Ridge says he just wants to make sure she’s safe. Steffy tells him he has to have faith. He hugs her and says he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. It would be so easy for someone to take advantage of someone as lovely and trusting as her.

At the beach house, Rick wants to know how Stephanie got in. Stephanie ignores the question. She tells Rick he’s a thief. He’s just stealing Steffy and acting like it’s an act of love. Rick looks annoyed. He gets up and opens the door for Stephanie to leave. Stephanie lets him know she’s not going to stand by and let him use Steffy like he did Phoebe. Rick tries to convince Stephanie he and Steffy came together through their grieving. Stephanie says Rick is just taking advantage. Rick says it’s not true. Why would he do that? Stephanie says to get at Ridge, like he did with Phoebe. Rick says if that was true, why would he keep it a secret. Stephanie says because he doesn’t have Steffy yet. Stephanie says the minute he thinks he has her squared away; he’ll run right over there and throw it in Ridge’s face. Rick narrows his eyes, but doesn’t answer. The two stare at each other.

Brooke leaves Steffy and Ridge alone. Ridge tells Steffy he hates to lay all this on her. Steffy says she understands. Ridge says a father is supposed to protect his little girl. Steffy tells him Phoebe was stubborn and had her own mind. Ridge still feels Rick is responsible for what happened to Phoebe. He pushed her out of control. He asks Steffy if she ever saw Phoebe as furious as she had been. Rick may not have forced her in the car, but he definitely drove her to do what she did. Ridge says to him, that makes Rick responsible for Phoebe death. Steffy remains silent. She bites her lip, knowing she can’t defend Rick. Ridge says this is why he doesn’t want Rick anywhere near her. He emphasizes the word ever.

Rick tells Stephanie he’s not trying to use Steffy. Stephanie reminds him of the kiss he shared with Steffy before Phoebe’s death. Rick says Steffy has forgiven him for this, so why can’t she. Stephanie still feels Rick is just doing this to get at Ridge. Rick tries to convince her he’s in love with Steffy. Stephanie tells him she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her family. Rick says he’s not going to change her mind, so what does she intend to do. Rick says he’s not a threat to her family. Steffy is in love with him. Stephanie says this is unacceptable. Steffy is young and naïve. She appeals to Rick to leave her alone. Rick says it’s not her decision. Stephanie says she won’t allow him to take another daughter from her son. Rick asks if that’s a threat. Stephanie says yes, it ends now. He and Steffy can’t go any further. Stephanie forcefully says there’s nothing she won’t do to keep him away from Ridge and Steffy. Rick glares at her.

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