B&B Friday Update 1/30/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/30/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge is hard at work at Forrester putting finishing touches on some dresses in his office. He sends the models to the pattern department, as Stephanie walks in to see how things are going. Ridge tells her there’s lots of work ahead. Stephanie says she understands, but who’s to say that little sonofabitch won’t steal it again. Ridge says talk to Eric about that. He can’t understand how Eric is unwilling to address the problem with Rick. Stephanie says she doesn’t know who needs therapy more, Eric or Rick. Stephanie says things are more serious than he knows. Ridge asks what she means, but Stephanie assures him she’ll take care of things. Brooke walks in as Stephanie reaches the door. She quickly tells Brooke that Ridge is busy. Brooke confidently tells her not too busy for his wife. Stephanie sarcastically tells her that’s what concerns her. She leaves the two alone. Brooke has a bag of lingerie to “inspire” Ridge. She and Ridge kiss passionately.

In her office at the hospital, Bridget looks at one of her sketches. She smiles and thinks about how happy Jackie M will be for hiring her. She’s packing her things, when Steffy knocks and walks in the door. She asks Bridget if something is wrong. Bridget tells her she’s just taking a leave of absence for a change. Bridget figures out Steffy is there to discuss Rick. Steffy tells her there’s no one else she can talk to about him. Bridget says she’s glad the two of them were smart enough to break things off. Steffy says they haven’t. Bridget looks surprised.

In Eric’s office, he’s also working with models. He sends them downstairs for more dresses. Stephanie walks in and tells Eric he needs to take a break, so they can talk. He tells her there’s no time, especially if it’s about the stolen collection. It’s been resolved. Stephanie says if he wants to enable himself that’s fine, but when it affects the company it becomes her concern. She stresses that Rick needs to be dealt with, since he seems to want to destroy the company and the family. Eric looks irritated.

Rick sits at his desk at Forrester. He’s restless and looks sad. He scans through several pictures of himself and Steffy on his phone.

Ridge thanks Brooke for the distraction. He walks to his desk, as Brooke asks about new discoveries regarding the designs. Ridge tells her Eric called off the investigation. Brooke is shocked and wants to know why Eric would do such a thing. Ridge suggests Eric knows who the culprit is, but is covering for the person. Brooke doesn’t understand why he’d do such a thing. Ridge tells her, because it’s Rick. Brooke’s mouth drops in astonishment.

Eric is angry. He tells Stephanie every time something goes wrong in the company; she’s quick to blame Rick. Stephanie says according to him, Rick is never wrong. She stresses to him, this isn’t right. Rick has him wrapped around his finger. Stephanie asks what it will take another death in the family to get his attention. Eric tells her that is cruel. Stephanie says she understands Eric feels guilty about how Rick was raised. Eric says Rick is a very troubled young man. He needs all the love and support he can give him. He won’t get it from anywhere else. Stephanie’s face shows her anger. Eric tells her he’s very busy and he’d appreciate being left alone. Stephanie walks out stoned faced. Eric looks frustrated.

Rick continues to browse his pictures. He finally sends a text to Steffy saying he misses her. He sits back and ponders how they can work things out.

Bridget tries to convince Steffy what she feels isn’t love. She reminds her Rick was with her mother a short time ago and Phoebe. Steffy won’t listen. Steffy says she has told herself that, but something happens when she’s with Rick. Bridget tells her it’s just a passing attraction. Steffy is tearful and tells her Rick would do anything for her. Steffy says she’s never felt this way before, so there has to be a way. Bridget tells her she has to cut herself loose. There’s too much baggage for things to ever work out. Bridget’s pager goes off and she tells Steffy she has to go. After she leaves, Steffy’s phone beeps. She reads the message from Rick. She smiles.

Rick continues to sit bored to death at his desk. He drums his fingers as Stephanie walks in. He quickly clears the page from his computer. Stephanie tells him he’s needed downstairs. When Rick asks why, she sarcastically says they have to redo the collection since someone stole it. She walks out. Rick does a half laugh, but gets up to leave. After he’s gone, Stephanie sneaks back in and looks at his desk. Steffy types him a message telling him to meet her at the beach house. Stephanie hears the alert and finds the message. She gets a look on her face realizing, Rick is after Steffy. She hurries out, after making sure the page is the way Rick left it.

Brooke is angry Ridge would accuse Rick. There’s no evidence. Ridge says only a half dozen people had access to the designs. Brooke says how logical is it for Rick to stab his own father in the back. What motive would he have? Ridge reminds her everyone was there when they found out but Rick. Why wouldn’t the president be there? Brooke shakes her head and says it’s thin. Ridge reminds her he did most of the designs. Rick had very little input. Brooke says so he thinks Rick did this out of jealousy. Ridge says it makes sense. When they went to Eric, he wanted to hear nothing about it. Brooke figures out the “we” referred to him and Stephanie. She knows Stephanie is the one hyping Rick as the guilty party.

Rick gets back to the office and is peeved with Stephanie for wasting his time. He sees Steffy’s message and hustles off to meet her. Stephanie gets to the beach house and lets herself in, making sure she has beat the others there.

Eric picks up a picture of himself and Rick sitting on his desk. He stares at it and hears a knock on his door. It’s Bridget. Eric is happy to see her. He hugs her and thanks her for coming by. Bridget says he sounds like he hasn’t had a good day. She tells him she wanted to tell him about a decision she’s made. He asks if something is wrong. Bridget quickly assures him, she’s just ready for a change. She’s not ready to share all the details. Eric tells her he supports her, since sometimes this can be a good thing. Bridget hugs him and says she can always rely on him for support. Eric asks if she really means that. Bridget looks taken aback by the question. Eric asks if she ever feels like she’s playing second fiddle to his family with Stephanie. Bridget quickly tells him not at all. She asks if this is about Rick. If so, he’s just not been himself. Eric says he’s aware of this and if things don’t change Rick is headed for an emotional breakdown. Bridget agrees. Eric is surprised that she realizes something is going on. Bridget can’t believe things have gotten this serious. She assures her dad she’ll go check on him, since she planned to see him anyway. She says she’s always there for Rick and doesn’t want her dad to worry. Eric thanks her with a hug and appears a bit relieved. Bridget looks worried. She tells her dad she’ll make sure Rick doesn’t do something stupid.

Brooke paces in Ridge’s office, upset at him siding with Stephanie against Rick. She questions how he could honestly think Rick stole the designs. Ridge tells her he’s beyond trying to figure Rick out. Brooke reminds him of the promise to work on their relationship. Ridge says he’s tried not to hate her son, but the last few days have been different. Brooke asks what’s changed. Ridge says he looks at Eric and her trying to protect Rick, but Rick is out of control. Rick needs help, but he’s not the one to help him. The best he can do is to keep Rick away from him and his family. Brooke looks unconvinced.

Rick rushes in the door of the beach house and tries to straighten up. He’s not there but a few minutes, when Steffy knocks and enters. They both are hesitant to say anything. Rick thanks her for responding to his message. She thanks him for sending it. He reminds her they need to be careful, especially at the office. Steffy agrees. She tells him she was with Bridget, when she got his message. Rick hurriedly asks if Bridget saw the message. Steffy tells him no, but explains Bridget is the only one she can talk to about them. Rick asks if it helped. Steffy says it did, but feeling the way she does makes her want to tell everyone. Rick agrees. Stephanie moves quietly to the bedroom door, where she remains hidden. She spots the two talking. They remain oblivious to her presence. Steffy asks Rick what they’re going to do. Rick tells her he knows what he’d like to do, but doesn’t know if she’s of the same mind. Stephanie strains to hear the conversation. Steffy tells Rick she thinks what he did with the designs was rather sweet. Rick says he knows now it was reckless. He’s disgusted with himself. Steffy says he did it for them to be together. Rick says he would have done just about anything for that to happen. Steffy gets closer to him and tells him he doesn’t have to do anything. He has her right where he wants her. She puts her arms around his neck and tells him she’s in love with him. Rick kisses her and she responds. Stephanie steps out and witnesses the kiss, which has turned more passionate. Stephanie nods her head with a scowl on her face. The two don’t see her, lost in their kiss.

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