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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/23/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

Nick is in his office at Jackie M’s, where he comes face to face with “Stormy Seas”. He lights a cigar and extends his hand to shake hands with the person that has virtually saved his company.

Over at Forrester, Brooke tells Ridge and Steffy about the entire collection being stolen. She relays the fact Eric went over to Jackie’s, after Katie called to tell him what was going on. They are all stunned. Steffy is almost hysterical wanting to know what they can do. Eric comes bursting in and is fired up. He wants to know where everyone is, so they can clean this mess up. Pam says she’ll get everyone together. Ridge asks if Marone has been at Forrester lately. Maybe they can look at security tapes. Brooke chimes in and says Nick wouldn’t deliberately steal from them. Steffy asks about Jackie. They consider her and Clark, since Sally wasn’t beyond stealing in the past. Donna and Marcus rush in and want to know if what they heard was true. Marcus looks at Steffy, who avoids eye contact and drops her head. Marcus wants to know who had access to the designs. Eric says only family had access and he knows none of them would do such a thing. Felicia saunters in and says is he sure and looks at Donna and Marcus. Donna wants to know what she means. Before she can answer, Eric demands to know where Thorne is. Thorne comes in on cue. They continue trying to figure out who could have gotten in their files. Ridge remembers Jackie being at the surf line show. They try to remember if she was out of her seat long enough. Eric shoots it down by saying the whole line wasn’t completed at the time. Stephanie rushes in and wants to know if Eric found out anymore information. Eric knows someone significant had to help Jackie and Nick. They couldn’t have gotten the collection alone. They have a traitor in their midst.

“Stormy Seas” is revealed as Rick. He shakes hands with Nick and says he wasn’t sure he would hold up his end of the bargain. Nick says he wouldn’t turn over his company site unseen, but he did it for his mother. Rick says from the sound of things everyone is happy with the collection and it should turn a profit for him. Nick asks Rick why he’d sabotage his company for the competition. Rick says in one word, Ridge. He’s lived his whole life in his shadow. His personal life and career have always been overshadowed by Ridge. Rick says he saw a possibility of living and working without Ridge. Nick reminds him Eric made him president of Forrester. Rick quickly says and he made Ridge CEO. Every time Eric gives him something, Ridge gets double. Rick says he needs to move on with his life and it could start at Jackie M. He says Nick has to uphold his end of the bargain, so he won’t have betrayed his family for nothing. Nick is silent.

Stephanie angrily says too many people had access to the designs. Brooke says too many Logans she means. Felicia takes the opportunity to slam the Logans. She says all of them are in the building and now they have a security breach. Brooke plans to respond, but Eric tells Felicia to stop. They talk about the people that work on the dresses being trusted. Marcus asks if someone could have hacked into the computer. Thorne defensively says his computer work was all encrypted. Steffy says they need to get a list of who had computer access. Eric again says only family had access. Katie walks in followed by Pam. Felicia again takes a dig at the Logans. She says they’re talking about only family, but points out Katie is Nick’s fiancée. Katie is offended. She says she had nothing to do with it. Brooke defends Katie, saying she was the one that called them about the showing. Thorne says that doesn’t make her innocent. Eric says they need to stop accusing each other and look for evidence. Eric starts to give instructions, but Katie interrupts. She lets him know Jackie and Nick didn’t initiate this whole thing. Someone emailed them the designs. Eric looks stunned. He can’t believe someone inside the company would do this. Stephanie wants to know if they have any idea who sent the information. Brooke starts to walk away and says she’s going over there. Ridge grabs her arm and says wait. Why would she go there? Brooke says she’s going to ask Nick to issue a statement to the press that the designs are Forrester’s. She’s sure he’ll cooperate and figure out who did this. Everyone is skeptical and Ridge looks at her with disbelief. She heads out anyway.

At Taylor’s, she’s in Phoebe’s room. She looks around sadly. As she stares at a picture of Phoebe, the phone rings. It’s Steffy. She tells her mom about what’s going on at Forrester. She’s crying and tells her mom she’s upset about all the hard work her dad and grandfather put in on the line. Taylor can’t believe it and wants to know how Ridge is holding up. Steffy tells her they think someone on the inside had to have done this. Taylor asks about Eric. Steffy says he’s holding up. Taylor asks if she should come down there. Steffy tells her she just needed to talk to someone. Taylor says to let Ridge know she’s sorry and if he needs her, she’ll be there even though he has Brooke. Steffy quickly says he needs her too. She tells her mom she better get back in there, since she doesn’t want everyone to know how upset she is. Steffy wonders who could do something so cruel.

Rick continues to vent about Ridge. He tells Nick how Stephanie wanted to put him in jail. He thinks his presidential title is in name only. He’s just tired of things being the way they are. He feels he doesn’t have a future at Forrester Creations. He says “we” just need peace in our lives. Nick picks up on the term and asks who’s we? Rick tells him he can’t get into that right now. Rick says he’s not proud of what he’s done. He’s disgusted, but he’s tired of being persecuted at Forrester. Nick says he can see he’s very passionate about this. Nick says he feels the same way about his family. He loves them very much. The designs saved his company. Nick says he will hold up his end of the agreement. Rick thanks him and says he’ll do right by him. Nick tells him they’ll keep this quiet. Rick agrees. Nick tells Rick he’s a good man and does a great job. He welcomes him aboard as president. They shake again as Rick smiles.

Eric wonders if someone accidently gave out the code or left their computer on. As they continue to discuss it, Steffy gets a phone call on her cell. She steps out in the hall to take the call. It’s Rick. She asks where he’s at. She tries to ask if he knows what’s happened, but Rick cuts her off. He tells her he’s headed to his office. It’s important and he wants her to meet him there. He tells her not to tell anyone. She agrees and heads there. In Eric’s office, Katie says they need to decide something since the show is already arranged. All their designs just went down Jackie’s runway. Marcus asks if they can do a show anyway. Donna says maybe Brooke can convince the Marones to admit what happened. Stephanie laughs at the suggestion. Eric says Jackie won’t admit anything, since he’s spoken to her already. They agree to delay their show. Katie says she can draft a press release from Eric and Ridge. Ridge says Rick should be included, since he’s president. They realize at this point Rick hasn’t shown up.

Steffy is in Rick’s office, when he appears. He comes in saying he loves her and starts kissing her. Steffy has tears and tells him to stop. She wants to know if he’s heard what’s happened. She starts to tell him about Jackie’s show. Rick tells her he knows. Steffy asks if that’s why he wanted to see her in private. She asks if he knows who sabotaged them. Rick quietly says he knows. Steffy perks up and wants to know who.

Nick smokes another cigar in his office. Brooke comes in unannounced. Nick jokes that it didn’t take her long to get there. Brooke is angry and asks if that’s all he has to say to her. Isn’t he sorry for what happened? She tells Nick he needs to issue a statement to the press. It was just a mistake and Jackie M got a hold of Forrester designs by mistake. Brooke says he’s not a thief. Nick says he can only say he’s sorry, but that’s it. This type of thing happens in the fashion world all the time. Brooke says corporate espionage doesn’t happen, with someone who has a conscious. Nick says his mother’s company was going to be taken away. He had to look out for his family’s livelihood. Someone gave him a lifeline and he took it. Brooke says he owes it to her, to tell who would do this. She earnestly asks him to tell her who betrayed Forrester. Nick doesn’t answer.

The Forresters are still in Eric’s office discussing how they’ll never get the credit for their beautiful designs. Katie comes in with the press release. Eric says he wants to wait before going to the press. He wants answers first about who stole the designs.

Brooke demands Nick tells her, who sent the designs. Brooke guesses it was someone at Forrester Creations. Nick doesn’t answer. Brooke is desperate to know. Nick tells her she should go. Brooke begs him using their past relationship. Nick tells her to let it go. It’s not the time. He assures her one day.

In Rick’s office, Steffy wants to know who would do this. She says everyone is in his dad’s office trying to figure it out. Steffy says he has to tell them. Rick says no. Steffy looks at him with confusion. She says this person ruined their profits. Rick says what if this person had the best intentions. Steffy says there can’t be any kind of justification. Rick says he’ll tell her, if she can keep it between them. Steffy says no. Everyone is pointing fingers. It’s the Logans versus the Forresters. Rick tries to joke about it, but Steffy is serious. She says someone sabotaged them. Rick says he’s tired of sneaking around and hiding their relationship. That’s what he’s concerned about right now, since he’s crazy about her. Steffy reciprocates the feeling. Rick says they don’t have a future there at Forrester. They’ll always be judged. He says if Ridge ever found out they were together, he’d have a fit. He says that’s why he did what he did. Steffy is confused and doesn’t get what he’s trying to tell her. He says he arranged for them to love each other out in the open, without someone trying to keep them apart. She wants to know where. Rick says Jackie M’s. Steffy is shocked. She stammers she can’t believe it. Rick tells her he talked to Nick. Nick will make him president. He will have a contract and lots of money. He wants her to come with him. Steffy says Nick offered this in exchange for what. Rick doesn’t answer. Steffy chokes out; Nick did this in exchange for the designs. Rick tells her it’s the only way. He did this to carve out their future. Steffy looks sick.

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