B&B Monday Update 1/19/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/19/09


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Suzanne

In Eric’s office at Forrester, everyone is hard at work getting ready for the new collection. Thorne and Donna man the phones for supplies, while Ridge puts finishing touches to a dress. Stephanie likes the piece and says it’s elegant and understated. She makes a dig at Donna saying some people would have no concept. Donna rolls her eyes. Rick comes rushing in apologizing about being late. They need some fabric, which Donna says she can buzz Steffy to bring up. Stephanie quickly says Steffy is busy and Marcus can handle it. Ridge looks at his mother and mouths “Thank you.”

Over at Jackie’s, a model twirls around wearing the exact piece Ridge is working on. Clark congratulates her for taking a page out of Sally’s book and stealing designs to help save her company. Nick is there and says they didn’t steal anything. Jackie lets the model leave. Clark wants to know what’s the deal, if they’re not stolen. Jackie admits someone emailed them to Nick. Clark looks shocked.

Donna tells Rick she wants all the press for the showing taken care of immediately. They want things in place, especially since their competitors are trying something too. Rick is unaware that Jackie M is planning on introducing a new line. Felicia finds Rick’s lack of knowledge pretty poor for their president. She gives Thorne a look. Donna tells Rick she doesn’t think it will save Jackie’s company, especially with Clark designing.

At Jackie’s, she wants Clark to make the necessary adjustments to the clothing to protect them. She wants to introduce a preview of the line tomorrow. Clark is stunned. Even Nick looks at his mother in disbelief. Jackie says she knows there are obstacles, but they need to get a jump on everyone. Clark hurries out to get started. Nick thinks she’s jumping the gun, especially since they don’t know who sent the emails.

In her dad’s office, Felicia holds up one of his sketches. She says she doesn’t care if the line fails. Maybe this way Eric will see the Logans are ruining the company. Thorne chimes in he feels pretty much the same way. He doesn’t care anymore. Stephanie looks at her children with concern. Her cell rings and its Jackie. Jackie invites her to lunch. Stephanie agrees. Nick listens to his mother make the invitation.

Donna is working in the office, when Owen comes in and looks over her shoulder. She quickly closes the laptop. Owen is worried since the surf line didn’t do as well as expected. He asks Donna if Eric plans to keep him on. Donna tells him she doesn’t know. Her cell rings and she hops up to leave. Owen goes over and looks at her laptop. He sees one of Eric’s designs. He sits deep in thought.

As Owen ponders the sketch, Bridget knocks on the door looking for Donna. Owen tells her Donna just left. He asks if he can do anything for her. Bridget says she doesn’t want to interrupt him. Owen says she couldn’t do that if she tried. Bridget notices he’s a bit off and asks what’s wrong. Owen admits he’s a bit insecure about his position at Forrester. Bridget tells him she thought that was taken care of with Pam and the surf line.

Owen says the bikini was a hit, but the rest of the line was expendable. This puts him in a bad spot.

Jackie rushes to the outdoor restaurant, where Stephanie is already eating. Jackie complains about the traffic. Stephanie wants to know why they’re here. She tells Jackie she would have thought she would be working on her last ditch effort for her collection. Jackie is surprised she’s heard about it. Stephanie tells her the press always smells blood. Jackie says the rumors of her demise are greatly exaggerated. Stephanie is skeptical. Jackie hints to Stephanie she already knows Jackie’s not in jeopardy. Stephanie looks confused.

Felicia shows up at Nick’s office at Jackie M. Nick wants to know what Felicia thinks she knows. Felicia says she knows Jackie M is in deep trouble. She’s heard about the preview to help things turn around. Nick asks if she’s there to dance on their grave or wish them well. Felicia says actually she’s looking for a job as a designer. Nick is taken by surprise at this announcement. Felicia goes on to say if his new line is a success, he’ll be looking to expand his design team. Nick tells her she better not let her old man know she’s soliciting employment. Felicia says her father doesn’t even know she exist lately. It’s all about the damn Logans. Nick is noncommittal. Felicia puts her hand on Nick’s shoulder and tells him they used to have something. Why don’t they see if the sparks are still there? Nick lets her know he’s engaged. Felicia flirtatiously tells him he’s engaged, but not married. She tells him to think about it. She says she’s always had designs on him. She reaches up and plants a kiss on him. Nick doesn’t move. Felicia tells him if he’s interested to let her know. She says she’s definitely interested. She leaves Nick standing there. Nick slowly wipes his lips with his fingers. He walks over and picks up the sketches from his desk. He touches his lips again with a contemplative look on his face.

Ridge is in Eric’s office, when Rick comes in and says they need to talk. Rick says they need to be able to work together. He tells Ridge there’s something he needs to hear, whether he wants to or not. Ridge just looks at him with animosity.

Stephanie in a tired voice tells Jackie she doesn’t know what’s worse, a company being run down or run over by a horde of Logans. Jackie is surprised things are that bad. Stephanie continues to vent about dumb Donna and stupid Rick. Jackie asks why she bothers. Stephanie says of course it’s for her family. Jackie shakes her head at how frustrated Stephanie sounds. She tells Stephanie she never thought she’d see the day, when she wouldn’t care enough to fight for her company. Stephanie says she knows her well enough to know she wouldn’t let things go enough to sacrifice her family. She would make things right for them. A slight smile plays on Stephanie’s face. Jackie says she thinks she understands that Stephanie has done what needs to be done.

In his office, Owen explains to Bridget he thought the surf line was his ticket. He wishes it had the buzz like her dad’s couture. Bridget is surprised he may have seen the collection. She knows her dad guards it will his life. Owen says Donna has been privy to it in her private sanctum. Bridget draws her own conclusions to that remark. Owen tells her if things continue, he’s not sure how much longer he’ll be welcome at Forrester.

Rick tells Ridge he is profoundly sorry about his part in what took place with Phoebe. He would have gladly changed places, but nothing is going to bring her back. He just wants to know what he can do to help Ridge get through the pain. Rick tells Ridge there’s no way to get beyond this, if he can’t see himself ever forgiving him for what happened. He point blank asks Ridge, if he thinks he’ll ever be able to do this? Ridge throws down his sketch pad and looks annoyed.

Thorne is knocking back drinks at the same restaurant his mother met Jackie. Nick sees him and comes over to take a seat. Nick asks isn’t it a bit early to be drinking. Thorne gives him a dirty look. Nick tells the waiter he’ll have the same thing. Nick continues to probe Thorne about it being crunch time over at Forrester, so why isn’t he there? Rick and Ridge have it under control without need for him? Thorne looks annoyed, but doesn’t answer. Nick says it has to be tough always being the third wheel. Thorne gets his own dig in, by asking Nick if he’s drowning his sorrows too. He’s heard Jackie M was going belly up. Nick tells him not true. Nick says he came over to make sure there was no blood shed from Jackie and Stephanie’s lunch. Thorne laughs at that and says there was none according to the maitre de. Nick says mission accomplished for both of them. He asks Thorne if he wants a ride back. Thorne rather bitterly says what is there to go back to. He says he could work his ass off, but its all about Rick and Ridge as far as his father is concerned. He takes a swig of his drink. Nick watches him closely.

Owen tells Bridget enough about him. She says she was looking for Donna, but maybe it was an excuse. Bridget is taken aback by the suggestion. Owen moves closer to her and says he thinks she got the wrong impression, when she dropped by his place the other day. Bridget looks a bit confused. She acts like she’s not sure what he means. Owens says she got the wrong idea about him. Owen takes her hand and holds it rather seductively. Bridget stammers about the bikini. Owen cuts her off. He moves in closer. He softly kisses her. Bridget looks at him. They kiss again and she holds the collar of his jacket as the kiss deepens.

Ridge asks Rick what the hell he’s talking about. Rick says now that Ridge and Brooke are married, whether they like it or not they’re family. Rick thinks they need to try and get past this. Ridge is a bit angry and says he is trying at work, but that’s as far as it goes. He tells Rick he doesn’t trust him and wants him nowhere near his family. Ridge says every time he sees Rick with Steffy, it terrifies him. All he can think about is how he lost Phoebe. He heatedly tells Rick he doesn’t see that changing anytime soon, so he better just get used to it. Rick listens with no comment. Ridge angrily walks out.

Nick returns to Jackie M’s. His mother is sitting at the desk looking at the laptop. Nick wonders what she’s looking at. Jackie thought they might get more designs, but Stephanie hasn’t had the chance. Nick asks if she really thinks Stephanie is the one. Jackie says she was, until he told her about Thorne and Felicia. Nick says they all have reasons for doing it. They’re all miserable at Forrester. Jackie says that’s why they’ve gone to such drastic lengths. Nick continues by saying whoever is doing this will want something in return. The message alert sounds on the laptop. Nick and his mother see it’s from the mysterious “Stormy Seas”. The email promises they will have the whole new collection just in the “Nick” of time. Jackie M will be saved, which means the person should get more than a thank you. The person says they will need something in return, namely a position in their company. This has to be a long term position as president. All that’s needed is Nick’s agreement. The person will be in contact. Jackie and Nick are stunned by the request. Nick still thinks it’s Felicia, since the person asks for a partnership. Jackie doesn’t know why Nick is hesitating. They only have three designs, which isn’t enough to save the company. She begs Nick to accept the terms. Nick pauses and then presses the key to accept the offer. The gloved hands sends the entire collection to a zip file on Nick’s computer. Jackie is excited and says this deal will save them from financial ruin. Nick is uncomfortable about doing things this way. He tells his mother whoever sent this controls their future and they have no idea who that person is. The gloved hands deletes the file from their own computer.

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